First Anal For Lactating Slut Vanessa Vega (2019)

by - October 22, 2019

Starring: Vanessa Vega // John Strong
Directed by: Maestro Claudio
Runtime: 44 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a tease segment from Vanessa Vega.  The petite, tattooed stunner is wearing a neon yellow bathing suit with a short pink skirt over, as she pose and touch herself for our viewing pleasure.However, next, Vanessa is on the bed, as her upcoming scene partner John strong introduces her to us. In with John's questioning that we learn that this scene will is only her second scene, but also her very first ever anal scene. John asks Vanessa about her boobs, which she does not hesitate to show. next. It is then that John says that he loves them, especially her longer nipples. John then has her stand in order to show off her ass. It's here that she goes on to peel down her pink skirt, and her bottoms.  After spreading her ass for a camera closeup, we next see Vanessa, demonstrate her ability to lactate, as the camera takes it in.  This is soon followed up by she going on to stroke John's cock with her nice bare feet.  John wants his cock sucked next however.  This as we also see Vanessa suck his balls while stroking as well.  It's after this that John goes on to position himself on his back as Vanessa then licks his ass with a smile on her face.  The same follows with John's feet prior to Vanessa climbing on for cowgirl.  First John's cock is in her ass, as she bounce, and John fuck her hard.  The holes are then switched as John nails the pussy hard for a time.  The action then pauses for some cocksucking before Vanessa's positioning is reversed for reverse cowgirl.  We here see Vanessa first in control as she bounce, but John soon taking over. Cocksucking follows until the position resumes, this as John is on a mission to make Vanessa squirt and that he does, as his hard fucking soon sees her erupting. Following even more dick sucking after this, the anal goes to side fuck, as Vanessa is on her side, with her ass fucking the camera, as we see it crammed deep.  More ass to mouth follows, as Vanessa takes to her knees on the floor briefly, prior to John straddling her face as Vanessa again licks John's ass.  Next up, it's to missionary, as John pulls Vanessa to fuck both holes.  John trades off on the holes, as he first make Vanessa squirt on his cock, and then switching to the asshole, where he eventually reaches climax, cumming deep into Vanessa's gape, just as she requested.  The scene then ends, with John briefly having another go at Vanessa's holes before things conclude.

The Review //
Today, I head down to the magical land of PERV CITY for my next review, as I check out a scene featuring newcomer Vanessa Vega, who here partakes in just her second porno scene. And not only that, this scene featuring John Strong, is one that just so happens to feature anal.  Yes, this scene is one which sees Vanessa having her butt  punctured. Going into this one I could not wait.

Vanessa Vega is a petite little tattooed stunner with a nose ring and I'm not going to lie, in my opinion, she looks fucking amazing!  The scene begins with a brief tease from her, as we get the first opportunity to take her in.  This includes Vanessa showing off her ass, pre-fuck, as well as her ability to lactate.  Following she being a nasty girl, and rimming John's asshole, we immediately go to the sexual content, as John wastes no time in going for that ass. Despite this being her first, at least on-screen anal, Vanessa takes to it quite well, as John's initial steady pacing graduates to deeper and harder plugging.  It even gets to the point where Vanessa begs him for more every time he pulls out,  What a good girl!

Here, we see some very hard fucking of both holes by John.  This just might be some of the hardest fucking that I've seen from him.  It's also fucking that sends Vanessa to squirting orgasm.  Not once, but twice.  It's so hot how John just completely nails her.  I just loved the level of energy on displayed in this scene, directed by The Maestro.  Squirting, ass to mouth, rimming - and did I mention lactation play?  Yes, Vanessa just happens to be able to spray milk from her titties.  John makes note of this as it also comes into play, as she sprat her milk on multiple parts of his anatomy, and sucks them clean on her own desire,  Lactation isn't particularly my favorite kink, but it's someones, and because of that, I am glad it's showcased as part of this great scene.

Overall, this is a scene that is purely raw.  It goes straight into anal, once getting started, only to get rougher and nastier. I particularly liked seeing John nail that ass in cowgirl.  I recommend this scene for sure. Vanessa Vega is hot and I for one,  can't wait to see more!

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