Gabbie Carter Is A Blonde Babe With Big Natural Tits (2019)

by - October 04, 2019

Starring: Gabbie Cater // Mr. Pete
Directed by:
Runtime: 28 mins.

Scene Rating: 6.5


Scene Breakdown //
We begin our scene outdoors by the pool, as Gabbie Carter, who is wearing a bathing suit decorated by colorful sequenze.  This, as she teases for the camera.  First, she pulls down her bottoms.  This followed by she pulling down at her top to taunt us with her big boobs, prior getting them out.  From There, she shakes and bounces them for the cameras closeup view.  This is followed by more teasing of the ass and pussy, before Gabbie heads insides.

Once indoors, Gabbie crawls across the white couch, as she is soon joined by Mr. Pete.  Gabbie wastes no time in getting to work on his cock.  Gabbie slurps and sucks, also getting her face fucked.  Next, Gabbie climbs on for cowgirl. Here, we see her sit upright to bounce, and also lean forward to be fucked quick, and steady by Pete.  Next, Pete positions Gabbie on her back, as he takes things into missionary as he continues to plug away.  This position including a straightaway view, as well as a view from underneath, as Pete half-straddles to pound deep.  Next Gabbie is on all fours as Pete takes her from behind.  Here, he fucks at an increasing pace, as he ends up fucking deep and hard, as he places Gabbie's arms behind her back, and then pulls her hair.  Following this is a moment where Gabbie lies flat with her legs held tightly together, as Pete drives his cock in.  However, the action soon goes to spoon.  Here, Pete again fucks hard, as Gabbie wants to be choked.  Gabbie then stands, with her back to Pete as she goes on to sit on the cock for reverse cowgirl.  Here, Pete slams her upright, and then it continues as she lean back to take it.  This is the followed up by Gabbie bouncing on the dick in side saddle.  This leading up to Pete building up to cum.  As a result, the scene soon comes to an end with Pete blasting Gabbie in the face with a big load.

The Review //
Today I review another scene for BANG!  This one another entry into their original series titled "Rammed".  For this entry, we see a starlet, whose popularity is rising in Gabbie Carter, as she here goes one on one with industry vet, Mr. Pete, following an outdoor tease segment, which puts on great display, young Gabbie's "assets".  And speaking of putting Gabbie's endowments on nice showing, this so carries over into the scene, as the camera spares no opportunity to zoom in on Gabbie's big titties, as they bounce, and spin.  This of course is aided by some consistent fucking by Pete.  It's fucking that gets better as things continue, this as Pete goes on to fuck progressively harder over time.  After things are well underway between these two, it's a scene of nice energy up until the end.

Honestly speaking, initially, I wasn't connecting much with this scene.  However, it was during the doggy position, when Pete begin to really "rise to the occasion and turn it on that I begin to really enjoy what I was seeing.  From there the energy and the force just moved up a notch.  Highlights of this action include the moment with Gabbie lying flat on her stomach, as well as the side saddle position taken near the end.  Technically speaking while this isn't a great scene, it is however a decent one.

There truly isn't anything unique about the action, or direction if I may tell the truth.  But there is Gabbie Carter, her amazing beauty, as well as body, and a whole lot of closeups of her beautiful bouncing boobs.

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