Vivid: Where The Boys Aren't - S01 Ep01 - Twisted Double Date (2019)

by - October 04, 2019

Starring: Adriana Chechik // Scarlett Sage
Directed by: Bree Mills
Runtime: 32 mins.

Scene Rating: 9.5


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene it's date night as Adriana Chechik and Scarlett Sage, along with their boyfriends, Codey Steele and Will Pounder, all gather for a double date of popcorn, soda, and a game of "Twister".  When we join the couples, during a high-spirited game of Twister. However, the fun between all of them is unfortunately short-lived when an alarm sounds on one of the guy's phone, indicating that the big game is about to start.  It's then that Codey and will go off into another room to watch said game, thus leaving the girls all alone.  At first they are disappointed, but they soon take it upon themselves to take up a one on one game of "Twister".  It all begins innocently enough.  However, soon, spins in the game leave the girls in a rather compromising position, more specifically Scarlett, who ends up bent over, with her butt in Adriana's face.  It's a moment which sees Scarlett apologize for her lack of panties, as her pussy stares Adriana right in the face, from underneath her pair of tight, white leggings.  However, Adriana doesn't mind.  In fact, she salivates when following spins of the spinner sees Scarlett closer and closer to her face.  It then doesn't take the sexual tension long to boil over, as Adriana Just can't take it anymore, declaring that she wants to lick Scarlet's pussy.

Things begin with Adriana ferociously ripping open the back of Scarlett's leggings, this as she then rubs her face, and smears her red lipstick on Scarlett's pussy and ass.  She then goes on to tongue at her pussy, then having her position herself in a Twister fashion placing her body parts on certain colors.  After some time like this, Adriana the woman-handles Scarlett, placing her on her back, with her legs spread.  This continuing on as Scarlett further rips her legging.  Adriana then follows up by stretching them over Scarlett's head, as she continues to work on her pussy.  However, next, it's Adriana's turn.  She then assumes a "Twister" position herself, as she bend over.  From there, she has Scarlett kiss, her, this as she goes from her mouth to her pussy and back again.  Scarlett then continues licking Adriana's pussy as Adriana stands on on leg.  However soon Adriana demand that Scarlett finger her.  That she does next, as Adriana is next face down and ass up.  It's during this the girls are loud, almost getting the attention of the guys.  The girls then exchange some quiet kisses, prior to Adriana again going to work on Scarlett's pussy, only this time, ripping the plastic spinning arrow off of the game board, and fucking Scarlett's pussy with it.  This being shortly before bending Scarlett back in a piledriver position.  It's here, that Adriana tongue punches her.  As the guys continue to enjoy the game, we see Scarlett then rub Adriana to orgasm with her foot, as she uncontrollably squirts.  She's so vocal that the guys are finally disturbed and come to the door to see what's up.  But some how, the girls are able to avoid being found out, as they continue to service on another from behind the door.  They then continue to do so, as they next trib, with each having a turn on top, starting with Adriana.  Next up, Adriana is then on all fours, as Scarlett goes on to lick pussy.  This, as popcorn also comes into play with Scarlett placing it on Adriana's ass to lick her pussy, and then eat it.  Following this, Adriana's back is to Scarlett, as rubs her pussy.  Adriana then goes on to trib Scarlett as she goes on to stretch Scarlett's pants around her neck.  The action then comes to an end, with Adriana rubbing Scarlett to orgasm.  The scene ends with the girls giggling about the good time had, thus planning their next get together.

The Review //
With this scene, titled "Twisted Double Date", director Bree Mills and GAMMA ENTERTAINMENT, revive the legendary series from VIVID, the all girl, Paul Thomas created, WHERE THE BOYS AREN'T.  Beginning in 1989, the series continued over the course of 19 films, ending with a film directed by Chi Chi Larue in 2005.  Now, Mills and company have brought the series back with flare, as individual webisodes, as part of GAMMA'S, ADULT TIME network.

Before I get into reviewing this scene, I first have to say that it is a complete honor to be reviewing this. Now you may be wondering why that is. Well, back when I was 14 years old, when I first started watching porn.  WHERE THE BOYS AREN'T, just so happens to have been a starting point for me. So to be able to, and to be reviewing this at all, is kind of surreal to me. However, with all of this said, I have to say that Bree Mills has most definitely done this legendary series justice, based on this inaugural episode.

Not only here do we have a very nice story. One that tells the story of an afternoon double date between two couples. One that involves popcorn, soda, and a game of twister between them. However little did the girls in this situation know that the scenario also would include a basketball game as well. And it is said basketball game that is the catalyst for a sexual encounter between Adriana Chechik and Scarlett Sage that was to come. Yes, when the boys go off to watch the game in another room, the girls are left to play amongst themselves, not only in continuing in the playing their game of "Twister", but also playing with each other. It is a very nice setup, which segues into the sex. It's setup that is well-designed, harking back to the roots of the series from which it is based.  Here, I really have to hand it to whomever was in charge of the production design here. They truly outdid themselves, as the scene actually looks and feels authentic to a classic entry within the series. Everything here is vibrantly coordinated. Everyone is wearing brightly saturated colors, and the objects around them are brightly hued as well, all the way down to brilliantly-crafted Pepsi-esque soda cans, which read "Vivid". However, it does not end there. as the camera crew is also faithful in recreating the shooting style of the VIVID classics which made them unique. This including animated facial expressions captured on the faces of the performers, along with extreme closeups of penetration shots, and so on. Many of the shots seem to have been well studied and planned, with a lot of them seemingly using the technique of utilizing a split diopter.(isolating subjects in focus) Going hand-in-hand with these extreme close-ups is also a more raw brand of sex, which was more at home within the WHERE THE BOYS AREN'T series, and further away from what you would see from GIRLSWAY. I for one was very happy to see just how committed to being faithful to the series that everyone involved with this new series seems to be. One moment when speaking of the rougher sex which definitely stands out here is the moment we see Adriana, rip off the plastic spinner from the "Twister" game and fuck Scarlett with it, jamming it in her pussy, as the camera zooms in.  This was absolutely fucking great, and what's best is that it was completely unexpected. As for the rest of the sex these two girls go at it 100%. I just loved how in the beginning Adriana, rips at Scarlett's leggings, and just dives right in, face first, as her lipstick smears onto Scarlett's ass and pants.  The smeared lipstick also is a trademark from the classic, that I seem to recall. I also liked the implementing of the "Twister" game within the sex itself. The sex is just high energy from the two, as they are definitely not looking the same as they did when things started.  They are absolute mess. It's a scene that also see Adriana prove her experience, as she take charge at one point, even grabbing Scarlett's hand and dominantly shoving it toward her pussy, when she calls for Scarlett to finger her, but she does not hear her. It's just a great sex scene all around in that dirty classic style brilliantly recreated, ripped pants, smeared lipstick, spit, and all. I enjoyed it immensely.  This scene is indeed passionately raw.

With this series reboot, and additionally, their take on another Paul Thomas venture, "The Brat", with the series "The Brats", Bree Mills, who both produces and directs, has done a phenomenal job in bringing two classic series to life in a modern way. When it comes to this scene in particular, I cannot tell you just how impressed I am with it from the production design, to the camera work, to the performances from the performers, both acting and in sexual performance.  It is all on on point, in each an every way. It is meticulously crafted, with the end result being an absolute treat.  especially for those who happens to be longtime fans of the VIVID brand. With this said, I do recommend this scene without any kind of hesitation whatsoever. This, as myself eagerly awaits my viewing of more upcoming scenes from the series.

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