Tight Schedule (2019)

by - October 16, 2019

Starring: Athena Faris // Jason Luv
Directed by: Derek Dozer
Runtime: 37 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Athena Faris, is handpicked by her favorite actor Jason luv, to spend some quality time with him. The scene begins with Athena having been dropped off at Jason's lavish house. She has been forewarned ahead of time that Jason is on a very tight schedule, and in order to spend time with him, as she so desires, she must follow the strict instructions that they have prepare for her. They leave the front door open, and instruct Athena to go inside, where she would find two things: a gift basket, which she is to take home with her at the end of the day, as a token of Jason's appreciation.  This. along with a box containing a bathing suit, which has been sized to the exact measurements, which she had given them. Athena takes the bathing suit, and goes upstairs to the second floor, and into the bathroom where she changes into the red suit, just as they had asked her to.  It's next that sees her go to a hot tub located in the backyard, where she goes on to find a bottle of expensive champagne. She is instructed to wait in said hot tub, and sip on the champagne as she waits for Jason. But of course, the curious Athena, cannot resist getting a peek at him. as he shoot a few hoops on his personal outdoor basketball court. Athena is then in the hot tub, where she is soon approached by Jason, who is wearing nothing but a towel. It is a towel that soon remove, revealing that he already has a rock hard erection.  Athena is momentarily startled by the size of Jason's cock, however, not for long, as the two begin to kiss passionately.  It's here, that Athena simultaneously stroke Jason's cock. 

This, followed shortly by she sucking Jason off.  Here, Athena goes to work, sucking and slurping on Jason's big cock, this as he applaud her for a job well done.  This lasts until Jason reverses himself, as Athena follows to go down and lick Jason's ass for a time.  After this is done, more cock sucking follows, as Jason  is seated on the edge of the pool.  The two of them are next out of the pool as more standing passionate kissing leads to Athena being on her back in a reclining sunbathing chair.  This is where Jason strips Athena down, sucking on her pierced nipples, making his way down to her pussy.  It's here that he tongue, and suck on her clit in a concentrated manner,  All of which, makes Athena cum.  Following this, Jason is then on his back, as Athena goes on to return the favor prior to saddling up, and riding in cowgirl.  Here, things last for an extended period, seeing several instances of Athena bouncing, and Jason giving it back, fucking at a steady pace, with moments of deep and hard.  Following this, Athena returns to sucking cock, showing tremendous skill.  This as she ends up stroking Jason with both hands, as she stare into his eyes.  Doggy follows this up.  From here, Jason maintains the steady pace, before having Athena fuck him back.  Before this is done however, Jason goes deep, and hard.  Next up, Jason continues to plunge deep from the next position, which is missionary.  This, as Jason pulls Athena in close, as he grind, and ram it in deep.  It's over the course of this that Athena says that she wants Jason to fill her pussy full of cum, and eventually, that's exactly what he does.  This as things come to an end with a creampie finish.

The Review //
Today marks the time that I again review a scene taken from Greg Lansky's BLACKED.COM  It is after some time of not doing so, due to personal differences that I again review a scene from this interracial brand.

In this scene directed by Derek Dozer, we see Athena Faris star as a young, doe-eyed fan of her favorite actor. An actor, here portrayed by BLACKED.CON contract star, Jason Luv. The scene begins with sort of an arranged game for the fan, as he is dropped off at the actor's mansion with rules that she must follow in order to get to spend time with Luv. She does exactly that, and in the end she does get to spend that time with him. Time which, during the majority she has Jason's dick inside of her. It's a round of sex, after which, he send her home with more than just a gift basket, when he also gives her a creampie as a parting gift, as well. A gift that she specifically asks for.

This storyline setup ,as told by Dozer, is one that I felt was handled very nicely. It is a set up that progresses rather quickly, however not hastily, as the way that this scene is introduced, gives us enough information to make the setup seem plausible, and of course, it it all leads to a sexual encounter between fan and superstar. It is a sexual encounter, that initially has a slow build, only to become more and more passionate as it moves along.  It's a scene that includes passionate kissing, female to male rimming, as well as a finishing creampie, as well as includes some consistent fucking. This, as both performers put some in good work Athena with some very good dirty talking, and Jason on the other hand fucking the pussy deep, and good.  It's over the course of the scene that Athena tells "daddy" to fuck her, and it's Jason who responds by going deep, and at times hard as well.  I liked the time here during missionary that Jason grinds, and digs his cock into the pussy, as the camera captures the view from behind.  It's from this that Jason fucks until unloading into Athena, which in the end, leaves the starlet dripping with cum.

In my opinion, I felt that this was a well-rounded scene all around. It progresses nicely from beginning to end having, what I found  be a satisfying payoff. The sex between Athena and Jason is passionately hot, leading into exactly the type of conclusion that you would hope for. It is with this said that I would highly recommend checking this one out. Athena Faris is a really hot young lady.  while Jason Luv is an accomplished and reliable male talent that you seemingly can count on to do good work.

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