Up For Grabs (2019)

by - October 18, 2019

Starring: Kenzie Reeves // Nathan Bronson
Directed by: Joanna Angel
Runtime: 32 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, it's been one week since Joey and Kenzie have broken up after 7 years together, and when Joey left, he left behind a few things. So, to rectify this, he has sent his best friend Nathan to his ex girlfriend's house to pick his things up.  This including his comics, his TV and also his "sweet" V-neck shirts.  Nathan has even took it upon himself to take Kenzie's phone chargers.  Also retrieved by Nathan, is a box of mementos from Kenzie and Joey's relationship.  This including a book of erotic coupons.  When Kenzie comes into the living room to assure that Nathan is gone in a hurry, Nathan can't help himself has he flirt with the girl who is now him buddy's ex.  Kenzie isn't having it. in fact, she's appalled by Nathan and his advances.  But Nathan is quick to pull out a coupon, taken from the coupon book.  It's a coupon redeemable for one sexy massage.  Kenzie is surprised as she says that said coupon book is from Joey's Valentine's day from the previous year.  Nathan is determined, and does not give up, as he agrees to leave yer alone, should she oblige with the massage. After all, she is studying to be a masseuse, and does need the practice.  They then go off into a back room, as instructs Nathan to strip down, and lie flat on his stomach.  This, as Kenzie proceeds to rub down and massage his shoulders and back prior to she hopping up on the table to massage both with her feet.  However, it's then that she puts an end to things as she then turns the tables to her advantage, as roles reverse.  Kenzie moves Nathan out of the way as she gets on the table as she demands for her own rub down.  It is something that Nathan does not object to at all.  Nathan oils Kenzie up, getting her shoulders and back. However, Kenzie would like him to get her glutes and inner thighs. He of course goes on to take this further, as he message and finger between her legs  He then massage her front, including her nipples, before It's shortly after this, that Nathan pulls out a coupon written in Kenzie's hand.  One for a "happy ending".  Nathan is then on his back as Kenzie oil up and massage his chest, prior to moving on to sucking is cock.  It's during which, she simultaneously hold the cock between her bare feet.  After, Kenzie wastes no time, as she straddle Nathan to bounce on the dick for a time.  This is then followed by she spinning on it to reverse herself, without missing a beat.  She first half-straddles, prior to then planting her feet, to take the cock deep.  Following this, Kenzie is on all fours as Nathan tongue punches her pussy, before taking her from behind in doggy. It's here that Nathan has a steady pace, which improves to fast, and hard, as he goes on to half-straddle the ass to pound it in deep.  This would then continue in missionary, side fuck and then back, as Nathan fucks until he must cum.  The action comes to an end with Nathan pulling out to blast Kenzie's stomach with a nice big load.  The story closes with Nathan saying that he has one last coupon.  A coupon for "breakfast in bed".  After which, Kenzie kicks him out of her house.

The Review //
With this scene, Joanna Angel directs this scene for FANTASY MASSAGE, which takes it's story from a member submitted fantasy  The scene titled, "Up For Grabs" tells the story of two things; A break up, and redemption.  "redemption" in the form of a sex coupon for a free sexy massage.  Yes, it's a story in which Kenzie has broken up with her long time boyfriend.  However, little did she know that she'd get revenge on her boyfriend this soon.  Better yet, did she believe that it would be with "Joey's" best friend, Nathan Bronson.  It's a scenario consisting of both some comedy, as well as hot, massaged-themed sex between the two.

When it comes to the story's comedic material, we leave that to Nathan, who is actually pretty funny.  First, as he pretends to call up Joey to tell him what he has retrieved from Kenzie's house for him.  This of course continues as Nathan later finds the "Book of Love" coupons, and later deals them to Kenzie.  It all leads to she giving he a massage, and then the roles reverse, before ultimately going to sex. After the fact, and finding out that Joanna Angel directed this scene it all made sense when considering this material. It definitely has the style which she has been known for,  This is especially true, both in the storyline material, as well as in the nature of the sexual content itself is handled.

When it comes to the sex scene alone, the content seen here, is sort of very raw and natural. However, it is not without the comedic dialogue carrying over, from the story to the action.  Things are at first, slow yet, they quickly pick up the pace before nice, hard and energetic fucking. There are even a few things here that you don't always see in your average sex scene. There is some nice hard pounding supplied by Nathan for most of the latter half of the action seen, but not before we see Kenzie get busy sucking his cock, as she hold it between her feet. We also see her take charge for a moment, as she ride him hard from both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.  It's a transition that sees her literally spin on the cock, and then continue. This fast-paced action even later has another foot job from Kenzie, only this one comes in reverse, as she is on all fours in between receiving doggy.  The action only slows down a bit to allow Kenzie to "slob on Nathan's knob" as she says - and that she does. This then leads the scene to a conclusion of high-energy as Nathan proceed to bang away at Kenzie's hole in both missionary and side fuck, before finishing.

Overall, collectively speaking when it comes to both the story, and the sex. This  was a scene that I did pretty much enjoy. I like the fact the performers were seemingly allowed to just be themselves, in both aspects of the respective performances, for me it is always a joy to watch Kenzie Reeves perform, as she clearly enjoys what she does. She always seems to give it 100%, no matter what. This definitely shows on-screen. She often times even brings the best out of her male counterpart. This scene in particular, when it comes to this is absolutely no different, as Nathan Bronson himself brings forth a very good performance of his own. When it comes to the direction, also doing a great job here, is one Joanna Angel, who I continue to be impressed by with each and every new scene that I come across. I do recommend.

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