Gia Paige (2019)

by - October 16, 2019

Starring: Gia Paige // Prince Yahshu
Directed by:
Runtime: 30 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
At the start of the scene, we find Gia Paige, who is on the phone, as she calls someone whom, she identifies as "daddy".  This, as her boyfriend leaves out to play a round of golf.  The next place we find Gia is in the pool as she take a dip.  It's also where Prince Yahshua comes to find her as well.  Gia comes out of the pool, as she and Prince begin to kiss passionately.  This leading to he having her lie on her back as he oil her up, giving her a massage.  He has her remove her bikini top, as he go on to massage her bare breasts.  He next does the same with her ass, as Gia next lie on her stomach.  This, also seeing Prince run his hand and fingers, in between Gia's legs to then rub her pussy.

Next up, we move indoors, as Gia crawls forward on the couch, with her ass taking center stage.  Prince oils it up, as Gia goes on to twerk prior to the sex beginning.  Things begin in doggy, as Prince takes Gia from behind.  It's here that Prince fucks Gia's pussy steady, before she rock back on the cock.  This continues for some time, as we see Gia twerk of the cock.  This is then followed by Prince grabbing her from hand and pounding her from behind.  This shortly before Gia climbs on top to ride the cock for cowgirl.  Here it's again a combination of Gia popping her ass on the dick, and Prince slamming her down. Following this, Gia goes on to work on the cock, stroking and sucking.  This leading the action to go to spoon next, as the action is hot and heavy, seeing Prince fuck hard, and fast  Prince next goes back to fucking from behind, as Gia first half straddles the arm the the couch and then with her knees held tightly together, with her ass pushed out.  There is then a return made to doggy before Gia bounces on the dick in a side saddle position.  From here, Gia bounces steady, prir to see going on to ride Price's dick again in cowgirl, until he has to cum  The scene then coming to an end with Prince draining his cock into Gia's awaiting mouth.

The Review //
Here we have a scene which stars one Gia Paige, as a woman seemingly unsatisfied with what she gets from her boyfriend.  How can we tell you ask?  Well, that's because at the beginning of the scene, Gia wastes no time in making a BBC dick appointment, once the boyfriend leaves to play golf.  That BBC belonging to the one and only, Chicago made, Prince Yahshua himself.  This is all that we have in terms of story basically, spare for an erotic massage involving the two, just prior to they going inside to get down and dirty.

From there, we go into a sex scene between the two, and in my opinion, it's one that gets off to slow burning start  One involving doggy.  In my opinion, things do begin to pick up, somewhat however, once we see Gia go on to straddle Prince's cock in cowgirl, with the position putting Gia's extra large ass on great display, as it pops, twerks, and is otherwise slammed down on BBC. In my opinion, the highlight pf the scene comes next as the action takes to the spoon position on the couch. It is here that Prince is truly in his element as he is able to really get in deep, and pound away at Gia's pussy, as she can barely contain herself. It is during this position, that the two bring forth the most energy the scene would see during the 30 minute runtime. Following this, there is then a return to both previously seen positions of doggy and cowgirl, and Gia bouncing on the cock in sidesaddle in between them.  It's the last position, cowgirl, which she's Gia ride until Prince reaches climax.

Overall, when it comes to how I felt about this scene, I just felt that it was just an ok scene altogether.  The action itself is fairly decent between these two performers who are well-liked and enjoyed by me. It's just that when it comes to the content here, there is not much to it. As for the storyline itself there isn't much of one, other than maybe the opening first two minutes during which Gia makes the all important phone call to Prince who is soon over. Unlike the last couple of scenes that I have reviewed for DOGFART, when it comes to this scene creative-wise, it is very thin, which leads me to question just who it was who directed it. The last two scenes that I reviewed from the network, were directed by Gia Paloma. And one could readily tell, because the vignettes presented in those scenes were very story heavy, and the product of well-written scenarios. I have been hugely impressed with the new direction that DOGFART has taken. However, in comparison this scene does not show the same level of commitment seen previously. So with that said I'm not quite sure who directed it to reiterate. Basically all we have to here is a fairly raw sex scene, that is what it is. And what it is, is good at best. It's not great, yet it's not terrible either. There is just not a whole lot to what we see.  A portion of it is even a bit repetitive in my opinion. I'm even finding it hard to find words that actually describe how I feel about scene. It was ok, I just was not blown away by it.  Yet at the same time, there is Gia Paige, who is always nice to see(of course!).

So to close, I am kind of up in the air when it comes to this scene. it is not a scene that I would highly recommend.  But at the same time, I would not discourage you from checking it out for yourself.

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