Baby Blue (2019)

by - October 08, 2019

Starring: Lacy Lennon // Isiah Maxwell
Directed by: Kayden Kross
Runtime: 34 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.75


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Lacy Lennon is a femme fatale, who seems to know how to get exactly what she wants from a man.  A man that she is seeing named Charlie - or should we say, a man that Lacy is using, seemingly has it all.  He has a good job, a nice house, and sometimes her.  But even still, his prized possession isn't Lacy.  It's instead, his car.  A classic Chevy Impala.  A blue hued vehicle, which he affectionately calls "Baby Blue".  He keeps the car well-guarded in a special garage, as he devotes entire weekends to it's attention, and upkeep.  It is something that Lacy obviously detests, and it's something that she acts upon as only she can.  She gets her revenge on Charlie, by bringing her men to the garage, as they of course, proceed to partake in sexual encounters, in and around Charlie's "Baby Blue".  The story continues on such an occasion, as Lacy is getting hot and heavy in the passenger's seat with Isiah Maxwell.  However, it must be the weekend, as soon, Charlie shows up, ready for his usual end of the week activities.  Charlie is surprised at his findings, and so is Isiah,  However, there isn't much that the unimposing Charlie can do.  This, as Isiah seems to know exactly how to handle the situation.  Isiah hops out of the car, and quickly retrieves some duct tape, with which, he goes on to tape Charlie at the wrists and mouth.  He has Lacy pop the trunk, and that's where Charlie now goes. 

When said trunk is then closed, Lacy and Isiah return to business.  The two exchange passionate kisses, as Isiah places Lacy on the trunk.  The kisses continuing, as Isiah then sucks on her tits, making his way down.  Lacy's legs are bent back, as Isiah moves her teal panties aside to go down on her.  He continues this, as the action moves back into the car.  Lacy is placed on the back of the passenger seat by Isiah, as she leans back to take more of Isiah's tongue.  However, it's then that Lacy requests for Isiah to put his fingers inside of her.  This, as Isiah goes on to finger her deep, just prior to returning to giving her pussy a good tongue lashing.  Lacy then straddles Isiah's lap, as they dive right back into the kissing,  It's here that we see Lacy grind in Isiah's lap, over his pants.  This as Lacy grabs Isiah's dick prior to his unzipping.  Lacy is momentarily dazed at the sight of Isiah's standing cock.  But nonetheless, she is quick to take it into her mouth.  What ensues is a sloppy blowjob, administered by Lacy from here, as Lacy goes on to throat the cock and have her face fucked by Isiah.  Following this, the action goes to cowgirl, as Isiah lies across the two front seats of the Impala.  Lacy initially climbs on to ride, as she bounce and grind.  However, Isiah soon takes over, with Lacy half-straddling.  This, which soon beings Lacy to orgasm. Lacy continues to ride then, with her feet planted.  It's during this that Isiah also slams her down on his cock.  This is followed by the position reversing, as Lacy continues to grind and bounce.  Isiah also takes control as well, all of which soon leads Lacy to cum, which has her trembling pussy squeezing on his dick hard.  69 is next, this as Lacy goes on to taste herself on the dick as she's on top, as Isiah gets busy eating her pussy.  The round of 69 leads up to Lacy next being bent over and fucked from behind by Isiah.  This lasts for an extended period, as Isiah brings Lacy to yet another orgasm, and as she tells Charlie, who's still in the trunk, exactly how she's being manhandled.  This position continues, as Lacy wants Isiah to cum inside of her.  Isiah eventually does just as Lacy wishes, which signifies an end to the action, as she pushes some of the jizz out.  However, as we'd find, she purposely leaves the majority of Isiah's embedded seed intact, as it plays a part of the ending of our story.  This, as she goes around the back of the car to raise the trunk, going on to then express her desire to have her man take care of the all important cleanup.

The Review //
For today's review, I review a scene from DEEPER.COM, and writer/director, Kayden Kross.  This dark, yet, albeit somewhat humorous tale of a sexually confident woman, who gets her cake and eats it up just as well, stars fiery redhead, Lacy Lennon as a woman, who though in a relationship, merely using it to facilitate her wants and desires.  It's a tale of a woman who knows exactly how to push a man to his limits.  However, when it comes to she being pushed to her own, she must go elsewhere.  And elsewhere she does go, and as she explains to us, the end results usually end up in the front seat of her boyfriend, whose name is Charlie's prized possession, a baby blue Impala that he calls, "Baby Blue".  The scene in question takes place during such a sexual encounter.  One that just so happens to end up being a cuckold session, when Charlie unexpectedly shows up(or did lacy plan it?  It would not be surprising.)  Lacy's sexual partner, Isiah soon however, does away with poor Charlie, bounding and gagging him.  He's placed in the trunk, where unfortunately for him, he must go on to hear everything.  Tough break, huh?  "Sorry, Charlie!"

When it comes to the sexual aspect of the scene, what would follow between Lacy and Isaiah would be quite the passionate round,  it is during the sex that he dialogue between the two, opens things up, which can especially be attributed to Lacy's character. Usually the dominant one, Lacy wants to be the one to be dominated in this scenario. It is here that Isaiah does just as she wishes. What follows is a slew of dominant dirty talk and hard fucking, as he definitely aims to take Lacy to her sexual limits.  Here, Lacy is taken to several orgasms by Isiah, all of them having Lacy crying out in pure pleasure and ecstasy.  It is definitely, a beautiful thing to witness.  It's kinda poetic that this scene was shot and produced by a website called DEEPER.COM.  As for Lacy, here, deeper is the only way to go.  This, whether it be in her throat, or in her pussy.  I loved seeing Lacy just devour Isiah's nice big cock with either. Overall, I enjoyed the fact that the action was raw, and extremely passionate, from start to finish, and the fact that this high-energy scene comes to an end via a hot creampie, is just icing on the cake.  No pun intended.  Not only that, our story wraparound comes to an end in a brilliant way.  A way that is grin-inducing, but also cold, as Lacy continues her ever-so dominating ways over Charlie.  When it comes to the storyline and the storytelling in general here, I have to say that I did enjoy the story although it is a bit on the brief side of things.  On the surface, the story is here just to get us to the classic Impala where the sex is to take place between our two performers. However, with that said, the setup presented here, is a sharply crafted scenario.  I did love the sort of shock conclusion.  I didn't expect it, and found it to be a nice touch.  However, what I'm trying to say here, is that the sexual encounter is where the scene soars.  The chemistry between Lennon and Isiah is undeniable.  It's great stuff.  Lacy is a fireball of sexual energy, and no I'm not just saying this on account of her trademark red hair.  She truly loses herself during the heat of passion, especially during orgasm, as I noted.  Opposite Lacy here, is Isiah, and as he often is, is also on target.  One thing I have to say is that, who says that it has to be just the female performers who excel in the art of dirty talk?  Because here, Isiah keeps things moving along with some really sexy dialogue.  During the scene, it just keeps coming from him. This of course, proving him to be a true premiere performer.

Overall, "Baby Blue" is a well accomplished, and for the most part an enjoyable scene from Kayden Kross.  While I did like the story, I did enjoy this one for the sex a lot more.  And the whole aesthetic is also killer.  A nice clean classic car, yet with so much dirty happening inside.  The look and feel of the scene is visually pleasing, while Kayden's direction keeps our attention, as well as the energy at a high for the majority of the action.  It's definitely worth a look.

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