ExCoGi.com: Kylie Rocket(as Tanya) (2020)

by - October 05, 2019

Starring: Tanya // JJay
Directed by: Steve
Runtime: 1 hr. 31 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.5


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens with a knock at the door, as JJay answers to find the latest prospect, Tanya, staring back at him.  JJay welcomes Tanya into the room, and she's all business, and ready to go.  Tanya is just breaking into the business, and when Steve asks, Tanya says that she has told a few friends, as well as her roommate about what she would be doing today.  She says that sexually, she has someone a person that she says, isn't her boyfriend, and is "just a person".  She says that she just looked up porn online, and thought that she'd give it a go.  They then have Tanya sit is the makeup chair, as the director, Steve fields more questions.  Tanya says that she has never been with a girl.  She is very interested, and has had some close calls.  We also learn that Tanya is a fan of anal sex, in fact, she just had her first scene, a scene featuring anal with BACK ROOM CASTING COUCH, the previous day.  Tanya is  fan a of porn, saying that she always watches it when she masturbates, saying that Teacher themed porn is her favorite, say that she always fantasized about her male teachers but never acted on it.

We then see Tanya without her top and shorts.  Tanya says that she never uses toys to masturbate.  This, as they hand her an Hitachi.  It is during Tanya using it on herself from other her red panties that she says that her roommate has one - but she always thought it was just a back massager.  The guys then have her remove her panties, and get up on the bed, as she spread her legs.  From here, its a tandem of Tanya using the Hitachi on herself, as well as JJay finger punching her hole.  Eventually, JJay goes on to penetrate Tanya with a purple dildo, which has a clit stimulator attached.  This drives her o a couple of orgasms, over time.  Tanya then finally gets some dick, as JJay removes his towel to reveal a hard on.  It's one that Tanya is quick to get to work on, showing that she is indeed skilled.  She slowly sucks, before throating JJay deep, and also sucking nicely on his balls.  We soon go to split screen, as Steve challenges Tanya to deepthroat JJay, and also tongue at his balls, simultaneously.  She tries, but is sort of unsuccessful in doing so.  We also so another hand place the Hitachi on Tanya's clit, as this is going on, and we soon have a picture in picture view as JJay goes on to finger her deep, as the Hitachi is still on the clit.  Next up, it's time for JJay to go down on Tanya, as things get a little sloppy with much spit.  He also eventually goes on to use the Hitachi, as well as his fingers.  A buttplug is also soon used, as JJay is successful in Making Tanya cum.  JJay then goes on to straddle Tanya's face to fuck it, as well as drop his balls into her mouth as she sucks them, prior to she tonging at his ass from here, as well.  Next, it's time for Tanya to get fucked, but not before JJay inserts an even better buttplug.  `It's a tight squeeze, but Tanya's tight ass soon swallows it.

Things start with missionary, as JJay eases his cock in, fucking slow and steady, before gradually improving his speed, as he's in and out of her ass.  This continuing  in side fuck, as Tanya's legs are closed tightly and held to the side.  JJay eventually does switch holes, as he pounds the pussy.  We then go to doggy.  JJay soon pulls Tanya's hair, and then goes on to fuck hard and fast, as Tanya is made to spread her ass.  We next see cowgirl, and reverse, both have a moment of split screen, as JJay pounds her.  The action comes to an end as JJay's pounding soon leads him to shoot his load inside of the young prospect, ending things with a creampie finish.  After we see Tanya slurp up the cum, and then state her thoughts on the scene.  The scene itself soon concludes with footage from earlier in the day as Tanya enema prepped for anal.

The Review //
I am back reviewing another scene for the site, EXPLOITED COLLEGE GIRLS.  The site where the director, Steve and his crew scour the landscape for first timers, and sexual firsts.  With this scene, we have Tanya, an independent thinking, and mature 18 year old Puerto Rican looker, hoping she says, to break into the biz of porno.  This happened to be her second porn shoot ever, having shot for the ExCoGi affiliated site, BACKROOM CASTING COUCH the previous day.  Before setting off to review this scene, I actually watched that scene, to better get acquainted with this girl.  In that scene, she arrived straight haired, and nicely dressed, and eager to go.  She was prepared and ready to do what the guys, director, Rick and eventual scene partner, Vince told her to do.  Long story short it was a great scene.  One with hard anal banging, and a creampie.  In that scene, I really liked her look. With her straight black hair, and brown skin, she actually kind of reminded me of classic porn star, Hyapatia Lee.

And now we come to this scene, and just like before, Tanya shows up bright eyed, and ready to go.  This time however, she has changed her hair, as it is no longer straightened, and is curly.  It seems as though she's already embracing the porn life.  Nonetheless, she admits that she still has things left to experience, and later in the scene, we find that she also has things to learn.  I really like this girl.  She has a fantastic look, a look that could go far in the industry if she were determined.  I like her willingness, and obvious knowledge of how porn works.  Never once here did she scoff at anything thrown at her, especially the anal.  Tanya seems to be an anal whore - yes despite not previously having used a buttplug prior to the 2 porn scenes.  That's a bit hard to swallow, unlike how Tanya's ass swallows the buttplug.  The scene begins with the typical interview questions, and then we see Tanya play with the Hitachi(for the first time), as JJay also finger-bang her.  All of which is the precursor to the sex.  Initially, JJay's cock slowly stretches Tanya's ass, prior to JJay going on to nail her.  This, especially true for Tanya's pussy, as the sex ends with JJay cramming her pussy, until he come inside of her.(don't worry, she's on the shot!)

Overall impression of the scene is that it is a pretty decent one. Here, there are the obvious rookie hangups. This including Steve having to remind Tanya to "look at the camera", and "look this way" etc.  Tanya's verbal skills could also use some work. For most of the scene, she is virtually quiet, spare a few moans, and so on. She also has a habit of answering everything with "Yep". It would've been nice to have had her work the viewer more with some dirty talk, or something. But I digress, she's new to the camera, so I'll be a little bit more lenient in my judgment of things such as this. Another thing that she needs to learn, to conceal, if she is to be in the business is her dislike for the taste of cum. At the end of the scene, when Tanya is licking up JJay's cum, she visually has a look of pure disgust on her face. It is painfully obvious that she does not like the taste. She even further solidifies this notion when Steve asks her if she enjoys the taste of cum. It is a question to which she quickly answers with that she does not. While this is all well and good, we all know that she should have put on a happy face and at least pretended to like it. She should of course also answered "yes". It is indeed a rookie mistake. Other than this, as I said I really like this girl and personally I feel that she could be a star in porn if she wanted to. The two scenes that she shot for Rick and Steve are very good. Unfortunately however, as Steve has said on ExCoGi, they had planned to bring Tanya back for more scenes, but she went MIA. It seems as though Tanya, although proven to be very good, has given up on her dreams of being in porn. This is truly bad news for all of us, as Tanya is a girl that looks great on camera, and could have been something great.

Nonetheless, we are left with these scenes. This scene in particular as I said, is a decent one. If you are even the least bit curious as to checking out this could have been starlet, I do recommend that you do so. Here's to hoping that she does come back to the porn world at some point. Who knows  She just may.  Otherwise, be sure to go check out ExCogi.com, for more "one offs" like Tanya, as well as other then first timers, who went on to do more in the business.

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