Perfect Introduction (2019)

by - October 22, 2019

Starring: Adira Allure // Owen Gray
Directed by: Owen Gray
Runtime: 32 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
This scene begins right out of the gate with Adira Allure and Owen Grey, kissing passionately.  This, as Owen take Adira down on the bed.  She's on her back, as Owen positions himself between her legs, as the kissing continues.  Owen slowly peels her jumper off, and then her panties, as he goes on to bury his face in her pussy and ass.  Soon his cock goes in as he continues quick and hard as he pounds away.  Next up, Owen is back between her legs as the action continues from missionary.  Here, Owen keeps up the pace until Adira has he spit on her pussy, prior to continuing.  It's then that the deep thrusts result in hard pounding from there.  Next, Owen is on his back, as Adira goes on to administer a good blowjob.  Here, she slurps on both the cock and balls, by maintaining eye contact.  After an extended period spent here, Adira reverses herself, as she move her panties aside to straddle the hard cock. From the position, Adira rocks back and bounces on the cock for a short time, before Owen takes charge once again from behind, as the action makes a returns to doggy.  Here, Owen pounds it in hard, as Adira tells him to pull her hair.  This continues with Owen straddling Adira's ass to pound deep, and then continuing next, as Owen straddles, while Adira lies flat on her stomach.  Missionary is again next, only this time, Owen simultaneously uses an Hitachi on her clit.  Following Owen next sucking on Adira's clit, the action takes to cowgirl from the floor.  Adira has her feet planted, as she proceeds to steadily bounce on the dick, as it plunges deep inside of her.  As we get 2 views; a full frame view, as well as a closeup.  This is then followed up by the action returning to the bed and into missionary.  Here, Owen pins Adira's legs back as he hammer is cock in.  This, as things go to a consistent pace.  A pace that eventually leads Owen to climax.  This as he shoot most of his load inside of Adira for a creampie finale.

The Review //
They say that first impressions are everything, and when it comes to this scene from Owen Gray's DEEP LUSH, this certainly rings true when it comes to this first time meeting between Gray and sexy starlet, Adira Allure.

This scene titled "Perfect Introduction" is a scene that wastes no time to get underway.  It's passionate from the start, as the two throw themselves into each others arms, and into a flurry of passionate kisses, as they strip each other down, and get down to uninhibited business.  From there, we are a fly on the wall of the hotel room, as we are a witness to this rough, and raw romp.  Like Owen with this meeting, it was also my introduction to Adira as a performer, although I have know about her  for some time, and have been looking forward to seeing her do the dirty.  This is because Adira is in fact known as a passionate performer, and as you can tell from what I have already said, she definitely proves that here.  I loved the no restraints approach to the action seen here.  Adira and Owen just go at it.  From the very first frame, these two are on each other like magnet to steel.  It's really sexy, as Owen often take charge over the course of the 32 minute scene, just drilling Adira's pussy as she encourages him with some choice dirty talking.  Yes, here we hear her tell Owen to pound her pussy, pull her hair, and even to make her his bitch!  How could you not love this hot chick?!  Not to mention that she also has a great ass as well.  One that does get nice showcasing during the round of reverse cowgirl on the bed.  I would have loved to have seen it again in a round of reverse cowgirl from the floor with Adira's feet planted, as her ass faced the camera.  But that's just me.  The scene comes to a close in a way that is always a good way to end.  A creampie.  Something that Adira practically begged for as the scene neared it's ending.  To be honest, I love a creampie, and welcome them.  When it comes to this one seen here, I'm again being truthful.  It was just ok.  When Miss Allure begged to be filled, she longed to be dripping in the end.  Unfortunately, and it's really at no one's fault - Adira is only half-filled with cum, that does not truly discharge on camera.  With that said though.  I'd much rather have what we have here, rather than that fake ass jizz pawned off on us by those specialty "creampie" sites.

With this scene, we have an ultra passionate round, which captures the performers in a natural element.  Adira is one with an insatiable hunger for sex, and that's what Owen Gray, the consummate pro gives her, as he drives every inch of his cock into her wet love cavern, with passionate energy that never stops.  I do recommend this scene, as I readily look forward to seeing and reviewing much more of Adira Allure!

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