No B-Control Creampies 5 (2019)

by - October 28, 2019

Starring: Skylar Madison // Ryan Madison
Directed by: Ryan Madison
Runtime: 54 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with the ultra petite, Skylar Valentine, disrobing and stepping into the shower.  We watch as she washes and caresses her body, as it's all set to nice folk/pop music.  After this, Skylar dries off and gets dressed.  It's then that she walks down the hall, and down the stairs, and into the office of Ryan Madison, who greets her, as she says she's prepping to leave out.  She is to go shopping.  However, Ryan just can't help himself to come onto Skylar's sexy body, as he kisses her stomach.  The two kiss passionately, as Ryan backs her into a display case, prior to having Skylar get on her knees to suck cock.  It's here that she licks and sucks nicely, as Ryan tells her to drool on herself and not to swallow.  This continues with Ryan on his knees as well.  It ending with Ryan on his back as he fucks her face.  Next Ryan briefly takes things into standing reverse side fuck, as their momentum carries them next to side fuck on the couch, as Ryan plugs away at the pussy.  This before things go to spoon next.  Ryan then transitions himself on top, as he drill is cock in.  Next, we then see Skylar take the cock from a side saddle position.  It's here that we see her quickly bounce on the cock.  However, next, Ryan goes on to full straddle Skylar's plump ass the pound the pussy deep.  This goes to straightaway doggy next, before Ryan oils up Skylar's ass, having her bounce back on the dick.  Next, he bends her over a table for doggy, prior to positioning her on said table on her knees.  Ryan then joins her on the table, as he again full-on straddles her to fuck deep.  Following this, Ryan then fucks Skylar's face, as spit collects on the table.  Next, Ryan spins the small Skylar around in the spit, before putting his cock in for missionary, where he continues to plug the pussy.  Ryan then positions Skylar on her side to continue fucking, but she rolls off the table.  It's then that the action briefly goes to doggy, prior to Ryan having Skylar get on her knees, under his desk to administer a blow job.  Here, we again see Skylar work the cock.  This time working Ryan's cock and balls.  We then see reverse cowgirl in Ryan's office chair, as she plants her feet, and then leaning back.  Next there's upright doggy and then doggy again on the table.  Upright doggy, then leads to spoon, and cowgirl.  From cowgirl, Skylar bounces for a time on the cock, before Ryan lies flat on his back, and has Skylar fuck his dick.  The action then transitions to the floor as Ryan drills the puss,  It's then cowgirl and reverse cowgirl prior to the action returning to the couch for side fuck.  This soon enough goes to missionary as Ryan pins Skylar's legs back to drill the pussy.  This lasting for an extended period until Ryan goes on to unleash a load into the young Skylar.  The cum oozes out, and so Ryan shoves it back in, as he watch it flow out.  After this, Skylar gets dressed and goes to the mall with a pussy full of cum.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from porn producer/performer Ryan Madison.  This scene from KELLY MADISON and their "No Birth Control Creampies" series of scenes.  A series which sees Ryan dick down young ones for scenes which of course end with he filling their pussies with cum.

This scene, which features petite starlet, Skylar Valentine has a very nice setup.  One that is brief, yet still a bridge, taking us into a rough and raw fuck session between she and Madison in his office.  Yes, the scene here opens with the small, but really sexy, biracial cutie, as she casually takes a shower and then gets dressed.  We later learn, when she comes into Ryan's office, that she plans to go to the mall.  However, Ryan soon yields her plans when he essentially worships her body, kissing it down.  This of course leading to more, starting with a blowjob by Skylar.  From there, the two of them basically fuck all over the office.  From the couch, to the floor, and even on top of Ryan's desk, he drills the pussy good and thoroughly.  I jokingly saw most of the scene as the equivalent of a chain wrestling match, as the sexual action between them is fluid, as we, for the most part, go from one position to the next.  I loved watching this spectacle, and I did so with a smile on my face.  This was sometimes due to me seeing shit I don't always see in scenes.  Ryan Madison is fucking crazy.  He's a hell of a performer, I must say.  Boy does he put it all out there.  It's pretty impressive the positions, and other stuff that he thinks of during the thick of the action.  Here, I found the entire scene to be genuine in it's vibe.  Everything seems natural, as opposed to being "put on" for the camera.  It has a spontaneous feeling to it.  It's raw, even having a few moments that other studios, would have likely cut out.  Like Ryan is known for, this scene runs a little on the longer side.  In my opinion, this aspect doesn't hurt the scene overall.  In fact, I feel that the length of the film really added to it's effectiveness, as the scene played out.  And of course we know here that the scene shall end with a cream pie, as per it's title.  However, we are not so sure how it will happen.  I looked forward to the ending, and in my opinion, it was executed well.  It's effective.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one.  I actually see it as being one of the best scenes that I have seen recently.  Again, I liked the setup.  I liked the sexual content, and I love Skylar Valentine.  The setup was cool.  I loved the opening, which sees Skylar showering.  She's sexy as hell, and the sequence is also accompanied with some nice, low key music.  When we got to the sex, it was essentially no looking back.  I was really into what I was seeing.  Raw, and passionate sex.  I loved it.  Not to mention that I appreciate the fact that the scene purposely does it's best to capture Skylar's fat booty.  The camera does a fine job in doing so,  Skylar Valentine herself is just amazing.  Very small, yet she has a killer backside.  I love reviewing this girl.  Unfortunately the opportunity just doesn't come about enough.

With this said, this is one scene that I recommend to you with absolutely no hesitation.  This is an impressive round of sex.  One that is definitely worth your time.

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