Halloween Stepsister Hammering (2019)

by - October 27, 2019

Starring: Kate Kush // Brother Love
Directed by: Brother Love
Runtime: 39 mins.


Scene Breakdown //

"Dick or Treat"
In this segment, it's Halloween, and Katie Kush, and her Stepbrother, Brother Love, have just returned home from Trick or Treating during the day.  An Idea that Brother Love thought was stupid from the jump.  However, Katie had no problem, as she racked up quite a bit of candy in her run.  Quite the opposite of her brother, who has none.  Katie attributes this to the hole that is in the bottom of his Jack-o-Lantern bucket.  Katie then dumps out all of her candy on the floor for the two of them to check out.  This as her caring brother warns her not to eat open candy.  However, it's at this moment that nature calls, as Katie must run to the bathroom.  Meanwhile, Brother Love himself is up to no good when he decides to prank Katie.  This as he proceeds to put his cock and balls through the hole in his Trick or Treat bucket.  When Katie returns from the bathroom, Brother love starts an argument with her as to who got the biggest piece of candy.  He says that he has the biggest piece in his bucket.  Katie is confused as she knows that he didn't get any.  But he insists, prompting Katie to reach into his bucket to see.  And when she does, of course, she is met with a big surprise, when she realizes just what it is that she's really grabbing.  Of course it's his cock.  Katie is initially put off by the prank, however, Brother Love reminds her of the one time that they fucked.  Katie stresses, that, that was a one time thing.  Yet he continues to remind her just how well she liked it.  Brother Love continues stating that he knows that his sister is horny, as he saw her staring at the kid in the Justin Beiber costume while they were out collecting candy.  From here though, it's soon enough that Katie takes him up on it, and has his hard cock in her mouth.  We see Katie slurp, suck, and lick up the shaft.  This as she also throats the cock, and attempts to stuff both of his big balls into her mouth.  Is continuing, until Brother Love cums into Katie's mouth in a moment of she deepthroating him.  The segment ending with Katie happily swallowing the load.

"Scare Tactics"
The second segment sees Brother Love, propositioning his sister. This, as Brother Love believes that he has found the scariest costume for Halloween, and so he looks to make a deal with his unsuspecting sister, whom he finds on the toilet.  Brother Love says that if he is successful in scaring Katie with his costume before Halloween, then they have to fuck.  With enough pressure, it's a proposition that Brother Love gets Katie to agree to.

From there, in his mask, Brother Love looms around, watching his sister for the most opportune time.  It is then that after watching her for some time that he picks his spot.  The jacket closet.  It's here that he wait until Katie opens the door as he spring forward.  He is successful.

With he winning the bet, Brother Love waits for Katie to get a shower.  However, when she steps out, he gets his cock out for her to suck, and that she does, sucking the shaft, deep, as well as attending to the balls as well.  After the cock sucking, during which Brother Love uses the mirror to execute another camera angle, things go to doggy, as Katie bends over, as Brother Love takes her from behind.  It's here that he maintains a steady pace, as the view is from behind.  However, his pace improves to a much faster one, while he goes deep, as the camera changes to a side view, as we see Katie's full reaction from here.  This lasting until Brother Lover hammers it hard, to unload inside of her, ending things with a creampie.

"Scary Sis"
Despite saying that the two of them were through with Halloween pranks, Katie decides to get some revenge on her brother.  She dresses in the cape left over from her Little Red Riding Hood costume along with a scary mask, as she crawls into her brother's bed, as he sleeps.  Crawling under the covers, and in between his legs, Katie begins to suck him off.  Of course it awakens him, shortly before she pops out from underneath the covers, scaring her brother.  Katie then struggles to put on a pair of purple gloves, prior to finally resuming her blowjob/handjob combo, before she asks her brother if he wants to fuck her.  It's next that things go to cowgirl in POV, as Katie climbs on top.  It's here that we see Katie bounce, and grind on the cock, while she maintain eye contact.  This continuing as she sit up right to bounce hard as she plants her feet.  Katie then reverses herself as her ass faces the camera.  From here, she rocks back on the cock before bouncing hard, and prior to the action going to missionary, and then doggy.  From here, it's an increasing pace, as Brother Love eventually fucks fast and hard, until he must cum.  When the time cums, he quickly pulls out, letting his load shoot onto Katie's back.

The Review //
This scene titled Halloween Stepsister Hammering from the website SIS LOVES ME, sees Katie Kush and Brother Love portray stepsiblings as we are treated to 3 different scenarios involving them during the Halloween season.  All of them dealing a hand of sexual taboo between the steps. 

This high-spirited trio of scenarios, begins with a fun setup, which sees the two just returning from going around the neighborhood, Trick or Treating.  Katie looks super cute in her costume as Little Red Riding Hood.  This as she makes a killing when it comes to candy.  Her brother on the other hand?  Not so much.  Perhaps it might be the hole at the bottom of his candy bucket?  It's the same hole that Brother Love soon utilizes for his advantage, as a trick soon becomes a trick for him, as he persuades his sister to suck him off well.  But that's just the first scenario.  The second one is simple enough, as Brother Love simply makes a deal with his sister, saying that he can scare her properly with his scary new mask.  He does just that.  Leading to a brief sexual encounter in the bathroom.  One that leads to doggy, and ultimately a creampie.  The third and final of our setups goes all the way.  Starting with Katie giving her brother a rather nice wakeup call, by sucking his dick.  We then see Katie ride the cock, before being fucked deep.

When it comes to these three setups, it's an overall fun vibe for all of them.  Personally, I particularly liked them, as it brought us closer to the more personal side of Miss Katie Kush.  I just love this girl and her delightful personality.  Truth be told, she is like the perfect girl.  Here, although she is acting out a given role with director/performer Brother Love, what we have here is basically the real Katie coming through.  She's such a cutie, and her smile is mesmerizing.

Well, there are my thoughts on the story portion of it all.  But chances are, all that you want to know about is of course if the sexual content is good.  My honest answer is that it's ok.  Opening up with the POV blowjob, I felt that this was a very nice display of Katie's fellatio skill.  Man, she's good at sucking cock!  During the act, Katie maintains eye contact with the camera, which is essentially us in point of view.  Man is that hot.  She looks so cute in her glasses, and those beautiful eyes are amazing.  Also the way that she handles that cock in her mouth is something.  I especially liked seeing her attempt to cram both Brother Love's cock and balls into her mouth at once!  The sexual content in the second segment is pretty much throwaway to me, although a creampie is featured.  This is because, in my opinion, when the sex is at it's best, Brother Love sits down his camera at an unflattering angle.  So, when he's pounding Katie's pussy, we simply don't see it, nor the creampie in question.  Why??  I would have liked to.  Anyone would have.  The next segment. he finale, is definitely the scene's best showing, even though it starts with a blowjob similar to what we saw at the beginning of the scene.  When we get past it, we get to see Katie ride in both variants of cowgirl and it's great.  I loved seeing her ride and grind.  Also I liked the closeness of the shots of her bush, too.  The cumshot to finish things off was also good. I enjoyed how Brother Love naturally pulled out only to have his load shoot up Katie's back.  Also the smile that she has on her face after is the perfect way to conclude the action.

Overall, I had fun with this scene.  Is it perfect?  No it's not.  But then again, if you happen to be as big a fan of Katie Kush as I am, then it is definitely, more of a treat, rather than a trick!  I recommend.

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