LethalHardcore.com: Aria Kai Puts Out For Her Probation Officer To Stay Out (2019)

by - November 13, 2019

Starring: Aria Kai // Mike Hunt
Directed by: Stoney Curtis // Jerry Kovak
Runtime: 44 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Aria Kai is meeting up with her Probation Officer, Mike Hunt, who has dropped by to make sure that everything is on the up and up with her, as far as she abiding by the rules of her probation.  Unfortunately though however, Aria has been a bad girl.  That's because when scouring her bedroom upstairs, Mike just so happens to find an incriminating boarding pass tucked away under Aria's bed.  Of course, one of the stipulations of her probation is that Aria is to not leave the state.  Mike has called the airline, and Aria was indeed on the flight,  Mike of course wants to play by the rules, and bring her downtown for her punishment to be dealt.  But Aria doesn't want to go to jail, and would do anything to get out of it.  That's when the young Aria attempts to suggest that she will make a trade in sex, but Mike isn't having such.  He says, besides, he likes girls with big tits, and states that Aria is lacking.  This is until she lifts up her t-shirt to unleash her double ds.  Mike is mesmerized, and can't wait to get a feel.  He does, and he's amazed that they are real.  That is when he suggests that the two of them go upstairs for he to get a better look.  Once there, Aria squeezes her big tits together, as she further pose.  Mike then has she pull down her denim shorts, and then when facing him, he has her pull her panties between her pussy lips.  Her panties are then removed as she spreads her ass cheeks, shortly before the two go into sex.

Mike quickly bends her over the bed, taking Aria from behind.  Mike then proceeds to fuck Aria's pussy at a steady pace, before improving his pace, as he next half straddle her ass.  We then see Aria work on Mike's cock, as he lie back, to allow her to suck.  She does so, nice and good, keeping good eye contact.  After, this is then followed up with Mike on the bed, with his legs held high, as Aria proceeds to tongue punch his ass for a time.  Aria then climbs on for Reverse cowgirl, as she face the camera.  Here.  Mike has again, an increasing pace in moments.  It following again Aria sucking cock, that we see Mike reposition on the opposite end, as we see a return to reverse cowgirl, with this time, Aria having her back to the camera with her legs split, as she bounces on the cock.  We then go into missionary as things continue for a time with Mike fucking the pussy steadily.  This followed by Aria once more riding the cock in standard cowgirl.  Things then finish up with Aria sucking and stroking Mike's cock.  This until he unloads directly into Aria's mouth.

The Review //
What does one do to get out of a probation violation?  Well if you are newcomer, Aria Kai, the answer to that question is that you'd do virtually anything.  This scene featuring Aria Kai, and male talent Mike Hunt, is the first scene included in the DVD release, "I Got Fucked By My Probation Officer 4" from LETHAL HARDCORE.  In the release, each scene features young violators, looking to do whatever it takes to avoid going to jail.

In the case of Aria Kai, it's time for a visit from her probation officer, Mike Hunt.  A visit, that I assume was unplanned, because Mike quickly finds something which she was hiding - a boarding pass.  Proof that she has violated the conditions of her probation.  She is prohibited from leaving the state, but did it anyway.  Luckily however, she has a secret weapon - her body.  Eventually, after a little teasing upstairs, the sex gets underway between Aria and Mike.

First of all, Aria Kai looks great here. She is one of the newcomers that I looked forward to reviewing in recent times, and if I have my facts correct, she came onto the scene at the same time as her best friend, Indica Flower. Let me tell you that both of these girls are extremely hot, and will definitely go places in this industry. When it comes to this scene.  Our little vignette  involving the probation violation, gets things started before, we receive a little bit of a tease from Aria once they arrive upstairs. This including Aria showing off her big, beautiful, and natural double D tits, and then onto her ample sized ass, as she strips out of her panties.  This prior to getting fucked. The sex itself begins with Aria finding herself bent over the bed and fucked by Mike. In my opinion, this very well may be the standout position of this scene. During, we see Mike go from a steady pace, before he picks up the pace, pounding Aria's ginger pussy deep, and hard. This, including next half straddling Aria, in order to pound her deep. The position is a fairly nice showing by Mike, before the scene progresses to even more positions. To be honest, I have to say that there are times here that I felt that Mike's performance was fairly lackluster. This is what come to me during the two performers' first round of reverse cowgirl. For the most part here, Mike's performance is somewhat slow, with at times, spurts of energy. My favorite moment of the scene comes, in again reverse cowgirl.  This time however, with Aria facing the camera.  It is during this, that we see Aria bounce and grind, as she performs a split on the dick. This, putting on display Aria's nice round ass. I could honestly look at it all day, it's a position that is definitely great for the eyes.

As I said, Aria is among the new crop of starlets who are definitely worth keeping an eye on, and the positions, as well as her presence here are more than enough to make a good impression.  I for one liked what I saw, during this scene, and I look forward to seeing more of her.  I love redheads, and Aria Kai is one that is definitely stacked where it counts!

Overall, this is a fairly ok scene.  The setup is decent, Aria Kai is great, and Mike Hunt is fine enough, and has his moments periodically, I'd say.  All and all, I'd say it's worth a look.

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