CFNMasturbation (2019)

by - November 18, 2019

Starring: Katie Kush // Quinton James
Directed by:
Runtime: 41 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Katie Kush, who's in the bathroom, as she strips out of her towel, and steps into the shower,  It's from here that she soaps herself up, as she begins to touch herself.  This soon advancing to Katie retrieving a dildo from a cabinet.  She then sticks it to the shower's glass door via suction, before dropping to her knees to suck the toy.  This as she steadily masturbates.  This is soon followed up by Katie then fucking herself with the toy in doggy, and subsequently cleaning it off, as she once again suck.  Next, she takes a seat to briefly then spray her clit with the handheld shower head, prior to stepping out to dry, and dress herself.  And it's sometime during this that spying on her around the corner is her friend and roommate, Quinton James, who definitely likes what he sees.  Once dressed, Katie heads up stairs, as she goes to Quinton's room.  It's here that, to her surprise, she finds him masturbating to porn on his laptop.  A sight that she likes seeing as well.  She approaches Quinton who is startled, as he tries to avoid what Katie has found, however, Katie gets him to open up, saying that in Germany, if someone finds their friend masturbating, then they are supposed to help them finish.  A "fact" that Quinton is surprised by.  Things progress as Katie eventually gets Quinton's cock out of his boxers.

Katie quickly gets to work on Quinton's cock, tonguing and slurping on the shaft prior to deepthroating it and sucking on his balls.  Quinton however soon follows up by returning the favor, as he then fingers her deep.  This is then followed by doggy, as Quinton goes on to fuck the pussy at an increasing rate.  After this Katie is on her back with her legs spread wide.  This, as Quinton fucks her in spoon, and then transitioning to missionary, before eating her pussy to her climax.  Following this, Katie moves her shorts aside as she climbs on to ride.  First leaning forward to bounce,  We also see Quinton fuck, prior to Katie planting her feet.  It's also here that we see Quinton thrust upward to fuck hard.  The position next reverses to reverse cowgirl, after Katie rides Quinton's face for a time.  Here, Katie leans back to allow him to fuck hard at a quick pace.  After this it's back to missionary as Quinton pulls Katie to the edge of the bed.  It's here that Quinton remains steady until building himself up to cum.  This as the scene finally comes to an end with Quinton jerking his cock to sprinkle a big load onto Katie's face and chest for the finish.

The Review //
This scene from REALITY KINGS, titled CFNMasturbation, from their series, "Teens Love Huge Cocks", stars performers, Katie Kush and Quinton James, as roommates and friends, who finally get a piece of one another, sexually speaking.  This, following individually spying on each other in a pair of compromising positions.  Katie coming out of the shower, and Quinton in his bedroom, as he masturbate to porn on his laptop.  They have obviously had wandering eyes for each other for sometime, and today is the day that they act upon their urges.  However, this isn't until a great beginning.  The beginning that I speak of being, Katie having a solo masturbation session in the shower.  One featuring a suction cup dildo that she attaches to the shower door.  Boy, is it great.  But little did we know then that this great start would be merely a precursor for what was to come in the bedroom between she and Quinton.  Yes, once Katie is all spic-and-span from her shower, she only heads to Quinton's room to get dirty all over again.

When speaking of this sexual encounter, it is one that begins quite humbly, as Katie sucks Quinton off well, as he lies back to enjoy it, this including Katie licking, and slurping along the shaft.  She also attends to his balls, not to mention deepthroating him all the way down to the base.  It's after that we see Quinton get to work as he wastes no time in doing so.  Katie is on all fours, as he takes her from behind.  His pace from here, steady, as it quickly improves to see him hammer the pussy hard as Katie go deep.  It is this type of energy that we see maintained, virtually throughout, as Quinton essentially gives Katie's pussy quite the beating, while Katie, on her end, displaying her awesome flexibility.  I just love watching Katie perform, because more times than not, she's in the splits, or either holding her legs back high and spread out as she's plowed.  I just love it, and I love her.  It's always something to look forward to when viewing one of her scenes.  Aside from this, I also enjoyed seeing the petite Katie climbing on to ride the Englishman's cock.  It's during this that we see Katie rock and bounce on the dick, as well as grind.  But without a doubt, my favorite moment for said position came once Katie planted her feet to slam down nice and hard.  This the followed up by Quinton completely nailing the pussy from here at breakneck speed.  This passionate fucking continuing on, eventually finishing up in missionary, leading up to Quinton finishing up himself.  This bringing this fast paced encounter to an end.  And even the cumshot itself is rewarding, as Quinton shoots a fairly big load onto Katie.

Overall, I really enjoyed this scene for the most part.  As I said, the scene gets started with a great solo masturbation performance by the scene's star, Katie Kush.  I just love  the way she fucked that dildo.  It's so hot.  The sex scene presented here is also very good, with some fast paced, hard fucking.  I loved the way that Quinton really gave it to her, just as she specifically asked him to.  It seems as if Quinton only responded to Katie's requests by going harder and harder.  I liked that.  So, with all of this said, this is a scene that I'd recommend seeing.  My only complaint regarding the scene, being that Katie never fully loses her clothes, as they are simply just moved aside.  This was a disappointment in my opinion, especially when it came to Katie's shorts(I wanted to see that ass in all of it's glory!)  However, with this complaint aside, both Katie Kush and Quinton James here again prove themselves to be great performers to watch.

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