Stepsister Stash Snatch (2019)

by - November 11, 2019

Starring: Indica Flower // Wrex Oliver
Directed by: Wrex Oliver
Runtime: 46 mins.


Scene Breakdown //

"Dank Stash Blowjob"
Things open up in POV, as Wrex Oliver rifles through his sister Indica Flower's panty drawer, to find some panties to sniff.  He does just that.  However, when he gives Indica's panties a big whiff, he notices a distinct smell coming from them.  the smell of weed.  Upon further inspection, Wrex finds the bag of weed nearby.  It's shortly during this time, that Indica happens to come into the room, catching him in the act.  Indica ls of course grossed out tjat her Stepbrother would sniff her panties.  She of course threatens to tell the parents,  It's then that Wrex, likewise counters, saying that he will give up her secret stash.  That is unless Indica agrees to do one thing.  Suck his dick.  Indica obviously initially hesitates, however soon sees no harm as she gives in.

Indica unties Wrex's shorts and gets his cock out.  Despite she not believing that she is doing this with her Stepbrother, she soon gets to work, sucking the cock, taking it into her mouth, and mouthing along the shaft.  While doing so, Indica looks up at the camera.  It's just at this moment however, when she comes to admit to kind of liking sucking her brother's cock, the two are interrupted by mom coming home.

Shlick Session Wi-Fi Slowdown
In this story, Wrex is caught up in a shooter game online, when suddenly the Wi-Fi cuts out.  He fears that the data has run out, when he goes to reset the router.  He just so happens to catch his sister Indica in the act of masturbation.  Suddenly, it all makes since that Indica has used up all of the Wi-Fi by watching porn.  It's with this revelation that he now have something to hold against her,  He again uses it.  He says that he knows that she needs to nut, and if she allows him to fuck, he won't tell their parents.  Indica then agrees, however, she says that she won't make eye contact with him.

It's from there that Indica assumes the position on the bed, face down, and ass up,  Wrex takes her from behind, inserting his cock to fuck steady for a time, giving long strokes.  It lasting until the two are again interrupted.

Reefer Ransom Redux
Wrex's car smells strongly of weed.  It's a smell that he of course needs to get rid of before his parents find out.  As he searches for cleaning material, he runs into his sister Indica, who is off to her room to get dressed to go out with friends.  It's then that Wrex confronts Indica about the smell of his car, as according to he, she is responsible.  She takes responsibility, while Wrex feels that she should be responsible for also detailing the car.  With this, Wrex threatens to get her in trouble.  It's then that Indica says that she has an offer for him.  Seeing as she has already sucked his dick, and that they have fucked around a little, she's willing to fuck Wrex to get out of it.  She convinces him further by giving him a striptease, stripping out of her blue jumper and then spanking her ass.

Things begin with Wrex on his back as Indica crawls between Wrex's legs to suck his cock, slowly, and with skill, making eye contact.  Next, things go to doggy with Indica on her knees, as Wrex maintains a steady pace.  Next up, Indica goes on to grind on the cock first in cowgirl, and then in reverse, the former seeing Indica's titties bounce.  Lastly, it's to missionary, as Wrex pounds hard at a quick pace.  This lasting for a time, until he finally pulling out to jerk his cock and as a result, spray Indica's tits with his load for the finish.

The Review //
For today's review, I review another scene from the website, SIS LOVES ME, and it's a release that sticks to their regular format of 3 consecutive short stories.  With this one, we are presented a series of 3 scenarios which sees Indica Flower and Wrex Oliver as Stepsiblings, who are not only always entangled in a battle of wits, but also find themselves battling an odd attraction to one another.  Of the three stories seen here, one has to do with the importance of having Wi-Fi, when trying to get off, while the first and the last of the trio are centered around Indica's love of smoking green.  It's something that the wise Wrex, uses to his advantage.

The connected stories here, are progressive.  What I mean by this is that during the first two instances of sex between the Stepsiblings, they unfortunately find themselves interrupted midway through, as their parents come home unexpectedly.  First when Wrex finds Indica's weed in her panty drawer, on his quest to sniff her scent, Indica eventually drops to her knees to suck him off, in order to avoid trouble with her parents.  And then when the Wi-Fi goes to shit, Wrex finally gets to dip into his sister's pussy, when Indica is left high and dry when trying to cum.  Both of the instances prematurely interrupted, thus setting the stage for a sexual finale.  The third and final scenario is another one involving the brother once again utilizing the tactic of blackmail, to get one over on his sister,  Things end with Wrex having to clean out his car, after it was left smelling of strong weed.  Something that Indica is at fault for.  Again, leave it up to the resourceful Wrex to use this to his ultimate advantage, when he stops his sister, just as she is readying to go out.  He obviously and again threatens to out her weed habits to their parents.  It's something that she doesn't want, so Indica will seemingly do anything.  It's by this time that the two have already simpled sex between each other, so it's at that time that Indica is down to do whatever, for "one last time"

Technically, when it comes to the sexual content of the stories shown here, the first two of them are essentially a tease.  A lot of those who view this offering from SIS LOVES ME, will view them as throwaway elements.  And while in a way they very well may be just that, when it comes to the context of the storyline, and the subsequent build of it, they lend themselves well when it comes to building the anticipation.  So when speaking of this finale, the all POV affair begins with a really nice striptease, as Indica teases her brother Wrex(and us).  This girl is absolutely fucking incredible.  It's undeniable, her magnetic presence.  I have been a huge fan of this newcomer since seeing her for the first time.  She's amazing, and here we get up close and personal with her beauty.  And speaking of "up close and personal", we get extra close to Indica, once this segment goes into the last hurrah between she and Wrex in the bedroom.  Beginning with Wrex lying back, Indica once again sucks his cock in POV.  This, as her beautiful, piercing eyes gaze directly into the camera.  She then climbs on for both cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl from the close point of view, prior to we seeing her pounded hard in missionary,  All three formations doing wonders for nicely displaying her all natural, big bouncing tits.  With the latter lasting until Wrex drops a load onto them to finish things up.

Overall, the material here is decent enough in my opinion.  The three stories themselves are fun, but they are fairly basic.  When it comes to me personally, I'll be honest when saying that I might not have enjoyed them as much had it not been for the involvement of Indica Flower.  Believe me.  She makes a big difference.  She's so fine.  For instance, one of the biggest drawbacks here is the fact that the majority of the camera work is shaky, and at times even blurry.  But even still Indica's beauty is more than enough distraction to not let it bother you.  As I said, the release's strongest point is indeed when our Stepsiblings go all out when they know that their parents won't be coming home anytime soon.  I loved seeing Indica Flower bounce on the dick in both variations of cowgirl.  She just looks heavenly doing so.  We also have Wrex who finally improves his pace to fuck Indica's pussy fast and hard, before reaching his climax.  I honestly wish that the scene would have featured more of this brand of hard banging.  But that's just me.  For a second there, I also thought that the scene might end in a creampie.  But unfortunately it does not.

So This is an offering that begins with some ok/somewhat fun, but unfortunate false starts, and is also one that consists of camera work, that can at times, could be considered lackluster in terms of clarity.  However at the same time, it's star Indica Flower, as well as the fact that it does end strongly, are both positives that one can't overlook.  Especially the former.  Yes, there are things here that could have been better, but with that said, as fan first, I feel that Indica Flower is worth viewing in any context!

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