Vagina Peeking Out (2019)

by - December 31, 2019

Starring: Lily Glee // Mick Blue
Directed by: Maestro Claudio // Mick Blue
Runtime: 46 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We begin things with a tease segment involving featured starlet, Lily Glee.  Lily is wearing a rainbow colored one piece suit, a pair of yellow, lacy fishnet and lace stockings along with heels as she move and tease for our enjoyment.  She go on to playfully spread her ass for the camera, as well as pose on all fours, prior to we seeing her touch herself on the couch.  During this, the camera gives an overhead view, as well as a detailed view of Lily's yellow stockings as it slowly trails up the path at a close view.

Next, Mick introduces us to Lily, as he says that it is her first time shooting for BAMVISIONS.COM, and when asked for her age, Lily says that she is 22.  Mick then realizes that Lily's vagina, just so happened to be peeking out from her one piece.  This, as she moves it aside to show him.  Mick then is prompted to ask her to masturbate, as she shows off her flexibility, as she bends her legs far back on the couch.  During this, she unsnaps the bottom of her onesie, and proceeds to rub and spread her pussy.  This as she has a pink, and jeweled heart-shaped buttplug inserted into her ass.  This act must have gotten Mick excited, as we next hear Mick say that he'd like to have a handjob from Lily.  It's then that Mick lies back as she does the deed, stroking and sucking, as tears trial down her made-up face,  We next find Lily on all fours, as Mick takes her pussy from behind, while the buttplug still remains.  It's here that we see Mick move his cock in and out of Lily's fat pussy, as it hugs around his cock tightly.  He begins with a steady pace, which increases with speed as things progress, and as Mick fucks harder.  It's after this that he goes on to toy with Lily's asshole, both with her heart-shaped buttplug, as well as a clear, thick and ridged dildo.  However, it isn't long before he replaces the use of toys, with his cock.  Here, we see Mick fully straddle and enter Lily's ass the fuck it at an increasing pace for a time.  Mick is then on his back, as he instructs Lily to get on her knees.  From there, Lily rocks back on the cock, with again, the pace increasing.  After this, Lily goes on to suck the cock, and balls, of Mick, as well as lick is ass, as he remain on his back.  Following this, Lily is on her back as he goes on to fuck both of her holes with a dildo, before fucking her pussy with it, and occupying it himself.  Here, Lily is double penetrated as Mick maintains his pacing, keeping it up before going harder.  He keeps this mindset, as things next go to reverse cowgirl with Lily reclined with her legs pinned back to endure the quick, and deep pounding.  After this, the two go into the spoon formation.  First, in front-facing spoon, as Mick fucks the pussy, and then in standard, as anal resumes.  This as Mick fucks quickly until he must cum.  Things then coming to a close with Mick jerking his cock, to eventually unload onto Lily's awaiting face for the finish. 

The Review //
Today, I take a look at a scene for BAM VISIONS which has been co-directed by Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio Bergamin for this brand.  It's a scene that features young, petite starlet, Lily Glee, as she takes on the cock of Blue, who not only fucks her tight pussy, but also her extra tight ass, as well.  First as he warms them up with toys, prior to filling them full of, and plowing it with his thick uncut, European cock.

The scene begins with a brief tease, both of the posing and masturbatory kind.  It's honestly a decent showing, as we get a good look at Lily, who just has to be one of the cutest young stars of porn.  She's an extra naughty, petite wonder, complete with cute dimples, and an apt appetite for anal activity.  I have to say that she's also looking really cute here.  I loved her outfit.  The rainbow onesie, the nice stockings, the heels, the smoky make-up, it's all on point, and she's working it well.  This cute tease, then moves into something on dirty, as we watch Lily masturbate at Mick's request as he is first behind the camera.  This is involving clear lube, in addition to Lily's fingers, and speaking of lube, it's used immediately after.  This, as we see Mick toy with Lily's ass.  First, it's with her heart-shaped buttplug, and then with a longer, thicker, ridged dildo.  I actually loved this moment.  I loved the closeup view of both of Lily's holes squeezing these toys.  The view is as pretty as Lily's holes are in general.  I also enjoyed that this closeup view would remain for what would occur next, as we see Mick's cock go in.  He first gives the pussy the dick treatment, before venturing onto her ass.  And from there it's fucked at an increasing rate, making it enjoyable to witness,  However, the great views don't end there.  We also get a nice view of Lily's ass, as she's on her knees while bouncing back for reverse cowgirl.  I liked that the pace was controlled there, only seeming to get faster and faster, as Mick's dick took the deep plunge.  Also, aside from a moment of reverse cowgirl, during which, Mick really rams Lily's ass fast and hard, there where two distinct highlights in the scene fore me.  The first being when we see Mick plug both Lily's pussy and ass with a long dildo, as she is on her back from the couch.  This prior to he going on to double penetrate her after, while the dildo is in her pussy, and his cock in her ass.  Like previously said, it is just another nice spectacle captured by the camera.  And then the other moment that I enjoyed came by way of the scenes final two positions.  Positions, which see Lily and Mick on the couch.  It begins with front facing spoon.  A position during which Mick fucks Lily's pussy.  It happens to be after this that this position switches direction.  A direction, easily allowing Mick to easily pound her ass.  An act that of course that would soon lead to Mick's climax.

Overall, this was a good scene.  I was really surprised, just how quickly things went from tease to sex here, as Mick usually has a lot more to ask his co-star.  Perhaps he was just really into Lily?  Because we essentially do go right into the fucking here.  But I can't blame him at all, because Lily is simply as cute as hell.  I did like that here in this scene, Lily's holes are front and center, which is just a beautiful thing.  They are fucked, and fucked hard.  Usually, Lily is like second to none when it comes to making love to the camera.  However, here we didn't get much of that.  I think it is because, she was just getting fucked too good.  There's nothing wrong with that!  Be sure to give this one a view.  Lily Glee is a young performer, who definitely deserves your attention.  She's indeed a standout.

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