HookupHotshot.com: Episode 223 - Alex Coal 2 (2019)

by - January 04, 2020

Starring: Alex Coal // Bryan Gozzling
Directed by: Bryan Gozzling
Runtime: 32 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens with Alex Coal getting a match on Hookup Hotshot.com.  She matches with Bryan Gozzling, for whom she takes and sends some selfies to.  Alex says that a few weeks ago, she met someone on the site and had some fun.  But with Bryan, she wants to know if he fucks hard specifically, as Alex says that she hates boring sex.  It is then that Bryan says that he can treat Alex to what she needs.  It's then that the two agree to hookup, as Alex catches an Uber.  Alex arrives at Bryan's doorstep wearing all pink.  This including a long-sleeved crop, a short skirt, with hot pink bikini bottoms underneath.  Accessories including a collar, and wrist restraints.  After getting a peek of Alex's pussy and tits, to which she surrenders to Bryan for the day, he invites her in.

Bryan wants to know how good Alex is at following demands, this as he tells her to close her eyes until he says open them.  Alex says that she is Bryan's fuck doll today.  This as he is busy, touching and surveying her body.  Bryan says that Alex is dressed like a "street walking hooker"(the good kind).  Something that he has Alex agree to, and repeat.  Following this, Bryan checks out Alex's plump ass, as he squeeze, shake and spank it, prior to getting her tits out.  However, this soon leads to Bryan focusing on Alex's pussy.  First he massages it, as she stand, and as Bryan supports her via her ponytail.  He then has his fuck doll sit with her legs spread, as he goes on to finger her eager pussy.  This is then followed by Alex crouching down, as she eventually go on to suck Bryan's cock.  But not prior to Bryan toying with her mouth.  It's here that Alex slowly sucks, as Bryan tells Alex to jerk him off with his face.  After this, Bryan gets up on the back of the couch, to briefly suck her face in reverse.  Alex is then positioned on the side couch on her back.  Here, Bryan has Alex grab his cock and insert it into her, as he goes on to fuck her at an increasing pace.  The same happens in doggy next, prior to we seeing Bryan sit back, as Alex again sucks him off.  This prior to eating his ass, as she buries her face, and tongue in.  It's again doggy, as Bryan bends Alex over the edge of the couch and pounds her.  Things then move to the floor, as Alex is face down, and ass up.  This, as Bryan goes on to fuck her from behind. in both reverse and full straddle.  It's then reverse cowgirl, before we see standard cowgirl, as Bryan restrains Alex's wrists as she ride, grinds, and is fucked, as Bryan uses her.  It's this that soon leads to Bryan's climax, as he soon jerks off over Alex's face, to blast it with a big load.

The Review //
This scene sees Alex Coal making a return to the HOOKUP HOTSHOT house, after she was last there only a few weeks ago.  The only difference being that it was in the man, Bryan Gozzling's absence.  This as the fucking was fulfilled by Zac Wild. Though, at this time, I have yet seen the previous scene.  By all appearances, it would seem that Alex had a good time the first time around, as she is back with more, as she knows exactly what she wants from Bryan from the start.  She wants to be fucked hard by the hotshot himself.  And she's in luck, because that is exactly what she gets here in the end.

First things first, I have to first make mention that this is a scene in particular where the participant is fully committed to the idea. The previous scene that I reviewed for HOOKUP HOTSHOT, had a completely different dynamic, as that participant seemed hesitant to fully commit.  Most importantly, they refused to call Bryan "Daddy", opting for "Sir" instead.  Yes, the girls have their reasons for not doing so. But in my opinion, a scene from this site, is that is much more effective once the girl fully surrenders.  That's exactly what Alex Coal does here, as she is fully game.  In fact she never leaves character, it's always "Yes Daddy", "No Daddy".  There are some "Sirs", said as well.  But, Alex never fails to let you know who her body belongs to all throughout the scene. In other words, she fully surrenders herself to Bryan.  This to me, just makes everything that much more grand.

Also fully committing himself to what the scene is all about is Gozzling himself.  Alex wanted to be fucked hard.  This, as his pacing in all positions begins slow, only to graduate to a hard pounding, as Bryan slams his cock in deep.  Yes, there are  lots of long strokes here, as he makes sure that Alex's tight, pink and wet love hole, gets every last inch of his hard cock. Here, we see Bryan literally fuck Alex's pussy until it is swollen shut, as Bryan uses Alex as his human fuck toy.  And speaking of this idea.  I liked the fact that the notion that Alex was Bryan's fuck doll, was maintained throughout the scene.  For instance, when Alex is sucking off Bryan for the first time, Bryan says that he wants Alex to use her face to jack him off"(I loved that!).  It also continues near the end of the scene, as Alex has her wrists restrained, and she's riding Bryan in cowgirl.  As things progress, we eventually see Bryan grab Alex's ass, and proceed to fuck and use her pussy, much in the way you would fuck a pocket pussy.  It's so hot, and it is such a great visual.  It was the absolute perfect way to end the sex portion of the scene, prior to a healthy cum blast to the face to officially end things.

I really enjoyed this scene.  From the setup, to Alex herself firstly.  She is presented here as the pure sexual being that she is, appearance-wise.  I loved her outfit here.  This is matched sexually, as we get a scene that is fairly rough.  Scenes like these aren't for everyone.  But for those who enjoy them, It's truly something when you get to witness someone who is truly into what is occurring.  That is what we have here, as Alex is obviously enjoying herself.  Not only do we have Alex receiving it hard, she also gives it just as hard.  This, as at one point, as we see Alex completely bury her face into Bryan's ass.  Bryan tells her to pretend that his ass is her husband on their wedding night.  To make out with it.  And that she does.  Alex goes hardcore.  So, with that said, you get the idea.  The scene features a round of action that is nice and hard, involving two performers, whom are clearly into it.  It is in my opinion, an honest one, that this is truly one of the most enjoyable scenes that HOOKUP HOTSHOT has produced in some time(I even liked when Bryan smeared Alex's lipstick onto her cheek with his dick, as he was toying with her mouth.  Even the little things were great).  It's for this reason that it is one that I highly recommend!

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