Karla Kush Isn't The Best Maid But She Is Amazing At Getting Fucked (2019)

by - December 30, 2019

Starring: Karla Kush // James Deen
Directed by:
Runtime: 36 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with James Deen answering the door for his maid, Karla Kush,  Karla, who is armed with cleaning supplies says that she is there to clean. We then see her get right to work, beginning with the kitchen.  We see Karla dust the windows, along with the cupboard doors, as she is then approached by James who asks her if she is going to be cleaning the dishes, as he points to dirty dishes on the counter.  But nonetheless, Karla, quickly dismisses the idea, saying that she "doesn't do that".  We next see Karla in the bathroom, again with her orange feather duster, when again James confronts her.  This time about a dirty toilet.  But again, Karla doesn't do that.  It's after James confronts her about some trash being left out, and Karla once again declining to clean up, that the two have a sit down.  It's during which that he fires Karla, calling her the worst maid ever.  Karla is of course shocked, as James goes on to explain, calling her, "God awful".  Karla says that it isn't that she doesn't like to clean, it's that she just doesn't like cleaning things that are "gross".  When James asks her to name something that is not gross, Karla says that food isn't gross.  She loves eating food.  Especially lollipops, and popsicles - things that she can suck.  Karla says that James says that she sucks as a maid, but in reality, she really does "suck".  It's then that Karla pleads her case as she asks James if there is anything that she can do to change his mind.  There seems to be a solution for sure, when James sticks a finger into Karla's mouth and she begins to suck on it.  This of course, leading to more.

After Karla sucks on James' fingers, she graduates to sucking cock, prior to James then taking her from behind.  Karla is on her side briefly, before she sucks cock, and it's back to doggy, as she bounces back on the cock, spreading her ass.  We see her suck again prior to seeing her in various forms of side saddle.  She again sucks cock, as she holds it between her feet.  This, Prior to being sprawled out on the dick in cowgirl.  After this, Karla climbs on for cowgirl for a time, before it's briefly back to side saddle.  Karla is then on her back and then in piledriver, as James bends her back to eat her pussy, before fucking her in both missionary and side fuck.  It's back to doggy from the couch and at the edge of it, as James side straddles to pound deep from here.  After Karla again sucks, its to reverse cowgirl, as James is seated.  From here, James slams Karla down hard until he must cum.  The scene ends with a huge load as James jerks fast to blast Karla in the face.

The Review //
For this review, I am back with a review for another episode taken from the BANG! Originals series, "Trickery".  "Trickery", is a series which presents us with scripted storylines.  Usually, the majority of them being in a silly, or provocative nature.  In the case, of this story, it is definitely of the former variety with it's comedic tone.  Here, the setup is a simple one.  James Deen has hired on a maid to clean around his house, and he has seemingly hired the worst one ever.  That maid being the bubbly Karla Kush.  Karla plays it up and that airhead type, the type that doesn't seem to fully grasp the concept of the job in which they were hired. As it turns out initially unbeknown to James, there happens to be a lot of things that Karla just won't do. Yes things go south once Karla begins to refuse to do the most basic chores of house cleaning, aside from dusting. And it is of course upon going to fire her, that James discovers, that although there are many things that Karla won't do, there is indeed something that she will do, when it comes to keeping her job.

Yes, there we have our storyline in a nutshell.  Didn't I say that it was silly?  It indeed is, but it's fun. It is definitely a storyline that goes hand-in-hand with the bright bubbly personality of Miss Karla Kush.  Who is a great actress in my opinion, as I have both seen her in serious takes as well in the past. But it is safe to say that she had fun with this portrayal.  Especially, when it came to the sexual innuendos.  I have to say that she was sexy.  Opposite Kush is James Deen, who portrays the man of the house. And the man who expects Karla to have that house clean.  Both he and Karla play off each other well when it comes to the acting.  The comedy in itself is funny. I almost laughed out loud when James told Karla that she was a "God awful" maid. In fact, the entire exchange between the two as James is potentially firing her is pretty hilarious.

Yes, in the most routine porno progression, Karla of course questions if there any way that she can avoid being fired, and of course sex is the answer.  It's always the answer in porn! That then leads into our sexual encounter between the two as performers. What we would be presented with here would be a round of fast paced sex.  One that sees James as the more dominant one of the two, as Karla submits, willing to please "Daddy".  "Daddy", just being one of the many things Karla says throughout this session, as part of a healthy helping of colorful dirty talk.  Just one of the things about the scene that stood out to me.  After Karla the maid begins things by "cleaning" his cock with her mouth(I loved how Karla began things by saying that her best cleaning tools were part of her body.  How fucking hot is that??!)  We go into positions such as doggy, both in standard formation, as well as the variation with Karla's face down and ass up.(I have to say that I enjoyed the moment, during which Karla spread her ass with her hands, as she bounced back on the dick), side saddle, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl.  With each of the positions, showing James in charge essentially directing the action as it occurs.  BANG subscribes to the idea of not crediting their directors, as they do here.  But with that said, while I'm not sure of who the director really is, James Deen really fits that bill.  Here we basically see Karla on his dick at every angle, as she is spun around and fucked every which way imaginable. At one point, we even have Karla facing James, as she is sprawled out on his dick. It was fun watching James fuck her, and equally as enjoyable monitoring Karla's every move.  I just love Karla's dirty talk.  Her screams, moans and squeals,  I always have.  And her faces?  Boy, does she make some insane faces while being fucked. Especially in this scene.  There is a moment in this scene, during which Karla is being fucked from behind.  She's being fucked silly, literally.  Her face looks like the "crazy emoji.  You know, eyes sideways, with the tongue wagging.  Yeah, that was her.  I liked that although we have the comedic nature here, Karla and James attempted to add spice here, making things as rough as they could within the boundaries.  At first, I was a little disappointed, given the fact that there were couple of occasions where James' fucking caused Karla to squirt. It seems that at that point, just as she had done so, she and James quickly and abruptly changed position.  As to what I assumed, to not make things too graphically messy.  I was disappointed in this, because squirting is something that Karla happens to be known for. She's good at it, and I love to see her do it. The choice to not display the act, makes sense here.  But man.  Luckily though, we get to see her squirt all over James' stomach during the scene's final position, which is a round of hard slamming reverse cowgirl. The scene comes to a close in a very nice way as well, with a good old fashioned cumshot.  I say "old fashioned", because we don't just cut to a shot of the dude standing over the girl, as he jerks off, to eventually shoot in this scene.  No, in this scene, James whacks his boner, as Karla is at a distance.  This, as he soom flings white ropes of cum at her happy face.  Very old school indeed.  I mean, cum was flying everywhere.  In every direction.  I bet they are still finding semen on the furniture as we speak!

So, with that said I hope that this review is enough to give you some insight when it comes to this particular scene. It is one that is definitely rooted in comedy.  At first, I felt that the storyline, might just be too silly.  However, as I let it roll out, things got better.  I really liked the dialogue shared between Karla Kush and James Deen. As I said, it was funny. But then came the sex.  And when it comes to the sex, that's where the collaboration shines the most.  James Deen is one of the best male performers in the business.  He fucks hard and fast.  And together with Karla Kush, who can be one of the dirtiest most naughtiest of female performers, the two of them create something that is for sure worthwhile.  But knowing Karla, she would have preferred things to be much wetter!  With that said however, I recommend.  Check it out!

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