Woodrocket: Spongeknob Squarenuts (2013)

by - December 26, 2019

Director: Lee Roy Myers

Overall Rating: 9/10

Length: 15 Minutes

Anthony Rosano as Spongeknob Squarenuts
Skin Diamond as Sandy Cheeks


After an unexpected hiatus I decided it was high time I return to reviewing, for my 1st scene back in over a month I decided to go with a quick parody blowjob scene from the fine folks over at Woodrocket.

Spongeknob Squarenuts is a fairly early scene from the studio and I remember vividly reading the mainstream news coverage the scene had gotten for being so unconventional, as no one had ever thought a porn parody of the popular animated series Spongebob Squarepants would ever have been done.

The scene starts off with a faithful recreation of the theme song, with porn parody lyrics such as "If weird yellow sex is something you lust then you must be a perv like Spongebob Squarenuts". The theme definitely got a chuckle out of me and perfectly sets the stage for what we're about to see.

We then see Spongeknob in his room, contemplating how to spend his day. Spongeknob being Anthony Rosano in a large box suit and painted yellow all over. The costume is impressive with Spongeknob being the 1st interpretation of the character in live-action that I know of, looking accurately Spongebob complete with his tie & shorts getup.

Spongeknob realizing that Patrick. his snail Gary, Squidward & Mr. Krabs are all gone for some reason and noticing that he's the last of the Spongeheecans as he so elegantly puts it calls Sandy over to make a sponge baby

Skin Diamond has been a long-time favourite of mine, one of the finest alt-porn stars in the industry when she was active. In Spongeknob Squarenuts, she dons a spacesuit and helmet like Sandy but of course in a sexier way.

Spongknob proposes his spongebaby idea and Sandy is hesitant as being a squirrel is not sure how she'll breath underwater without her suit. Spongeknob reassures her that she'll be fine if keeps sucking on him. With a final joke at Larry the Cable Guy's expense, the two get to the blow job

Sandy first tries sucking with her helmet on and realizes its impossible takes it off. She eventually takes off part of her suit revealing a cute pink bra.

Skin then moves to the bed where she keeps on sucking on Spongeknob like a champ, at this point is completely out of her spacesuit to reveal a matching bra and panty set as well as a tail which I thought was a nice touch.

The blowjob wraps up with Spongeknob cumming on Skin's face. Sandy pointing out that with Spongeknob cumming outside they won't be able to have a kid, Spongeknob laughs that off suggesting the two adopt.

Spongeknob Squarenuts works since it only runs 15 minutes it never outstays its welcome and the entire situation is so novel and unique that its definitely worth a look. The Spongeknob and Sandy costumes are well done for a porn parody, and Lee Roy Myers interjects genuine wit and laughs into the scenario. Finally, Skin Diamond and Anthony Rosano both nail Sandy and Spongebob respectively. Anthony deserves special mention for his dedication to throughout. Spongeknob Squarenuts is a must watch for any adult fan of Spongebob Squarepants especially since Woodrocket uploaded it themselves to Pornhub for everyone to enjoy for free. I highly recommend Spongeknob Squarenuts.

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