Unwrapping Step Sis For Christmas (2019)

by - December 21, 2019

Starring: Jewelz Blu // Tyler Nixon
Directed by:
Runtime: 27 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Jewelz Blu speaking directly to us, as she opens, saying that it was a few days before Christmas, when she just so happened to find the hiding place where her parents had stashed the presents.  It is something that she soon divulge to her stepbrother Tyler Nixon, as the two then go on to take to the closet.  It is here that they toss around a few gifts.  However, it is during the process that they are handling gifts, that they come to "handle' other things.  This, as Tyler first mistakingly grab Jewelz's breast, and then likewise, she later his cock.  This then creating tension between them.

It's then a short time later that we find Jewelz lying on her bed as she goes on to tell us that, ever since she happened to grab her brother, just cannot stop thinking about his cock. And it is the thought of it, which soon causes her to go from caressing, to full-on masturbation.  It is here, that we watch as Jewelz rubs her clit consistently, prior to of lifting up her shirt to reveal her tits. This continuing for a short time until Jewelz reaches climax.

We then go on to another segment, during which Jewelz is standing outside Tyler's bedroom.  This, as she says that she is tried and failed to get into her stepbrother's pants, to no avail. After she tells us this, she then goes into her brother's room, as she attempt to one again get a "rise" out of him.  Here, she is across from him, as she tease and play with her tits, as she attempts to get a reaction. This continuing and she also, as she goes on to flash, and touch her pussy. However, nonetheless it once again does not work, as Tyler hesitates, and then leaves the room rather quickly.

We then come to our final segment, as we are taken to a snow-covered cabin.  It's Christmas Eve and Jewelz is still determined to get Tyler's attention.  This, as we find her basically under the tree, as she as provocatively wrapped herself in wrapping paper and tinsel, complete with a Santa hat, and ornament earrings.  It is an effort that this time works, despite Tyler's returning hesitation.  Jewelz convinces her stepbrother to unwrap her.  He does so, which of course, soon leads to more, as the stepsiblings do their best to not wake up their parents.

The action begins, as Tyler stands.  This as Jewelz quickly gets his cock out to suck.  It's here that Jewelz goes to work ducking cock, as she maintain eye contact. This is then followed up by doggy.  In the position Tyler maintains a steady pace, as the camera gauges both the penetration, as well as Jewelz's reaction  Following this, we see Jewelz climb on for reverse cowgirl.  It is here that we her bounce on the cock as well as being slammed down.  Next up, Jewelz wants Tyler to eat her pussy as she spread while on her back  Tyler does so briefly prior to his cock going in as things resume.  Here, Tyler maintains a pace that is steady with an increasing pace.  It;s here that Tyler continues on until he must cum.  This as he pulls out in order to jerk off to shoot his load onto Jewelz's stomach.

The Review //
For this review, I dig into the bag of this year's Christmas-themed porn goodies to review a selection from BRATTY SIS.  An offering titled "Unwrapping Step Sis For Christmas", which features blue-haired starlet, Jewelz Blu, along with male talent, Tyler Nixon, who here portrays her stepbrother.

The scene presents itself as a vignette, with 4 different stages,  Each featuring Jewelz as the main character.  This,as she breaks down the wall, at one point speaking to the camera, and to us, ala "Saved By the Bell" style.  The first segment dealing with Jewelz happening to find where her parents have hidden this year's Christmas presents.  It is then into the closet they go, as they rummage through, and shake the wrapped gifts.  It also where the stepsiblings happen to get a handful of each other.  It's from there that Jewelz can't stop thinking about hooking up with her stepbrother.  This as she masturbate, and attempt to entice him.  It's finally on Christmas eve, that Jewelz gets her stocking stuffed.

When it comes to the vignette storyline portion of the scene, I thought it was a pretty fun Christmas-themed setup.  I really enjoyed the way in which the scene opted to have the attractive Jewelz Blu front and center during the storyline, as she give narration, by speaking directly to us, before a segment proceed.  It's definitely a nice touch to things.  And for people not familar with Jewelz as of yet, it's a personal touch,  When speaking of the segments, they are all progressive, all which lead to a Christmas Eve, stepsibling sex romp.  It's nicely handled, and enjoyable to follow along with.

When it comes to the sexual encounter, things begin in a really nice way, as the storyline carries over to show Jewelz surprising her stepbrother by appearing under the tree, seductively rapped in Christmas wrapping paper and the trimmings.  I liked the fact that things truly get underway, as Tyler must unwrap his stepsister at her request.  Once the gift is unwrapped, it keeps on giving, as Jewelz is quick to deliver up a blowjob, prior to she getting stuffed in positions, which include, doggy, reverse cowgirl, and lastly missionary. When it comes to the sex, I felt that all together it was approached effectively. The pacing is a brisk one, yet it flowed well.  And technically speaking we are kept within the action for the most part. What I really enjoyed about this were the nice closeups that the cameras treated us to.  It's nice stuff. So to speak of it all, I did enjoy it however in the end, my biggest complaint would be that the scene is simply not long enough. I wanted more when it was all said and done.  Jewelz and Tyler work well together here, and have a very nice chemistry between them. I would have liked to have seen it continue a little longer.  This seeing as the storyline takes up the majority of the time here lasting about 15 minutes for the sexual material.

So with that said, for a Christmastime offering. This scene in itself is an enjoyable one.  This, and for the fact that the sex is fairly nice. It's  for sure, is what it is.  I just wish that it would have been a little bit more extended in it's run time.  This being greatly influenced by the fact that I just wanted to see more of Jewelz Blu.  This girl is just amazingly attractive.  I really dig she, as well as her gimmick of the blue hair, nails, and even clothes, if given the choice.  She's like a tight-bodied, porn mermaid.  I like it.  She looks great, and with this scene, she makes a good impression. With this in mind, I will say that this would be a fun scene to check out as is. It is recommended for the holiday season.

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