Maximum Stretch For Chanel (2019)

by - December 19, 2019

Starring: Chanel Grey // Mike Adriano
Directed by: Mike Adriano
Runtime: 48 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Mike Adriano asking his guest, Chanel Grey how she is doing today. She replies that she is doing "amazing". Chanel says that she is super excited to be there and to participate in some anal activities.  Chanel, who is originally from Puerto Rico, tells Mike that up until this point, she has only had 2 anal scenes. And when asked, he says that off  screen, that she has had like a total of 10 anal partners. Mike then goes on to ask Chanel, why she decided to venture into porn. She says that prior to porn, that she was actually working at Smash Burger. He says that she and her old boyfriend used to record themselves having sex, and she liked it. Porn was the next step.  Mike then goes on to ask Chanel, what it is about her that makes her a good candidate to be a pornstar? She is with that she believes that she is cute and that she knows how to fuck. It is after this that Mike, then has the 5'9 Chanel stand up to pose, putting emphasis on her booty, as she bend over. It's a short time later however that Chanel finds herself on all fours on the couch, as Mike rips open her stockings before removing her flower-shaped butt plug. We then see her seated in a chair, before she is again on her feet, as she spread her pussy for the camera. This following after she rip open the front of her stockings.

This is followed up by Chanel again being on her knees, with her ass out.  This. as Mike proceeds to tongue-punch her asshole from the position.  After Mike gets a taste of Chanel's ass, she then returns the favor by going on to suck Mike's cock, as we first have a close up view of her face and then a view from the side. Following this Chanel is then on her back with her legs held high. This as she goes on to spread her pussy, and as Mike also tongue it. This is of course followed by he lubing up, and inserting his cock into Chanel's ass. This, as he fucks steady for a time.  It's during this that Mike begins to show of Chanel's gaping progress. It's next up this Chanel goes on to climb on to ride, and it is here that Mike's cock plunges deep into Chanel's ass as she bounce. Following this position in doggy, Mike continues the anal by fucking Chanel's ass for a time. This is consisting of anal gapes, as well as Mike tonguing the hole. The final position sees side fuck, as Chanel is positioned with her legs held tightly, with her ass facing the camera, this offering Mike an even tighter orifice.  It's here that Mike continues a steady pace before eventually having to cum. He does so directly into Chanel's ass for the scene's finish.

The Review //
Today, I review another scene from TRUE ANAL. It is the scene featuring  19 year old starlet Chanel Grey, someone who readily admits to loving anal.  Well, it is here that Chanel come face to face, with what she says is the biggest cock she's ever had in her ass.  This, as she meets up with, of course the butt king Mike Adriano, for some anal fun.  That yes, was bound to stretch her.

And that it does. The scene of course begins with an introduction to Chanel. It is the typical round of questions, such as where she's from? And what her ethnicity is. And of course, the all important question. What is it that made her want to the into the business in the first place?  After this we are off to a scene that is exclusively anal. This, as Mike, simply cannot resist the urge to dip his tongue deep into Chanel's butthole. It is after this, that we have our first sign of participation by Chanel as she goes on to suck Mike's cock. It's from here that, I personally knew that she was game and ready to go. How, you ask?  It's the fact that Chanel came prepared with a hair scrunchy.  Yes, she wanted to make sure that her hair was out of the way, as she went to work on that cock. And I must say that she does a good job, as we see Mike's cock covered in spit before too long. We even see tears run down her face. After this we of course see our first moment of anal in missionary.  However, in my opinion things looked their best once Chanel climbed on to ride the dick. First of all, Chanel looks absolutely phenomenal here. She has a dark tan, along with brunette hair and a smile. But with this said, do you know when Chanel happens to look even better?  When she is riding a cock in cowgirl. as it plunges deep into her ass. This girl can really ride. Fantastic hip movement, and her big, beautiful round teenage ass, looks great as she hold her knees together while bouncing. In addition to all of the oil, making it glisten, this round of cowgirl consists of many gape reveals, with each displaying the progress of Chanel's gaping asshole. Following this, Chanel's asshole is further tested in both doggy, and in a side fuck position with Chanel's legs closed tightly. And I do have to say that her gape is fantastic, as we literally watch as it grow huge. And to top it off if the visuals that we see or aren't you satisfying, the scene itself comes to in end with a warn anal creampie. The end of the scene is great, as not only does Mike's jizz come out of Chanel's asshole, but also lube as well.  It's like a scum waterfall.

In the end, Chanel, who is adorned with kitten ears, is definitely a curious cat, as she came to Mike looking to get the biggest cock in her ass, she of course found it here in this scene. Overall, I felt that this was a really enjoyable scene. Chanel looks just fantastic. She's sexy, and with her enjoyment of anal making her even more so. Here, Chanel and Mike give us a solid scene. I loved seeing Chanel's teen ass just swallow Mike's thick cock. It's with that, that I have to say that I do recommend this one.  Chanel is lively, and a lot of fun!

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