Higher Power (2019)

by - December 23, 2019

Starring: Maitland Ward // Pressure
Directed by: Kayden Kross
Runtime: 47 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
It's Christmastime, as snow fills the air, and covers the ground.  This, as a group of people converge for a weeknight support group meeting.  Also outside of the building is an alluring redhead, as she follows a young man(Pressure) inside.  Once inside, the group, which includes mostly regulars, quickly grab snacks, prior to gathering in chairs, that are formed in a circle formation.  The group is overseen by a counselor, Dante Colle, who talks to them about controlling their impulses, to head down that dark path.  This, as he readily admits that the holiday season can make the temptation even stronger.  After this, a couple of the guests go on to divulge information about what it is that brings them to the support group. "Riley"(Riley Steele) is candid.  as she opens up about her infidelity, saying that her husband left her, after she slept with her boss.  She then however, goes on to admit, that it was more men, aside from her boss.  It was the stranger on the street, the bell boy at the hotel. the bartender at the pub.  The list is long.  And for her, Riley says that men are not viewed as people.  After the emotional confession, we then have "Ryan"(Ryan McLane), who goes into his story.  one that tells the details of he utilizing his high profile job as a purchaser of manuscripts, as leverage when it came to taking advantage of females.  He admits that this gross behavior is a turn on for him.  It's at this point that the attractive, redheaded stranger, lights up a smoke, and takes a drag, despite of the no smoking rule on the premises.  Dante warns her of this, as she says that they are all here in an attempt to get over a problem, and that it takes one vice to overcome another.  She's unamused.  It's then that Dante invites Maitland to share her story.  Maitland quickly goes into it, and she's frank.  She notes Riley's earlier story, by saying that she likes to fuck.  That's what she does, and that when it comes to men, she sees them as a number of things.  She sees them as "length and girth, a chest to press up against".  "Their slight salt of skin, their brine of sweat".  She says that for she, the taste of a man lingers, and makes her mouth wet.  She says all of this matter of factly, as she goes on to mock Dante's earlier talk of a "higher power".  She says that every power is higher, when you have none.  A statement which shakes the group to their core.

We then are taken to a later time as tonight's weekly meeting comes to a close, and as people leave.  Dante is the last to leave, as Maitland, and the man which she followed in, are left alone.  The man goes over to the coffee maker to grab cup.  This as he is approached by the sexy stranger, whom has had an eye on him, as he walked in.  Maitland is first to complement him on his coffee, before he goes on to question her purpose for coming tonight.  Asking if she came to fuck up what everyone is trying to fix in their lives?  It's then that the stranger goes on to say that the truth is that, she only came to fuck it up for one of them.  This as she confirms whom, as she proceeds to reach over and get a feel of the man's crotch.  This being as a fast paced sexual encounter gets underway between them. 

Things begin with Pressure hoisting Maitland up, as he eat her pussy.  This then continuing as he lie her back on the refreshments table.  Maitland returns the favor by sucking his cock.  Before we briefly go into reverse cowgirl, prior to doggy, as Maitland is bent over deep.  It then continues as she has her right leg up on a chair.  There's a break to suck cock, before it's back to doggy.  Maitland is then on her back, laid out in the chair with her legs pinned back, as Pressure fucks in missionary.  This continuing with her legs spread before Pressure lifts Maitland up for a moment of standing cowgirl.  It's after that she mounts Pressure for cowgirl from the floor.  Following this, a break see Maitland tease Pressure as she return to the table to masturbate solo as she forces him to watch.  She eventually invites him over however, as he goes on to fuck Maitland in missionary and side fuck from there.  This is then followed up by Maitland bent over the table for doggy.  This, prior to Pressure soon standing over her in reverse, as Maitland is underneath.  This as as Pressure jerks his cock to cum at her request.  This being as he drops a load onto Maitland's face, and into her mouth.

The Review //
This Christmas, DEEPER.COM and director, Kayden Kross present us with a gift in the form of a scene.  This scene starring breakout performer, and former "Boy Meets World" actress Maitland Ward.  Since Maitland signed an exclusive contract with Greg Lansky, Kross in particular has taken advantage, crafting scenarios which play to the actress's acting chops.  With that said, this scene titled "Higher Power", is a prime example of just that.

This story- driven scene presents to us a scenario, which takes place around Christmas.  At the center of the story told is Ward's initially quiet, but somewhat imposing character.  In the beginning. we are not sure what she is up to.  However, soon due to the progressive nature of the pacing, we come to know that she is up to no good.  That she has an agenda.  And that she has a sexual appetite, like no other.  Yes, in the beginning, things seem innocent, but as we would find, this seductive stranger has infiltrated this support group with a purpose.  And the game begins, as soon as she locks eyes with an unsuspecting black male portrayed by the performer, Pressure.  We come to know that this group is one who caters to those who have sexual addictions.  This, as Ward's character proves to be a combustible element on this particular night, seeing as she happens to be of the breed, who simply relishes in sex.  In her mind, that is what she was made to do.  In this situation, Maitland is in a room full of vulnerable individuals, and she knows it.  This is why she has singled out the character played by Pressure.  He's extremely vulnerable, thus making him easy prey, when it comes to making him succumb to his addiction, to in turn, feed her own.

I really did enjoy the setup story here. At first, I did not know where things were going with it.  However, soon I found that the acting ability of Maitland Ward, had definitely reeled me in.  Ward's approach here to her femme fatale character is a measured one.  A calculated one.  This, as she pulled, not only the characters of the scene into her world, but also the viewer as well. It is through her dialogue that we get to know just what is going on in her character's mind. This is someone who thinks about sex at a completely elevated manner. She not only uses the act of sex for her pleasure, but also as a weapon of manipulation as well.  She is without a doubt, the definition of a "black widow".  This, as she spins a web from the start, and in the end. secures her prey.  In this case, being the character occupied by Pressure.

It is after the very nice setup, that we discovered that the details do not end there, though. Altogether, this is a scene that is multi-layered and well thought out when it comes to both the action, and the psychology surrounding the two characters. Throughout the sex scene, there were a number of little nuances and details that I happened to pick up on, and subsequently felt that were brilliant touches. For example, before the sex scene even kicks off, we see Pressure struggle with the urge of temptation, as Maitland grabs at his dick.  He tries desperately to uphold himself, and restrain.  Yet, at the same time, he wants to give into his addiction. I felt that this was a great representation of the struggle within that this character faced.  Also during this, a driving force is additionally Maitland's in-sex dialogue, as she remained in character, and basically coached Pressure along, as she consistently urged him to give in to sin. It was really sexy how Maitland was pretty much a succubus.  This, as she tells Pressure just how much he likes what was occurring, and how each of them needed it equally. The character never leaves Ward, not even in the way she fucks. Yes, most of the time, you see a scene that sees a performer remain in character up until time that the sex begins.  Sometimes, granted that we get a few character references here and there, thrown about to justify things. While others go on to forget about the portrayal of the characters, altogether. But when it comes to this scene, Maitland Ward is one that never let go of the character which she is embodying.  Here, she fucks as if she "is" this dangerous stranger. It's because of this, that we the viewer likewise, never lose our train of thought when focusing on the two characters who are in front of us. Yes, I never forgot that Maitland was this sex-crazed bad girl.  This as the sex stop midway, as she goes on to force Pressure to watch as she masturbate, as we see her hop up on the table. And I didn't forget that Pressure was someone fighting the urge of sexual addiction, as he watched this very display with a wide-eyed look on his face, as he licked his lips in craving. Again, as I said earlier in the review, the scene is packed with little nods of detail that just make the scene even better if you notice them.

When it comes to the sex itself, this is a scene that is pretty much fast-paced from the beginning, all of way until the end. It is an affair that is a fairly rough outing at times. One that I am certain, left Maitland with a few bruises, as she is roughed up on the table, and elsewhere along the way. All in the name of passion.  I happened to love the moment of standing cowgirl.  One that began with Pressure lifting Maitland up.  Complete with the folding chair that she was sitting in!  We also see she bent over the table, and fucked from behind, and as they are banging, they happen to knock over various items on the table.  Something that does not do anything to stop them.  It is shortly after this, that the scene soon come to an end, and it's yet on another sexy note.  This as Maitland urges Pressure to "jack off into her mouth", as he stands over her in reverse.

As I said, this is a story, and scene that really blossomed into a dark and twisted tale.  It is a nice display of just how much detail goes into a Kayden Kross script and production.  This one in particular, having the participation of individuals who are able to bring the most out of it.  Maitland Ward, is solid here in her portrayal, as she gives us realism.  TMZ likes to use her jump from mainstream, to the porn ranks as sensationalist fodder. But truly, they need to give it a fucking rest.  Scenes such as this one, as well as the acting performances they produce, are as real as they come.  Nothing strange about what is being done here.  Now that my little rant is done, I will sum things up here by saying that "Higher Power" is a very good presentation.  One that definitely abides by the "Deeper" moniker.  I definitely do recommend.  What a twisted surprise!  Be sure to wait until after the cumshot for additional footage.  Could the story continue at some point?  We shall see!

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