Brazzers: Two Can Play At Paige's Game (2019)

by - December 10, 2019

Starring: Paige Owens // Xander Corvus // Small Hands
Directed by:
Runtime: 34 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Paige Owen's teasing for the camera in her sexy lingerie.  The camera surveys her body as she caress it.  It also has a distinct focus on her ass as well.  First as she spread it, and then as it trail behind her as she walk downstairs, and toward Xander Corvus and Small Hands, as they wait for her.  We see Paige exchange kisses with the boys, as well as time, especially as we see her grind on the lap of Small Hands.

It's then that we begin the scene, as the two men approach her.  They of course exchange kisses, and caresses, this, as Small Hands, goes on to reach into Paige's panties to rub her pussy.  This as she comments on just how hard the guys are for her.  Paige then continue to say that she wants the cocks in her mouth. 

The cocks are then out, as Paige wastes no time in working them both.  Both stroking and sucking.  Here, she gets her face fucked, before having both cocks in her mouth simultaneously.  However, Paige is next, bent over and taken from behind by Xander, who fucks her in doggy, as she sucks Small Hands' cock deep. This prior to the men then switching places from there.  It's here that Smalls occupies Paige's ass for a time, as she is busy working on Xander's cock. However, Xander soon return to her, as he resume doggy, by fully straddling her ass, in order to pound the pussy deeply.  The doggy continues in the standard formation, however during this we see that Xander, has fingers firmly planted into Paige's ass. Following this, we next see Paige, pushed back on the bed.  She has her mouth stuffed with Xander's cock, as she stroke off Small Hands, this, as Smalls vigorously rubs her clit hard, and fast.  Xander then goes on to fuck Paige in both missionary, and side fuck. It is during the latter, that he also switch holes, penetrating her ass for a time. Next up, we again see doggy as Smalls goes on to take her anally.  This, as he also rub her pussy.  This is Page sucks off Xander.  Paige next however finds herself double penetrated, when the action goes to reverse cowgirl. It is from here that Small Hands is on the bottom, as he occupies Paige's ass, while Xander, her pussy at the same time.  This position also features briefly, a moment of double vaginal penetration.  The next position is standard cowgirl, with Paige on top of Xander, as he fucks her pussy.  Small Hands fucks her ass.  It's then back to reverse cowgirl, as Paige for a moment finds her pussy fucked by both dicks.  She is then taken into a side fuck/spoon position by the guys, who continue to stretch both of her holes equally.  After this, Small Hands goes on to fuck Paige's asshole steadily, before passing her on to Xander, who then takes her pussy.  As this occurs, Smalls jerks off to cum onto Paige's face.  This, as Xander fucks in both missionary, and side fuck, with Paige's legs closed.  This prior to he then jerking off to spray Paige's face with a big load of his own for the finish.

The Review //
They say that there is a first time for everything, and with this scene titled "Two Can Play At Paige's Game" from BRAZZERS, that is indeed the case. Featuring popular starlet Paige Owens, this scene being the first occasion that she has ever participated in double penetration on screen. And assisting her in such an event is a dozy of a duo.  That being Xander Corvus and Small Hands. Two men who are more than capable of handling the load, as well as dishing them out as well.

The scene begins routinely, as Paige teases for the camera, but she is indeed sexy, as the opening introduction is nicely put together, showing exactly what makes Paige as sexy as she is. I liked the fact that during this segment there is a lot made of Paige's backside, and rightfully so. However, with that said the introduction is just a prelude for what is to come. Here, Paige has two men, who are more than willing to please her, as things quickly get underway soon after. From the very start, the pace is set for the scene's entirety. This beginning with Paige going on to suck the cocks of both men, trading off on them.  This, as they additionally proceed to fuck her face. However, it isn't long before we see Paige bent over and used by both men.  She successfully at all times, having each dick in a hole, as the guys go on to take turns with her pussy and ass. It is almost as if she is a revolving door.  Or better yet, a "revolving whore" if you will.  It's during these moments that both Xander and Smalls fuck her well and good, as she having her mouth crammed as she continuously suck dick.  As she was gagging on dick, the noises that she makes, has Paige sounding like the lead singer of a Norwegian death metal band. Now, that's dedication! As if the men taking turns with, as well as alternating between Paige's holes was not enough, the action just continues, becoming even more enthusiastic, once Paige finds herself shoved down on the bed and ravaged. This is because, things then eventually lead to she being double stuffed by cock.  This first beginning in the position of reverse cowgirl, then in standard.  It's later that  things transition over to a side fuck position as well. However, something that truly surprised me here, because I did not expect to be seeing it, was the fact that during not one, but two occasions, we are also blessed with seeing Paige's pretty pussy hole take both cocks at the same time.  Yes, double barreled!  It's a completely unexpected occurrence. Even Paige seemed surprised that her body was capable of achieving such greatness. On that, what I enjoyed the most here, was that at first, Paige seemed maybe slightly nervous about having both of her perfect holes stuffed.  However, once things picked up, her guard was completely down. This, as she went on to declare that each of her holes belonged to the boys. I just loved how she surrendered herself. There was even a time here, that Small Hands can be heard telling Paige to relax and to let he and Xander do all of the work, and that they were here to fuck her. That is so sweet and comforting, isn't it? While anyway, the fast-paced double dick romp eventually, begins to wind down, but not with any less vigor.  This as the scene ends with both guys fucking Paige's holes solo until they cum.  Small Hands jerking off over Paige's face to give her a cum mustache, as Xander fucks her.  This then followed by Xander coming around, to jerk off, and completely blast her with a monster load.  This giving Paige Owens' very first DP an ending worthy of the momentous occasion.

Overall, this is a scene that is very fast paced from the beginning.  One which displays very nice enthusiasm from each of the three of the scene's performers. It is one that begins very reasonably, as Paige, here slowly becomes a sexual object. From being passed around, to then becoming a complete, and uninhibited fuck toy.  Paige was in good hands here, and one could tell that all enjoyed. Especially the lady in the spotlight.  Here, she was being stretched.  Used and abused.  And she loved it.  And I loved seeing it.  I still can't believe that we saw some double vag here.  It was great!  All that we need now is double anal, if Paige desires such.  It is with this that I will say that I fully recommend this scene.  I was into it pretty much from the start.  However, I was really into what was happening once the double penetration started.  To watch the reaction on Paige's face, as her eyes got wide with the look of utter surprise, was just so fucking hot!

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