Secret (2019)

by - December 09, 2019

Starring: Leah Lee // Isiah Maxwell
Directed by: Kayden Kross
Runtime: 39 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this story we find Leah Lee, as the obedient housewife, as things begin, while she is doing her regular household chores, such as laundry and cleaning up around the house. It is during the act of sweeping, that Leah come across a crumpled piece of paper. When she looks at it, it is unfortunately yet another outstanding bill accumulated by her husband, Dillon.  And yet another expense that he has been hush about. Nonetheless, Leah puts it away in a drawer among a pile of other like documents, for it is something which seems to be the norm. It is from there that we get a sense of the nature of Leah's relationship with her husband when he returns home, with the demand that she prepare he a steak for dinner.  He also happens to come home with another gentleman whom he describes as being a "friend.  He subsequently asks the man, Isiah, if he would like for him to pour him a drink. Isiah initially declines saying that he must drive home, which is when Dillon offers him the couple's spare bedroom for the night.  It is then during the night, after Dillon has already gone to bed.  Leah awake, is on the couch, as she continue to work on her needlepoint. This is when she is approached by Isiah who joins her, as he says that he is having difficulty sleeping. He goes on to introduce himself to the housewife, as he clarifies that he had only met her husband tonight, when he offered him a ride home, as her husband has seemingly been drinking. Leah tells Isiah that this type of behavior from her husband happens quite frequently, to which he responds that Leah must be a very patient woman. Leah then goes on to explain just how she  deals with such a life, saying that sometimes, she "pushes back". Isiah, is unsure of just what it is that she means by this, when she decides to show him. Wearing only a silk robe, Leah goes on to slowly uncover herself to reveal her breasts.  Isiah is of course hesitant, saying that he does not want to get in the middle of she and her husband. However, before he can even think, Leah climbs on top of him, and the two of them are upright, and they exchange passionate kisses between one another. 

This takes Leah down to suck Isiah's cock, first spitting on it, as she the stroke and suck.  This is followed up by she going on to mount Isiah in cowgirl, as she rides the dick at a steady, even pace.  With the pace momentarily increasing, as Leah sit upright.  Next, Leah is on her back, as Isiah briefly tongues at her pussy, prior to inserting his cock.  Here, he fucks steady, with eventual long, and deep strokes, as nearly every inch of his cock goes inside.  They next go to doggy, as Isiah fucks steady, before soon increasing his pace to go faster  This then soon sees Leah propped on her right leg, as Isiah continues to go deep  Leah is next back on the cock, as she is slammed down in reverse cowgirl.  This also includes Isiah fucking at a quick pace.  We then see the two go into 69 briefly.  A return to doggy is made, before things soon settle into spoon.  Leah is initially wide open, prior to her legs being closed tightly during this position.  From here, Isiah fucks until reaching climax, when he pulls out to unload into Leah's mouth for the scene's finish.

The Review //
For this scene titled "Secret", DEEPER.COM, and director Kayden Kross, nicely present to us a story that pretty much could happen anywhere. It is basically a story of revenge, as a lonely, bored, and verbally abused housewife finds the loving that she deserves, when she goes out and gets it. However, in this case, a night of satisfaction with a handsome stranger, just so happens to find its way to her, after a night that could be considered routine normalcy involving her husband. Yes, in this scene, Leah Lee portrays this housewife, who finds herself bored and unsatisfied at home. Yet, she harbors a secret.  The secret being that she just so happens to occasionally find the opposite within the arms of a man, who is not her husband.

The storyline lends itself, in that it sets the stage, for an intimate and passionate sexual encounter between Lee and Isiah Maxwell.  As Isiah's character of the handsome stranger which the husband brings home, after Isiah was his ride home following a typical night of drinking, strikes up conversation. During the conversation Isiah is complementary to Leah which is quite the opposite of her husband Dillon. It is of course then, that one thing leads to another, as Leah's secret desires are soon revealed.  She likes to feel good.  And ultimately, that is exactly what occurs, as Isiah makes it so.

As I mentioned, the sexual material here is passionate.  It is a slow burn initially which is ironic, seeing as the scene is set in the presence, of a burning fireplace. The fireplace itself setting an ambient mood, offering both lighting, as well as audible sound. Soon, things themselves begin to heat up, as we find the two performers begin to communicate with one another, as things transpire. I like that there was a lot of passionate kisses between the two of them here. I saw it as Isiah's character, giving Leah's character the nurturing which she is neglected of from her husband.  Now this just might be my way of thinking about it, but that is how I saw it. Isiah begins with a steady pace, as he fuck Leah as she ride him in cowgirl.  However, we eventually see him sort of raise the stakes a bit, going faster and deeper. This is a pattern that would carry out through the rest of the scene. I enjoyed the fact that Isiah responded to the reaction of his scene partner, when Leah would communicate with him.  This would of course encourage him to go deeper, or pick up the pace. I really liked the moment in which Leah is getting her pussy fucked in missionary, as Leah tells Isiah, just how deep he is.  Confirming that she can feel him "all the way in there". It is communication between the two of them, which truly keeps things "lit" if you will, all of the way up until the final position which is spoon. It is during this position that we see both Leah's legs opened, and closed, as Isiah continues to pound at a steady pace. This, as Leah's pussy essentially massages Isiah's long cock, as it hugs around it. It was so hot when Leah asked him just how her pussy felt, while Isiah mentioned that his cock was "throbbing" inside of her, as he struggled not to cum.  However, eventually he does, of course.

Overall, I felt that this was a fairly enjoyable scene, it is one which sees a storyline lead into a sex scene, which is very fitting to the nature of the story told. I feel that the sex scene here, is exactly what it needed to be. One that is both passionate, and serving to the female character. It is here that Isiah's character is present with only one goal, and that is to please Leah. It is on that, which I found that things were nicely delivered. Technically speaking, I really enjoyed the presentation altogether. From the very beginning of the scene there is a very vintage feel about it. The look of the footage here is purposely washed out and grainy in appearance. Just something about the whole appearance that was retro to me. And That's a good thing. I figured that the whole design was centered around the fact that star, Leah Lee has a beauty to her that feels rather vintage in itself. She truly looks great on screen here. Especially with paired with Isiah Maxwell.

Here, Director Kayden Kross, writes and directs another scenario that is both visually and mentally appealing, which I did enjoy for the most part.  Particularly in the way that it showcases starlet Leah Lee.  Who I truly believe to be a rising young talent in the industry.

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