Sweet and Sour (2019)

by - December 16, 2019

Starring: Kit Mercer // Keiran Lee
Directed by:
Runtime: 27 mins.


Scene Breakdown // 
The scene begins with Kit Mercer in the kitchen has she cuts up strawberries and oranges.  However, these routine housewife duties do not last long, as we quickly and abruptly go into a tease segment, as Kit shows off her fantastic body.  This including spreading apart her pink pussy lips on the kitchen counter, as she lie on her back, as well as she spraying the letters "ZZ" on her tits.  This, prior to getting a taste on her finger, and smothering her boobs with the cream shortly thereafter.

Following this, Kit walks over to the couch to find Keiran Lee, as the two next go into passionate kissing.  During this, Keiran sucks on her nipples prior to kissing on her neck.  This soon leads to Kit going on to then stroke and suck his cock.  This is then followed by Keiran returning the favor, as he goes down on Kit, to tongue at her clit, prior to putting his cock in to fuck the pussy in missionary.  The next position is doggy and then a side fuck position by Keiran, before Kit returns to sucking cock.  This, as she maintains eye contact in POV.  The action then goes to cowgirl, as Kit is next busy grinding hard on the cock.  It continues as she then plants her feet to slam down hard, prior to returning to grinding.  Keiran then takes things briefly into standing cowgirl, and into missionary, as Kit's legs are pinned back.  This allowing Keiran to go deep.  It's then to spoon with Kit's legs open and then closed tightly.  It's also during the latter that we also see Keiran tease Kit's butthole, as he rub his cock against it.  It's then to reverse cowgirl, as Kit bounces on the cock.  However they both stand upright, as Keiran applies a rear choke as he fucks her steady.  A return is then made to the deep pounding missionary as Kit once again has her legs pinned.  It's here that things last until until he must cum.  This scene ends with Keiran jerking off to unload into Kit's mouth,

The Review //
 For this review, I take a look at a scene from the BRAZZERS series, "Brazzers Exxtra".  It also happens to be the BRAZZERS debut, of one, Kit Mercer.  When it comes to setup, this is a scene, which just so happens to be limited, in terms of storyline.  I am not sure if I have reviewed any other scenes from the "Brazzers Exxtra" line, but I am assuming that this is an attribute of these scenes.  Being more so about the sex, and less about the acting, and dialogue.  Whatever the case may be, that is the case here.  With that said, in the scene, Kit Mercer is a housewife who just so happens to come to crave something not to be found in her kitchen cupboard.  This as she soon joins Keiran Lee for what becomes a round of Raw Passionate sex.

Yes, at the start of the scene, Kit is in her kitchen as she peacefully and precisely cuts up some fruit, before we are taken into a sexy tease, which is accompanied by music.  I felt that this tease, although brief, was great.  That's because we get to solo in on Kit's sexy body.  And boy is it sexy.  She's definitely one of the sexiest women you'll see in the business.  It's seemingly something that I say in every review that I do involving her, but, it's true.  Here, not only does she show off her ass and tits(which includes some whipped cream play), we also see she touch, and play with herself, as she's spread upon the kitchen counter.  So hot!

Following the brief tease, we go into of course the sex between Kit and Keiran, and I must admit, that initially, it wasn't really catching on with me.  What I mean by this was that at the beginning of the scene I felt that all, was pretty much routine.  They began slowly, with nothing really distinct about it. I mean after all, Keiran begins fucking Kit, with just his cock pulled out through the zipper.  Yes, he doesn't remove his pants, until after the first few positions.  I know it sounds as if I am nitpicking here, but trust me, things do pick up after Keiran removes those silly pants.  The first position after he does so is standard cowgirl as Kit climbs on to grind and ride.  It's from there that we are truly off to the races.  Kit starts off by grinding hard on Keiran's dick, without hesitation. The positioning would also see her plant her feet per Keiran's suggestion.  During this, I just loved the way Kit's big, round ass looked as it slammed down. Quickly after that the action seamlessly transitions back to the grinding. This was great stuff I have to tell you, as Kit went from being up on her feet from the position, to quickly back into the grind position, and back into that previous pacing. In speaking of seamless transitions, another 2 great ones come when Keiran lifts Kit up to briefly  pound her in standing cowgirl.  Prior to lying her down on the couch for missionary. During the latter, Keiran drills her deep and hard, as her legs are pinned all the way back. The same pacing would then be carried over during the likes of spoon and reverse cowgirl next, up until the cumshot.  A load that an eager Kit swallows right up.

Though, as I said, the scene got off to a slow start for me, I must admit that I was more than happy when the scene picked up at a fever pitch.  It's as if a green light went off once the action went to cowgirl.  That's because, from there, there was no letting up when it came to overall raw passion.  Kit really turns it on, when she is being fucked hard.  I really like her moans and yelps, and here, she was even sort of purring, like the true sex kitten that she is!  For the most part, Keiran is in charge here, as he is sometimes seen whispering in Kit's ear.  To which Kit responds quite aptly.  Altogether, the scene ends up being a fairly worthwhile showing.

To close, this is Kit Mercer's debut scene with BRAZZERS, and it's a pretty good one, with all levels of Kit's sex appeal eventually ticked.  As mentioned, I was surprised, yet relieved at just how quickly things escalated here for the better.  But let us be glad for it.  Be sure to check it out.  Kit deserves the support!

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