DarkX.com: Head Shots (2019)

by - December 12, 2019

Starring: Allie Addison // Louie Smalls
Directed by:
Runtime: 29 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens with Louie Smalls visiting a photography studio, after the photographer, Allie Addison is able to fit him in, following a cancellation.  Louie is an actor who has come to the studio to get some headshot made. The petite photographer Allie goes right into the session snapping photos, as she stands atop a box, in order to match Louie's opposing height. It is a short time into the session that Allie stops to curiously inquire.  This, as she asks Louie, if he has done some modeling. She then asks him if he would then allow her to take some photos of Louie with is shirt off.  Louie is hesitant for a brief moment but soon he removes his shirt, as Allie begins snapping away.  She must like what she sees, because it's then that she hints to ask about nude modeling.  Louie says that it is something that he has never done.  However, it doesn't take the cute photographer long to convince him, as Louie is soon quickly out of his clothes, as the photoshoot recommence.  Things proceed normally from there.  However, it is apparent that Allie, just cannot help but be distracted by the size of Louie's big black cock. This, as soon, things escalate, once, Allie gets down from her perch, in order to photograph Louie from below the waist. It is then that Allie comes face-to-face with Louie's dick as she comes to make the comment, that it's so big, that she doesn't even know if she could fit it in her mouth.  It is at that moment, that Louie jokingly says that she can try.  Allie responds that doing such would be "nice".  That is when her curiosity swiftly gets the best of her.  Because before she knows it, Allie is testing herself, as she has the tip of Louie's penis in her mouth.  This of course however, leads to more.

Things continue, as Louie urges her to sit her camera down, as he go on to take his cock deeper into her mouth, this as her big, beautiful eyes make eye contact with Louie during the act.  This continuing on with Louie next on the couch.  Following this, things continue as Louie, lifts Allie, to sit her on his face. It is from here that Louie then goes on to lick Allie's pussy for a time. This prior to she positioning herself on the cock, as she bounce on it, as the action goes to cowgirl next. It's from this position that we see her slammed down hard by Louie, as her pussy hugs around the big dick. After Allie again sucks the cock clean, it is then to reverse cowgirl from there as we see more of the same occur. Allie is again quick to suck cock briefly, before the action next takes to the doggy position, with Allie being on all fours as Louie takes her from behind. From here Louie proceeds slowly initially before going on to thrust his cock in deep several times, before finally picking up the pace to go quicker, as he fuck the pussy. This continuing next, with he stepping over in half straddle, as he plant a foot on the arm of the couch for leverage. This is followed up by a moment of standing 69, as Louie picks Allie, turning her upside down for she to suck his cock, and likewise he eat her pussy. This has Louie wanting to cum, as he next jerk his cock, as he instructs Allie to suck on his balls. This then resulting in Louie shooting a big load onto Allie's face to conclude things.

The Review //
For this review I review the scene titled "Head Shots" from the studio, DARK X. In the scene Louie Smalls is an actor, who just so happens to have the good fortune to be able to get in with a photographer for headshots at the last minute, when she happens to have a cancellation.  That photographer being the petite beauty, Allie Addison. As you might have guessed, it is initially a routine photo session.  However, it is one that eventually turns into something much more explorative as things become more than a bit curious between the two of them right there in the studio.  Yes, here things go from talk of standard modeling, to full on nude modeling, as Allie dares to ask Louie to remove his clothing for a few snaps. This, after convincing him, that he should give it a shot. She brings up the subject of the "statue of David", saying that Louie would be the "black David".  Allie's flirting continues from there, and it is when she gets a close up view of Louie's big member, that she just cannot help herself to a serving.

When it comes to this storyline, I have to admit that it is one that I really enjoyed. I really loved the setup of the photographer's studio, and the idea of the client attracting the photographer.  So much so, that she just can't help herself, but to overstep the boundary between she and her client. I mean, the way in which things progress here. It's really hot. I liked that Allie's character had one look at Louie's big cock, and was just so taken by it. The raw curiosity of it all, was just such a turn on to watch.  This as Allie slowly urged herself to do the unimaginable.  And then came the cocksucking from there.  Sucking that started with the sucking, and licking of the head and then more, as Allie sucked and stroked the shaft.  During this, Allie makes priceless eye contact, as her beautiful eyes gazed up at Louie as she worked. Let me tell you, this girl is absolutely beautiful. She has absolutely gorgeous eyes as well, which have a gray tint to them.  They are just simply nicely display during this time.  The blowjob would go from Louie standing, to he also seated and also on his back from the couch. However, I really enjoyed what he would do next.  That's because after, he would manhandle the small Allie to lift her up and plant her on his face.  This, as he goes on to lick at her pussy for a time. I thought that this was hot as well. This show of strength by Louie, along with the display of Allie's petite statue.  It's just a full on visual.  Another one of my favorite moments in the scene when it comes to the sex, was during the act of doggy, as Louie again shows his size and strength, as he pound Allie nice from behind.  It was great how he started off slowly only to thrust deep a few times, and then improve his pacing to that of a much quicker one.  I liked the deep trusts by Louie as he attempt to pound it all in.  and then there's the half straddle performed by Louie, as he try to go even deeper than that. This scene from there continues on with the idea of being a visual one.  Following doggy, Louie then takes the action in standing 69, as he again hoists Allie up in the air, and upside down. It's from this positioning that she gets busy sucking the dick, while he eats pussy.  This is a position that definitely look good on camera. It all leads to the scene's finale soon thereafter. I liked how it ended as well, with Louie jerking his cock, all while Allie continuously slurped his balls, until he come to climax, slinging a big load out on to her face.

Overall, I enjoyed this scene, but I must admit something. When it was all said and done, I just wish that there were more to be seen.  Things got really good towards the end of the scene. I just wanted to see more. Perhaps at least one more position. I just felt that it came to an end, just as things were reaching their peak. However, with that said, I'd say that these two performers Allie Addison and Louie Smalls did a very good job during this scene. As I said, I did enjoy the setup to this one, and felt that it was really fun. I loved the curious nature of it, and watching it all unfold.  Allie Addison is just cute as a button! I have been following her for some time now, yet I hadn't had the chance to have a good look at her, and to watch her perform. But I have to say that she is just lovely, what an adorable girl! She was great here, and I really do look forward to seeing more of her. As for Louie, this is my second time seeing him, and after not particularly enjoying that first performance, going into this one, I did not know what quite to expect. But fortunately though, the performance seen in this scene is one that is a big improvement.  Here, there were moments that Louie took charge, and looked good.  I enjoyed seeing little Allie pounded good. 

Although I did say that I wish that a little more was added to it, with that in mind. this is still a scene that I would recommend checking out. The storyline, as well as the size difference between the performers, make for a good enough reasons to do so.

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