HookupHotshot.com: Bunny Colby (2019)

by - December 12, 2019

Starring: Bunny Colby // Bryan Gozzling
Directed by: Bryan Gozzling
Runtime: 1 hr. 27 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Our scene opens with Bunny Colby getting a successful match on the dating website, HookupHotshot.com.  She matches wit Bryan Gozzling.  Bunny says that she was just hanging out, looking at porn, when she saw an ad for the site.  It's then that she decided to check it out.  We see Bunny proceed to take a round of selfies, including showing off her tits as well as her pussy, as she goes on to inquire about the site with her match, Bryan.  Bryan tells Bunny that, on HookupHotshot.com, people simply match up and fuck.  It's then that Bunny goes on to tell Bryan that she prefers sex that is both nasty and rough.  She asks Bryan if he is indeed capable of such, as he says that he believes that he is.  It's then that the two make plans to meet up, and it isn't long before Bunny arrives at Bryan's front door.  Bunny stands at Bryan's door in her tight white half top, as well as her tight orange skirt.  He definitely likes what he sees as he then goes over what Bunny enjoys.  He also makes it abundantly clear that a lot of girls show up at his door wanting to be fucked. However, he has some rules that must be followed, and should Bunny not obey, he will not hesitate to spank her.  Bryan agrees to let Bunny inside, but not before she flash him her big tits, and pussy.

Once inside, Bryan is still mesmerized at the sight of Bunny, as he soon declare her body his toy for the day.  Something that he promises to play with and return at the end of the day.  Bryan tells Bunny to pose like a mannequin.  This, as he come up behind her.  He places his hand upon her neck, prior to caressing her body.  This including, squeezing her tits.  He also has she lift up her skirt, as he has Bunny say that he pussy belongs to him.  Bryan instructs Bunny to sit down on the couch with her legs spread.  It's then that Bryan decides that he must get a feel.  From there, Bryan rubs Bunny's clit, as well as sucks on her tits.  It's during this that she has a desire to have her hand on his cock.  She then asks for permission to do so.  Bryan says that as a mannequin, she has but on job - and that's to rub his cock from over his pants.  Here, Bunny massages Bryan's crotch, as he is busy rubbing and fingering her clit.  It's the deep fingering, which soon brings Bunny to squirt all over Bryan's floor.  Bryan briefly cleans up, prior to having Bunny squat down before she is to suck his cock.  It begins with some toying, as Bunny kisses the head, prior to she putting her mouth around it.  Bryan then has her deep throat, as well as spitting on her tits.  The sucking continues with Bunny also spitting on her pussy.  Next up, Bryan then goes on to piledrive and ride Bunny's face, while he fuck it.  This prior to he having Bunny masturbate, herself hard at she sit on the corner of the couch.

Next we see Bunny on her back.  It's from this position that we see Bryan deeply plant fingers into Bunny's pussy, fuck, as well as eat it.  Bunny again sucks cock on all fours next.  She would next stay in said position, face down, as Bryan full on straddle her to fuck from a facing, as well as a reverse position.  A break in the action sees Bryan finger the pussy deep until Bunny again squirts.  We then go to reverse cowgirl as Bunny bounces on the cock, before going on to once again suck it.  They then return to cowgirl briefly, prior to Bunny next being on her back, as Bryan then straddle over her to fuck her face.  This leads to he, slipping his cock in between Bunny's tits to fuck them.  However, she then goes on to return the favor by eating Bryan's ass.  This soon sees Bryan building himself up to cum.  The scene ending with he jerking off to shoot a load into Bunny's mouth to finish things.

The Review //
With this review, I take a look at another hookup secured by Bryan Gozzling, and his website, HOOKUP HOTSHOT. This time Bryan is lucky enough to hook up with Bunny Colby, after she happens to match with him on hookuphotshot.com.  However, little did she know that upon meeting up with him, that she would be his live action mannequin for the day.  Yes, during this lengthy scene, that is exactly the role that he appoints her.  And for Bryan, she obeys well. As I said the scene begins with a lengthy process, during which, Bryan readies Bunny for sex.  It's a setup which runs basically the first quarter of this 87 minute encounter. In my opinion, it's a setup that runs a little bit too long. I will not say that it is too long for my liking, as I do enjoy longer running scenes.  But, it did feel as though it was dragging just a bit.  Before it concluded, I just wanted to see the sex.  Because after all, this just consisted of just some spit, sucking and face fucking, for the most part.  The later two acts being a lot less tame than normal from this brand. Something that I forgot to mention is that we also see some squirting during this time, which is what I'd say stood out for me the most, it was really hot seeing Bunny's pussy squirt up close. It is then that we finally eventually arrive at the sex. But then again, we find that this too, is also lacking the spark, the energy, and the formula of what has made HOOKUP HOTSHOT stand out in the past. In my time as a reviewer I have reviewed HOOKUP HOTSHOT quite a few times now. And each of the times previously, I have left the scenes being impressed, fore when I viewed HOOKUP HOTSHOT I would see something different.  Rougher play, as well as rougher sex.  This including spitting, slapping, and pissing. Every scene would successfully leave a mark in it's own way.  With HOOKUP HOTSHOT, I knew pretty much to expect more.

Well, when it comes to this scene, I was actually disappointed in that when it comes to the HOOKUP HOTSHOT standards, this scene in itself is awkwardly tame. Now I know that in recent times, Bryan has had to pass the reigns over to Zac Wild due to health reasons involving his hands. So I hate to be critical of anything.  But I must be honest.  However, the nature of the scene could also be very well due to limitations set by Miss Colby herself.  Personally, I believe this to be the case.  This might be hinted at, due to Bunny calling Bryan "Sir", instead of the routine, "Daddy" that everyone knows Gozzling as.  Maybe Bunny, asked not to be as rough as usual, which is her choice.  However, when it comes to the scene, it is setup, as if it will be, from the texts exchanged in the opening.  So, we go into the scene expecting one thing, but we get another.  I'm used the seeing spit, pee and drool.  Three ingredients, that are usually collected in a bowl and dumped on the girl at the end.  Something else that we don't see here.  Instead, the scene isn't no more different than any other scene that I normally review, aside from a little spit.  There's no mascara running down a face, or displaced eyelashes.  For HOOKUP HOTSHOT, it just feels weird.

To reiterate, I have reviewed for this site a number of time, and this happens to be the first time that I have ever been critical.  I feel bad because I love the site, but it is my duty to provide honest reviews.  I just wasn't feeling ir.  Don't get me wrong.  I absolutely love Bunny Colby.  She's one of my favorites, and she's definitely hot.   Her titties are also some of the best enhanced tits you will ever see.  But, I just didn't connect with this scene.  I expected more from it.  Perhaps that you will enjoy it more than I did.  But with that said, the scene is a definitely a departure when it comes to scenes that Bryan Gozzling is in.

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