Surprised And Facialized (2019)

by - December 06, 2019

Starring: Aliya Brynn // Alex Jett
Directed by: Alex Jett
Runtime: 1 hr 6 mins.


Scene Breakdown //

Wet Dreams
When this story opens up, Alex Jett is having a wet dream, as he fantasizes about his hot stepsister, Aliya Brynn.  This, as she wakes him up in the dream.  She removes her panties, and subsequently mounts him.  During this, Alex eventually wakes up in reality, as Aliya playfully climbs on top of him.  This, as she attempts to ready her stepbrother Alex for the day, saying that the two of them are going to go on an "adventure", before their parents return home.  However, it's at that moment, that Aliya just so happens to notice something.  Alex has a full-on boner underneath her, and it's a completely awkward moment.  A moment that Alex attempts to downplay, saying that Aliya has begun to act weird, ever since turning 18.  But no matter how hard Alex tries, Aliya just won't let him live the boner down.  It's then that Alex gets defensive, saying that Aliya wouldn't know what to do with a boner anyway.  Of course Aliya is at that point more than determined to prove her brother wrong.  This, as she pulls his shorts down and get to work on his cock.

Aliya takes the cock, licking the shaft, before mouthing it deep.  This continuing, as Aliya maintains eye contact with Alex, as she continue to work his cock. This soon including she's stroking it as well, as her spit piles on the shaft. This is soon followed up by Alex standing as Aliya continue doing the same, as she looks into the camera. This until finally, Alex is back on the bed, as Aliya goes on to deepthroat him, forcing him to eventually climax directly into her mouth.  This as she without hesitation, swallows the load whole.

A Lesson In Stretching
This story takes place when stepbrother Alex is snooping on his stepsister Aliya as she works out in the living room, stretching as she prep for an upcoming competition. It is here that we see Aliya perform several bends and stretches, prior to Alex being ultimately caught by her.  As she calls it, "perving out". Alex immediately comes up with the excuse, that he is merely watching her to check on her form, to make sure that it is proper. Of course, Aliya does not buy the excuse, and is quick to both taunt and tease him with her body. However, Alex attempts to insist that, that is exactly what he was doing all along. This, as he asks his sister if there are any stretches that she needs help working on for the competition. She says that she needs to work on her split, and that they come easier to her as she lie back on the couch. It is then that she assumes the position on her back, with her legs spread out wide, as she then asks her brother to assist her, by pushing her legs back.  Alex does so, but we find that he is immediately distracted by his sister's nether region, and cannot resist getting a feel. It is then that he goes on to say that he knows of special "stretches" of his own, that he should teach his sister the ways of.

This begins with Aliya on her back with her legs spread wide, as Alex feels up her crotch area from over her pants. It is then that Alex makes up the excuse that he can better stretch his sister, if she go ahead and remove her tight workout pants. She does so, and Alex is then quick to rub on her clit, and proceed to finger her. This before saying that, in order to stretch her out properly, he knows a more efficient way. This as he goes on to then insert his cock. Is from here that Alex maintains a steady pace, as he "stretch" Aliya's pussy. She keeps her legs spread wide, until tightening them, all while Alex keeps his pace. The action next goes to doggy, as Aliya removes her panties, and bends over, as Alex takes her from behind. It is here that Alex puts in some steady pounding. This, prior to Aliya going on to say that she has a way of stretching to show her brother, next.  Aliya next, gets into a piledriver position. She's bent over backwards, off of the edge of the couch with her legs spread wide from here. It is here that we see Alex go on to slip his cock in and fuck. It's a position that lasts, until the two step siblings find themselves interrupted when their father arrives home.

Equitable Exchange
In the next story, we find Aliya looking to make a deal with her brother Alex. Just as Alex sits down on the couch to watch some TV, he is approached by his stepsister Aliya, who has a proposition for him. It turns out that she has some chores, which she has yet to do.  However, she has a date with a hot guy tonight, and those aforementioned chores are sure to get in the way of her fun. This is where Alex comes in. She wants him to do the chores for her, in exchange for something, this as she is prepared to give Alex exactly what he wants, as she tease him by spreading her pussy. It is then that she goes on to push Alex back on the couch, asking him, if he wants her mouth.  This, as she next, proceed to get out his cock to suck.

The sex begins here, as Aliya shoves Alex back on the couch, and is quick to  go into cocksucking mode. She sucks him down really good while maintaining eye contact. This lasting for a time, until Aliya says that she did promise Alex some pussy. This being as Aliya next hop on the dick to ride in cowgirl POV, as she faces the camera. Here, we have a wide open view of Aliya's pussy, as it swallows the cock. More of the same then occurs next, as the position changes to reverse cowgirl, as Aliya then bounces her ass. We next go into missionary as a Aliya is on her back. It is here that she looks right into the camera, as she begs for the cock. Here Alex maintains a steady pace of fucking, before the positioning changes next to doggy, as Aliya splits across the couch.  She next continues to show off her flexibility as the action next goes to reverse cowgirl, and she splits across the dick to bounce. This happening, until Alex builds himself up to cum. The segment ends finally with Alex jerking himself off, and as a result blasting Aliya's face with a nice big load.

The Review //
In this scene from SIS LOVES ME, titled "Surprised And Facialized", we are presented with a series of 3 stories, all of which, Aliya Brynn and Alex Jett portray a pair of curious and horny stepsiblings, whom as we see, do very little to resist their urge for taboo relations.  All three scenarios are different, which is the norm with SIS LOVES ME presentations.  Each of course, upping the sexual ante, so to speak, with the final scene seeing the two participants go all out.

The first story is very uniquely presented initially, as it plays upon the idea that Alex Jett is in the middle of having a dream, as he fantasize about his attractive sis, Aliya Brynn.  There is an effect used over the footage, I want to say that it is similar to anaglyph 3D.  It gives the footage a euphoric feel.  I really liked this, and felt that it really conveyed the idea well.  This segment features Aliya proving Alex wrong as she shows him that she knows just how to handle a dick, when it comes to felatio.  Here, I really enjoyed Aliya's playful demeanor, and the way which things progressed. It was almost as if the brother and sister were having a bit of a show and tell, as Aliya, slowly revealed her naked body to Alex for the very first time. I don't know, there was just something really horny about it. It works really well. After this we then have a second story, that is pretty much the routine story, of someone peeping on a hot girl, without their knowledge. In this case, Alex just so happens to spy on Aliya, as she's stretching her body in various poses. Of course it doesn't take long for Alex to get caught, and it is after that, which we learn that Aliya, is preparing for an upcoming competition. Yes, things do take a naughty turn here, once Alex offers to help her. Of course, this storyline is purely porn at it's finest.  Alex sees Aliya stretching, and offers to show her ways in which she can "stretch" more effectively. Of course he means stretching out that pussy. When it comes to this set up, it is one that is very fun. True, we know exactly where the story is going to lead us, however, credit must be given here as to the way in which said story is approached.  Yes, we see Alex finger, and then fuck Aliya first in missionary, and then doggy. However the real treat is what comes after. This is when Aliya says that she just might have a stretch to teach her brother. It is then, that she sits a pair of pillows down, and then positions herself in pile driver, stretching her legs out in a split position, as she is bent over backwards. This leaving her wide open for Alex's taking. Let me tell you that this particular position looks absolutely phenomenal here, as captured by the camera. I really loved it, seeing this really cute girl all stretched out and pounded while upside down in POV. It just looked great. It's from this position that the fucking continues, until the two brother and sister are unfortunately interrupted by their father returning home. This leaving them scurrying to grab their clothes and get out of there.

The third, and final scenario is the simplest one of the collection.  However, at the same time it is the one that is most complete, we feel that we get some closure from when it comes to the sex between our siblings. The story takes place when Aliya has a date that she is going on that night. However a bunch of chores stand in her way, as she comes to Alex, in order to make a deal with him to have him cover them for her. In the end of course, what she offers him, is her tight teenage pussy.  It's an offer that Alex cannot refuse.  This was also a great story.  Aliya is all dressed up with somewhere to go, and she looks cute as ever, as she trades sex for chores with her bro.  This one starts out with another blowjob.  However, soon shows Aliya owning up to her promise for pussy, as she rides Alex's dick.  The POV here is very nice, as we have Aliya's meaty labia in our faces, as she bounces, and is fucked.  It's rather yummy!  The position then reverses soon after, likewise giving us a great view of Aliya's rear, as it slam down on the cock.  We also see straight away missionary, as Aliya has her legs pinned back.  It's from here, that her dirty dialogue is on point.  I loved it when she told Alex to "inject her pussy" with his cock.  So fucking hot.  This is then followed up by two, especially awesome positions.  We have doggy first, but not just any doggy.  It's because here we see Aliya perform the splits, as Alex pop in from behind to fuck her.  However, next, not to outdo herself, Aliya does something else eye-catching next, when she climbs on for reverse cowgirl.  She splits horizontally across the cock!  This lasting until Alex busts a huge nut on her face,  See, as I told you, this was a great way to end things!

With this release for TEAM SKEET, via SIS LOVES ME, scene co-star, male performer Alex Jett, here makes his directorial debut for the brand, and it is indeed a great one.  He does a phenomenal job here all around.  As it stands, this is my third review for SIS LOVES ME, and out of the three, this release is without a doubt the most technically sound, and most in enjoyable.  I really did enjoy these vignettes.  The stories, the way in which they are presented, all of it.  First of all, I know Alex, and he is a very likable guy, and he comes across so here as well.  Secondly though, also very likable is Aliya Brynn, who is truly the star here.  It just so happens to be my first time seeing her perform, but I am downright taken by her.  I'm smitten!  She is just a pure joy on screen, having a delightful personality.  I liked the way in which she was very giggly and upbeat.  And the way that she kept referring to Alex as her "little brother" and "bro", was just cute and sexy at the same time.  I can't get enough of her voice.  Yes, I admit it, I'm in love.  Definite porn crush!  But yeah, back to she and Alex, the two have a very good dynamic together.  Here, they create a relationship that is great to watch.

To sum things up, again, this is an episodic release that I had fun with.  A lot of fun with.  Often times in a release such as this, not all of the scenarios, or sections,  measure up equally.  Some might be more enjoyable than others, if you know what I mean.  Well, in the case of this one, it is in my opinion, that everything we are given here, matches up equally in terms of enjoyability.  All three of these situations are really fun.  Not only that, technically speaking, the presentation is crisp and clear in terms of overall picture quality.  Which is something else that usually differs with these.  The image is bright and clean, and overall consistent.  Beautiful POV.  There is only one flaw though, in that during the last segment, and during doggy, the cameraman can be heard briefly speaking to Alex about the position.  I just had to mention it.  But, it's truly no big deal.  When it comes down to it, I will say that this scene is one of the most fun releases that I have seen recently.  It's the perfect introduction to Aliya Brynn, as well as a nice showcase of Alex Jett's multiple talents.  And with that said, there is no more that I can say, other than that, I do highly recommend this one.

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