Adira's First Anal (2019)

by - December 05, 2019

Starring: Adira Allure // Mike Adriano
Directed by: Mike Adriano
Runtime: 58 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We open up as Mike Adriano, catches up with Adira Allure, who he first thanks for giving him her first on screen anal.  Adira counters by saying that, she is excited to give him her hole.  She was in fact an anal virgin a few months ago when meeting Mike, however, she has been training since, using special toys that he had given her.  Adira says that anal is not something that she does often in her private life, having only done it 3 times in her personal life.  This will be the 4th occasion.  She says that day which she met Mike, that very night, that she actually fucked two different guys anally.  Both of whom believed that they were her first anal experience.  This, she says with a chuckle and a cute snort.  Mike then asks Adira how tall that she is, to which she answers 5'8" - most of which she attributes to her long legs.  This, prior to Mike having her stand and pose.  First frontal, and then from a profile view.  It's during this that Adira lets her fans know that she is looking forward to sharing this intimate experience with them.  More posing follows, as Adira bends and pushes her butt out for the camera.  This, before Mike has her turn a 360, before stripping down out of her tight suit.  She then spreads and winks her asshole from there, before a few more side poses leads to she walking a stretch back and forth, as the camera trail behind her.  This of course, nicely showing off Adira's ass.

We then move on to the next order of business as Adira shows off her hot pink nails for the camera.  Nails that have been decorated to spell out the words, "Anal Slut".  Adira says that it is something that she wants everyone to know.  It's next however, that she dives right in, going right for Mike's cock.  It's here that Adira goes on to slurp and suck on Mike's cock deep, as she glazes it with spit, so much so that it happens to land on the lens of the camera.  However, next, the anal begins, as Adira is on her back.  Things go to missionary from here, as Mike drowns his dick in lube, before entering Adira's ass.  He fucks at a steady pace from here, as there are several gape reveals, as Mike pulls out.  During each of these moments, we also see Adira squirt.  This is followed up by Mike tasting Adira's ass as he goes on to tongue-punch the gape, burying his tongue deep inside.  This then leads things to cowgirl, as Adira wants to ride the cock.  From this position, Adira's butthole is fully stuffed with cock as she bounce.  This producing an even bigger gape, which we see via several key reveals, prior to things again switching up.  The next position which sees Mike, bury his bone deep, is doggy.  During which Mike continues at a steady pace, until building himself up to cum, and he does so via anal cream pie.  Following this, we see Adira push the cream out into a glass which Mike is holding.  As a result, this is then followed by Adira drinking its contents. 

The action however, is not over as Adira is soon back to not only sucking Mike's cock, but balls as well.  She even goes as far as to eat his ass next, as she really gets her tongue in there.  We next see Adira on all fours, as she proceed to fuck her ass with a large cone toy.  At one point, she pulls out, as lube shoots out of her ass, and into the camera.  This would take things to more doggy, and ass tasting by Mike, prior to side fuck.  This, with Adira's legs close tightly, bringing us another anal creampie, and ultimately a finish.  And, yes, Adira drinks down the remains, once again.

The Review //
For today's review, we have a special one.  It is special in that, the scene marks an occasion. A graduation of sorts for starlet Adira Allure.  An anal graduation. Yes, months in the making, this scene marks the taking of the performer's on-screen anal virginity. It seems as though a fateful meeting between Allure, and cocksman Mike Adriano, some months prior, served as the catalyst for Adira's anal desires. Because, ever since then, Adira says that she has dreamed of having Mike's cock buried deep into her asshole.  This is something that we know to be true because, she does in fact, repeat this sentiment, multiple times throughout this hour long, ass bang. She says that, over the course of those months, despite having anal 3 times in her personal life, that she has readied herself for this day.  Utilizing various toys, until her butthole took them with ease.  Yes, she was more than ready for this day to come, as witnessed here.

When it comes to this scene, it is definitely one that I was looking forward to seeing for myself. This beginning with Adira mentioning on Twitter, just how excited she was having had shot with Mike. After that, came the trailer for the scene, which of course had me eagerly waiting.  Literally, I counted down the days until I was able to download, and then subsequently review this anal debut. Well I have now embarked on anal journey with Adira and Mike.  And I have to say that this is a scene that does not disappoint in the least.

First of all, the scene itself runs just under a an hour in length, and aside from it's introduction and poses, it is one, which features not one, but two sessions. Both sessions ending gloriously with anal creampies.  But, not just any anal creampies.  That's because after them, Adira has Mike collect the jizz from her ass, as she pushes it out into a glass,  A glass from which she drink from. And this is just one of the highlights that this scene has to offer.  I say this, because, the scene features a multitude of memorable moments throughout.

The scene begins with of course, Adira devouring Mike's stiffy, as she suck it. I was really impressed here, because prior, Adira is all bubbly an fun.  But when it came time to suck some dick, it's almost as if a switch was turned on, as Adira was then all business from there.  I loved the way she gobbled down the cock, producing spit. So much spit, that she actually slung it all over the camera lens.  This occurred on both occasions during the scene.  Not even the camera lens was dry!  After Adira displays her nice fellatio skill, it is then the main attraction: the anal sex. It is something that Adira was more than ready for, as we find she on her back with her legs held high.  From here, we see Mike fuck Adira's tight space.  As Mike fucks at an even pace with his well-lubed dick, this would set the pace for the scene.  This, as Mike pulls out for the first gape reveal. It's at this moment that we knew that the scene would be something special.  Because, as Mike pulls it out, not only do we see Adira's gaping butthole wink at us, Adira is so excited, that even her pussy erupts as it squirts. This is something that it does, as Mike goes on to fuck, and subsequently pull out several times.  And with each removal of the throbbing cock, more squirt. From there, it's just more oily, butt-gaping fun, as we see Adira's butt crammed full from the likes of doggy, cowgirl, and lastly side fuck.  It's that position, as well as doggy, which happen to produce the anal creampies.

When it comes to the sex, overall this is a fairly thorough anal debut, as you can tell.  Spit flinging, ass juicing, oiled up, creampie-ing sodomy.  The action itself is great enough.  However, that is not all that we have here, as Adira herself truly adds a whole additional layer of fun to the proceedings. As a performer, she is probably, one of the most engaging performers that I have ever reviewed, especially in this scene in particular. And I have been doing this for four years now. During this scene, not only does Adira involve us the viewer, but also Mike Adriano as well.  I really took note, and was impressed by the fact, that Adira often spoke to Mike directly.  She calls him the "cock king", and tells him that she has been anticipating his cock entering her ass for some time.  I also really enjoyed the crude nature of her dirty talk.  This as she mentions multiple times, that her asshole is where she poops from, especially when Mike happens to have his tongue deep into it.  Adding to the dirty talk, one of the things that she also talks about, is how she is going to "fart out all the lube".  And that she does, on almost every occasion, once Mike pulls out.  It's so dirty, and I love it! And speaking of engaging with the viewer, I liked the fact that the scene felt extra personal, as with each break in the action, Adira would make eye contact with, and address us directly.  It was a very nice touch I thought.  And so hot!  Adira has a voice that was made for phone sex, for sure.  Very sensual, and soothing.  Personally, I felt as though Adira did hold up to her words at the beginning, when she said that this was an intimate experience that she wanted her fans to enjoy with her.  I feel that she succeeded in bringing all who watch, along for the weenie ride, if you will.

All good things must start somewhere, as we know, and here, Adria Allure chose to start at the top.  In fact, I believe that I read that she enjoyed it so much, that she wants to be anally exclusive to Mike Adriano, and he alone.  Only time will tell, as they say.  Something tells me that there is now a new "anal slut" on the prowl!  But for now, the porn history books has a new entry with this very nice on screen anal debut.  It's a scene that I highly recommend to you.  Adira Allure is a lot of fun, and so is this scene.

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