Impulsiveness (2020)

by - January 12, 2020

Starring: Hazel Moore // Jax Slayher // Pressure  
Directed by: Derek Dozer
Runtime: 37 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this story, Hazel Moore is an impulsive person, who narrates that, as such, she admits that a person such as she, is more likely to beg for forgiveness, than to ask for permission.  People call her reckless.  She says that to a certain extent, they are right.  But she says that she has also found that, for every 2 mistakes, that there tends to be at least one amazing experience to follow.  She goes on to explain that she has been dating Jax for a couple of weeks, and though he is fun and all, it truly is the sex that brings her back.  However, her impulsiveness, always has her chasing that "shiny new thing", she quips.  Which is why no matter, how happy she might be with Jax, Hazel admits that from the moment that she laid eyes on Jax's friend, "Terrence"(Pressure), that all she wanted to do was fuck him.  We are then shown the morning after, as Hazel awakens to a text, saying that he has gone out for a run, and will be back later.  This, as Hazel's commentary continues, saying that there was a point that she hadn't ever been alone with Terrence, and admits that acting on her sexual impulses would be wrong.  It's then that she goes to the kitchen, where she runs into Terrence, who is wearing nothing but a pair of tight blue boxer briefs.  Hazel retrieves a full container of milk from the refrigerator.  However, due to her nervousness, the container comes crashing down.  Spilling onto the floor.  Both Hazel and Terrence kneel down to clean up the spillage, and when they come up, Hazel is met by the bulge in Terrence's briefs.  This, as he asks her about her lack of flirtation, as compared to other times.  Hazel attempts to play it cool, but before she can think, Terrence moves in, as the two exchange kisses.  Terrence then picks up and carries Hazel to the bedroom, where things resume next.

We are then in the bedroom, as the two fuck in doggy, as Jax happens to come home from his run, to catch them in the act.  However Jax, much to Hazel's surprise, isn't mad.  In fact, he asks his friend how, good it is, and says that he owes him.  This is when Jax goes on to join them.

First Hazel is seen sucking on Jax's cock, as she continues to be fucked from behind in doggy by Pressure.  However, after some time, the men are positioned on their backs side by side, and it's from there that Hazel alternates between them, sucking them off.  Next, Hazel wants Jax inside of her.  This as he takes her from behind, as she keep her mouth busy with Pressure's cock.  Following this, the men switch places for a time, before Hazel rides Jax in cowgirl.  She sucks Pressure, prior to she wanting him in her ass.  This as the men go on to penetrate both holes.  Next, it would happen again, with Jax and Pressure switching their dedicated holes, as things go to reverse cowgirl.  This lasts for a time, until it's just Jax and Hazel for reverse cowgirl.  Here, Jax nelsons back Hazel's legs to pound deep and hard before he must cum.  He does so onto Hazel's face, as does Pressure to finish.

The Review //
This scene, produced by Mike Moz and directed by Derek Dozer, tells the story of an impulsive thinker in Hazel Moore, as told to us by Hazel herself.  This is as she details the aspects of her behavior to us.  While the scene itself progresses to what could be considered a prime example, of one giving into their impulses.  In this case, of a sexual nature.  In the story, as laid out above, we learn just what happened to occur when Hazel met Terrence(as portrayed by Pressure), the best friend of her boyfriend of a couple of weeks, Jax Slayher - a best friend that, she finds attractive.  The end result being that for Hazel, old habits do die hard, as she gives into the urge and fucks him.  But not only that, things ultimately end in a threesome involving all three.  As Hazel finds herself passed around, as well as double penetrated by the two big black cocks.

Here, though the setup itself is rather simple, I felt that it was nicely formed nonetheless. This is because even still with the way that things progressed, I still got the sense that things between Hazel and Pressure's characters has been building for quite some time. So that when things finally came to fruition between the two of them, it was both interesting and intriguing. From the lead-in story, to the sexual material, it had me anticipating just how things would play out for the latter. Of course the end result sees Jax come home, catching them in the act, and pretty much not having a care about what he had found.  He instead, joins them right then and there, as things get underway.

The sex itself begins with Hazel being airtight as she has both of her ends plugged with big cock.  Initially it's Pressure in her pussy, and Jax down her throat. And it is following this that Hazel goes on to give back, as she suck and stroke the dicks of both men.  Here, I loved the fact that the two men were directed to lie next to each other on their backs, as Hazel proceeded to treat both, alternating between them.  However, then it's back to doggy, with Hazel having her mouth and pussy plugged again.   After some time, the two men switch places. In this formation, I just loved how both men had their time, as they banged Hazel's pussy hard with their rather long members.  We see Hazel soon ride the cock soon after doggy is finished, as Hazel climbs on and mounts Jax.  Here, Jax pounds the pussy hard.  It's also from this position that we get our first good look at Hazel's pretty pink butthole.  It's due to her pale fair skin, that her holes are nice and extra pink.  I also liked that from here, that her butthole pretty much puckered, as it readied itself for Pressure's cock to slide in, as she'd soon be double penetrated.  The good thing here is that they do not take it lightly on Hazel or her holes.  Nor would she have preferred them to do so, as she can be heard loud and clear, urging them on during the two variations of double penetration. This, including next the position of reverse cowgirl, as the men switch holes; Jax then in Hazel's ass, and Pressure in her pussy. In the reverse cowgirl, I liked how the camera chose to give us, the viewer a close up view as both cocks moved quickly in and out of Hazel's pussy.  It's indeed a nice detail. It's following this that Pressure, with whom things began, backs away to allow Hazel and Jax to go at it.  This, as Hazel remains in reverse cowgirl.  It's also where Jax full nelson's Hazel's legs to pound hard prior to cumming.  This three-way comes to an end with Hazel getting on her knees, as the guys hover over to jerk their cocks, and subsequently spray their loads onto Hazel's smiling face.  It's a nice finish to the scene.  With the visual of Hazel's face being covered with jizz being even nicer.

For the most part, I did enjoy this scene. As I said, though the setup to this three-way is rather simple, I felt that the way in which it played out, connected the dots and made things come together decently. When it came to remaining in character, especially after the sex had started, I found Hazel's dialogue delivery to be a little nervous. But with that said, her enthusiasm during these moments more than made up for that.  I liked the way that she was encouraging to the guys, and in turn from that encouragement, they went on to fuck her even harder. Speaking of that, the most enjoyable part of the sex for me is that Jax and Pressure used Hazel's holes, and they used them hard.  I really liked the energetic, and hard banging throughout. As mentioned they didn't even let it die down as they were DPing her.  How nice!

To close, this scene happens to be Hazel's debut scene on BLACKED.COM, and I think that as a result, it is safe to say that they are going to want to bring her back for more scenes for the brand.  As well as possibly other sites under the Vixen umbrella.  Of course, only time will tell on that. But with this scene in particular, I enjoyed it. I also enjoy Hazel's all-American good girl looks. It's a good thing for us that, sometimes looks can be deceiving!  It's recommended.

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