Hot For Each Other (2019)

by - January 14, 2020

Starring: Mackenzie Moss // Small Hands
Directed by: Owen Gray
Runtime: 34 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Things begin with passionate kissing between the two, and also as Small hands kisses Mackenzie Moss's neck, before shoving her down on the bed.  Mackenzie is then on her back, as Small Hands peels off her panties, prior to burying his face into her pussy, as he sucks on her clit.  This then leads small hands to insert his cock, as things go into missionary while he keeps a steady pace as the two of them maintain eye contact. This is then followed by a moment of soon, during which we see Small Hands hammer it in deep, making Mackenzie climax. Following this, we transition back to missionary, only this time we see Small Hands also use an Hitachi on Mackenzie's clit.  The Hitachi play continues on, as Small Hands simultaneously fingers Mackenzie's pussy deep. Things go back to missionary, briefly before we see Small Hands pin Mackenzie's legs back as he eats her pussy. This prior to taking things into piledriver, as as he pounds deep and hard. After this band go to cowgirl as Mackenzie climbs on to bounce on the dick for a time.  Small Hands take this briefly into standing cowgirl, before we see again missionary which leads to doggy, and then side fuck after that.  It's once more briefly back to missionary as the Hitachi is again used on Mackenzie's pussy. However, next up Small Hands fucks Mackenzie from behind while half straddling, prior to she lying flat on her stomach as he goes on to straddle her from behind, and pound it deep add hard into her. We then see front facing side fuck, before it finally back to missionary for one final time, during which we see Small Hands fuck the pussy until he fills it with his load, as things end with a creampie.

The Review //
Today I review a scene from DEEP LUSH, which has been given the title "Hot for Each Other", when describing this divine pairing of the performers, Mackenzie Moss, and Small Hands. And truth be told, the title cannot be anymore true.  DEEP LUSH, the website presented by performer/director Owen Gray, aims to present to us, the raw and intimate side of sex between performers.  Performers who are truly into one another, and truly connect with one another, when it comes to overall chemistry. When it comes to this scene in particular with Mackenzie and Small Hands, that is exactly what we are given.

Here, there is no storyline to set the stage or mood. Everything is raw, and off the cuff, as the performers dive right into the love making.  During which, we see Mackenzie and Small Hands, set the mood, and pace on their on. We would find that the scene begins with innocent kisses exchanged. Both upon the lips and neck of Mackenzie, by Smalls. However soon, he shoves Mackenzie on the bed, as things almost immediately go into some playful rough play during which, light choking is applied. However, interesting about this scene is that, no matter how rough the two of them here take it, the nature of the proceedings is fun. These two are clearly in each other, and while watching, one can easily tell that both of them were enjoying themselves. A testament to this, is personally my most favorite part of the scene, as throughout Mackenzie and Smalls, keep up the communication between one another.  And the best thing is that, we the viewer can hear this dialogue fairly clearly for the most part. Yes, we get rather intimate moments here, such as Small Hands confidently gazing into Mackenzie's eyes as he tell her just how beautiful she is.  Or just how much that he loves her smile.  We also have other candid moments during the sex, such as when Mackenzie tells Small Hands that she is about to cum, as he then encourages her to say it louder.  Another time, picks up Mackenzie telling Smalls just how deep inside of her that his cock is. This of course, prompting Small Hands to ask her if it's too deep. This, as Mackenzie answers with an enthusiastic "No", with a gleeful smile upon her face.  As a viewer, I really do enjoy witnessing such intimacy as this, it's great.

When speaking of the various positioning of the sexual material presented to us here. We are treated to a number of positions on the fly, as sticking with the idea of the site, Gray just, simply lets these two passionate performers go at it as they may. Here, as I mentioned before, there is light choke play, as we go from positions such as missionary, doggy, and spoon. There is even a brief moment of standing cowgirl, as well as one as we see Small Hands drill Mackenzie's pussy, as he straddle her from behind as she lies flat on her stomach. The action itself is fairly thorough, as for the most part the positions she Small Hands fucking the pussy deep and hard, with no complaints made by Mackenzie at any time. This passionate affair finally comes to an end after over 30 minutes of passionate sex, as the two make a return to missionary for one final go.  One that ends in a passionate creampie finish, as Mackenzie and Smalls agree upon he cumming deep inside of her.

Unlike the common scripted scene, or otherwise one that is tightly directed, this scene is one that feels as if it could of been just Mackenzie Moss and Small Hands, getting together on their own time off set, for a sexual encounter. The only difference here is that there is a camera present, capturing it all in vivid detail. Overall, I really enjoyed the scene.  I loved the rawness, the intimacy, and most of all, the undeniable connection between the two performers. These are clearly two individuals that enjoy each other's company, and as a result, a really passionate scene was performed.  Imagine that! Both Mackenzie and Small Hands are always great to see, and here, it feels as though we see them more intimately. I definitely should point out that I believe that Small Hands is indeed the epitome of what this website is all about.  Therefore, he is the perfect choice to fill in for Owen Gray when he is not in front of the camera himself.  Smalls is a very passionate performer, who knows just how to please his scene partner. This scene is a good example of that. If you are a fan of these two performers, who is looking to see them in a completely different element, then this scene from DEEP LUSH is for sure ideal. Mackenzie Moss, is so beautiful, and so sexy in front of the camera.  And Small Hands is just so good.  As he is proven many times over. With that said, this is a scene that I definitely do recommend.

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