Brazzers: Nurse's Orders (2020)

by - January 16, 2020

Starring: Chloe Cherry // Michael Vegas
Directed by:
Runtime: 37 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Michael Vegas visits Dr. McNeil's office.  However, he is soon approached by his nurse Chloe Cherry, who says that, due to the ongoing flu season, Dr. McNeil is swamped, and so she will be giving him a checkup today.  Chloe starts by checking his heartbeat.  This, before Chloe then goes through a checklist of symptoms, as she asks Michael about headaches stomach aches and so on.  But Michael says that lately, he has simply been tired.  He would really like to see the doctor, however, Chloe tells him that Dr. McNeil wouldn't be able to see him for at least another hour.  But  with that, Chloe says that if Michael would like to offer the hospital a donation, he can.  Michael is obviously confused as to why Chloe would be asking for a contribution at this time.  However, that is when Chloe clears the air, as she reveals that the hospital also doubles as a sperm bank.  She says that she just knows that someone as handsome, and health as he could make a lot of money by giving them a fat, juicy load.  As Michael reluctantly agrees to do it, Chloe then reaches to stroke his cock, making him extremely uncomfortable, as Michael says that he's married, showing her his wedding band.  After briefly stroking him, she leaves Michael to do it himself, as she encourages.  Michael then asks if they provide materials for "encouragement".  Chloe says that they do as she enthusiastically goes on to strip out of her tight nurse's dress to reveal that she is wearing red, braless lingerie.  Michael strokes, but his having difficulty getting hard as he asks for lube.  This Chloe provides, going on to lube up and stroke his cock, but as she feels Michael getting hard in her hands as she two-handed stroke, she dares to go down on him, and suck the cock.  This time, Michael does not resist.

After the jerking fails to bring Michael to climax, Chloe goes on to hop on the cock as she plants her feet to ride in cowgirl.  She bounce and grind for a time.  However, she is determined to get that load, as she reverses herself to pop that ass, as Michael soon wisely moves her panties aside as his cock plunges into Chloe's pussy.  Next, the two of them get down from the table as Chloe wants Michael to give it to her hard.  He does so as he next pound her from behind.  Initially, Chloe has her right leg propped on the exam table, but soon, it's straight away and hard.  This pacing next continue for a time in missionary.  This is until we see Chloe work Michael up to cum with her mouth and hands, causing him to shoot hard.

The Review //
The setup for this scene, taken from the BRAZZERS series, "Doctor's Adventures", which is almost exclusively POV, sees a clinic patient in for a surprise when he goes in to see about his recent fatigue.  Yes, when the doctor is away, the nurse will play, he finds.  In the scene, nurse Chloe Cherry gives Michael the unfortunate news when she tells him that the doctor, Dr. McNeil is unable to see him at the moment, and when he inquires, she says that it will be at least an hour until he can.  But nurse Chloe is an opportunist, as she comes to mention that they are taking donations for the sperm bank.  What sperm bank you ask?  The one that the hospital doubles as, silly?  What you didn't know?  As it turns out, Michael didn't know either.  But soon, he is well acquainted with both the idea of the hospital doubling as a sperm bank, as well as Chloe herself.  As both her hands, and her anatomy are on his cock.

However, as this scene is mostly POV, not only is Michael lucky, so are we the viewer.  Because for most of the scene we have Chloe's big, beautiful eyes staring right at us.  And don't forget that smile.  Oh, yes, that smile!  Recently, I have been trying to get into more POV-oriented scenes, and, I'd say that this scene was a fun way to do so.  After all, Chloe is one of my very favorite performers(and people).  She's my love.  The sexual content of the scene begins with Nurse Chloe Cherry talking up big how the sperm bank needs Mike's big, fat load. A load that she knows that he can provide them.  We find that she is determined to get it.  This beginning things with Chloe delivering some very nice JOI while stroking his cock.  I have to tell you that I found this to be so hot.  Chloe stroking the cock, and talking dirty, all while gazing into the camera all sexy-like.  Honestly it makes me drool!  Following the jerk session when Michael displays far more stamina than he thought he had, as he fails to blow his load.  Things progress with Chloe climbing up on the exam table and on top of him, as she goes on to ride the cock in both standard, and reverse cowgirl.  In the former we see Chloe's furry pussy take dick, as she grind and bounce, before the POV, treats us to a view of her plump bouncing ass.  During these two positions, Chloe rides hard.  And speaking of hard, the scene momentarily breaks from POV to show Michael, first fuck Chloe from behind, as we have a side view, with a bit of overhead.  This begins as Chloe tells Michael that she wants him to fuck her pussy as hard as he can.  And you better believe that he does just that.  That's because, from here, he's balls deep as he drills Chloe's pussy.  I loved this quick and hard style of banging.  And luckily for me, it would so continue next, as Chloe is then on her back from missionary.  It's from this position that it is a combination of overhead POV, and side from the camera.  I especially liked the overhead here, as Chloe continues her dirty dialogue as she looks up at us.  The scene finally comes to an end with Chloe again working the cock once again with her mouth and hands, hoping to catch Michael's load into the specimen cup.  Unfortunately though, the load does not make it there, as Chloe's work is just too good.  It causes Michael to blow his hot load everywhere.  Fortunately for Chloe however, most of it ends up in her mouth and face.  This as Chloe, again being ever-so enthusiastic spits some of the remains into the cup.  On this, I'm truly glad that they opted for this kind of finish, rather than having Vegas shoot directly into the plastic cup.  It would have been quite dumb.

With that said, the idea behind this scene(and any other POV scene), is to put you the viewer first hand into the shoes of the recipient of the sex.  In this case, it's Michael Vegas' shoes as he visits the doctor's office, only to be ravished by his hot nurse.  It's basically everyone's fantasy.  On this idea, the scene is decent.  I liked that Chloe got plenty of face time with us.  Meaning that for the most part we are treated to her heavenly face, as she communicate seemingly with us.  Chloe makes me smile.  On the riding of Michael's cock however, I will be critical and say that I wish that Michael could have fucked her back a little more - and harder, instead of lying prone in character.  I also would have liked to have seen Chloe slowly grind more on it, as her ass faced the camera.  Not enough was done featuring her ass.  She could have planted her feet and slammed down.  But hey, this is probably just my personal preference.  But beyond that, I will say that the scene did end strongly with Michael fucking Chloe hard in the positions of doggy and missionary.  The scene itself ends in a very good way.  So, with all of those thoughts and notes collected.  I pretty much liked this scene.  It's not my favorite, but it's somewhat fun.

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