Isabel Has to Fuck To Stay Petite (2020)

by - January 14, 2020

Starring: Isabel Moon // Mark Wood
Directed by:
Runtime: 21 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with the owner of a modeling agency called "Petite Models", "Mr. Woods"(Mark Wood) calling in one of his models, "Isabella"(Isabel Moon), for a talk.  It is then that he quickly, and without much hesitation, that he notifies Isabella, that he must let her go.  When asked why, it seems as though Mr. Woods has some concern over Isabella's recent weight gain.  This, as he says that his agency is "Petite Models", meaning that his models are tiny.  He says that last week, he just so happened to spot Isabella at the lunch truck.  And that she ordered a taco!  When Isabella tries to plead her case, saying that she is, in fact a small woman. Woods counters by saying that his models don't eat, don't get taller, and they don't fill out.  Rather disgusted by this, Isabella then orders Mr. Woods to put down a scale.  Isabella then goes on to step on said scale, which reads a total of 85 1/2 pounds.  Woods says that Isabella has gained a whole half pound.  He's put off.  It is then in fear of losing her representation, that Isabella resorts to drastic measures, as she knows just the way to "work off" the extra weight.  This, as she unzips her agent, and pulls out his cock.

The action here begins with Isabel sucking Mark's cock.  This, as she takes it into her hand, before taking it deep into her throat.  Mark also reciprocates by fucking her face.  Things then quickly go to Isabel being on her back, and up on the desk and spread, as Mark goes down on her to tongue at her pussy and ass, before fucking her pussy in missionary.  There's a break in between as Mark again eats Isabel's ass, before returning to missionary for a time.  It's then doggy, as Isabel is bend over the desk with her right leg propped as she's pounded deep and hard.  They then move over to the couch, where Isabel mounts Mark, after cleaning his cock with her mouth,  It's here. that she bounce and grind,,  This, as Mark also slams her down.  During the position, we have a view from underneath in POV, as well as from the side.  Reverse cowgirl then soon is followed by spoon, as Mark continues to fuck steady and hard as Isabel encourages him.  Isabel is then bent up in piledriver, and drilled by Mark briefly.  This, as things then going naturally to missionary, where Mark maintains, until he must cum.  The scene coming to an end with Mark jerking his cock, to explode with his load onto Isabel's face.

The Review //
Today, I'm back to review another scene from the PIMP.XXX network.  It's a scene taken from PETITE.  A website, that obviously caters to, and features starlets who happen to be on the smaller side.  So called "spinners", if you will.  Here, we have such a themed story, which features performer Isabel Moon, as she is paired with porn veteran Mark Wood.  Setting up the encounter, is a scripted scenario, and yes it's a humorous one.

The story sees Wood as the owner of a modeling agency called "Petite Models" where the criteria is rather strict.  This, as the agency only offers their clients girls of a certain type.  As you can guess by it's name, "Petite Models", only aims to take on girls of a certain stature.  Well, in one of his models, Isabel Moon, a problem has presented itself.  This, as Mark seems to take issue with Isabel's recent weight gain.  Now, this is where the humor comes into play.  As he tells it, Mark Says that as of late, he has been keeping an eye on Isabel, and that recently he spotted her at the food truck, ordering food.  A taco to be exact, which is apparently a no-no, much to the surprise of Isabel.  Mark then goes on to scold Isabel's choice to eat, saying that his models don't eat.  That his clients like spinners, and that it's hard to "spin a fatty".  This setup is, yes absurd.  But man, is it fun.  Isabel and Mark here both portray exaggerated versions of themselves, and it's great.  I'm not quite sure how Mark kept a straight face when delivering his required lines.  But nonetheless, he did.  I'll tell you that, if it were me, I'd be cracking up.  Isabel at one point, seems to almost lose her composure, as she step on the scale to check her weight, as she crack a smile.  But manages to make it.  There was probably a cut in there, but still she was a good sport with it.  When Isabel checks her weight, Mark is upset when he discovers that she has gained in "inexcusable" total of an extra half pound, saying that his agency, doesn't take monsters.  It's from there, that the sexual encounter happen to get underway, when Isabel compromises with Mark, saying that she knows how to work off the "excess" weight gain.

The sexual content begins with Isabel going on to suck off Mark, and it's during this that she displays very nice skill in sucking dick.  She grips Mark's cock as she take it deep within her throat.  Mark, during this time, also fucking her face.  Personally, what I enjoyed the most about this blowjob was the way that Isabel toyed with the head of Mark's cock with her tongue, as she swirled it around it.  It was so sexy!  However, after this, we quickly cut to Isabel up on Mark's desk, as he goes down on her.  Tonguing at her pussy, but even more interestingly, also tonguing at her ass, as Isabel encourages him to eat it.  He does so enthusiastically, while also fucking her pussy with the same vigor.  We see the same eating of the ass, and the consistent brand of fucking also occur from behind soon after, before, we see the action move to the couch.  It's here, beginning with cowgirl, that we see Isabel display very nice skilled riding, as she ride, and grind on Mark's hard cock with abandon.  Mark also putting in effort to slam Isabel down hard.  Things then transition to the reverse variation, as we see Isabel continue to take dick like a champ.  Furthermore, Isabel encourages Mark to fuck her pussy.  This, as the sex next go to both spoon and then to a piledriver position from the arm of the couch.  It's during the latter, that Mark proceed to really hammer it deep, as things end up in missionary in the end, before Mark must cum.  Thus, concluding the consistent sexual romp.

I say this every time that I review a scene from this network.  However, it needs to be said.  The scenes offered on the PIMP.XXX network, are ones that are made conveniently short. Running at 25 minutes or less.  That is what we have again here, as it presents to us a storyline, and subsequent sex scene, that moves at a quick pace,  Because of this, in the case of this scene, I found a few cuts to be rather abrupt.  However, with all things considered, this scene from PETITE is still a very, very nice one.  As I have stated numerous times here, the action in the scene is consistent, and could be compared to scenes that you would see from Wood's own LEWOOD PRODUCTIONS.  However, on a much more condensed scale.  But yes, here, we have Mark Wood putting in good work, as he drills Isabel Moon's tight, young pussy thoroughly and hard,  He and Isabel do work well together.

And in speaking of Isabel Moon.  I have been wanting to review this young talent for some time now, and basically chose this scene in order to do so.  I'm really glad that I did.  Isabel is definitely, a hot young talent.  Sexy, and yes, petite.  There are a number of things that a viewer can truly appreciate about her.  Her tight young body, including her nice ass, as well as her overall enthusiasm for being fucked.  I also really liked the fact that she seemed to know exactly what she wants sexually, seeing as here, she told Mark to go after her ass, almost from the beginning, and exactly how to fuck her.  She's a hottie, and I look forward to seeing her even more. When it comes to this scene, I'd definitely check it out.  Not only is the storyline stupid fun, the sex that follows it, is even better.

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