Drilled.xxx: Febby Looking To Get That Dick In Her Ass (2019)

by - January 10, 2020

Starring: Febby Twigs // Michael DelRay
Directed by:
Runtime: 20 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, pornstar Febby Twigs approaches her friend, and fellow pornstar, Michael DelRay.  This, as she is dressed is a sexy Schoolgirl outfit.  This, as Michael asks her why she is dressed in such a way, saying that she looks like a "slut".  Febby says that it's for a scene, saying that she got booked for an anal scene.  This puzzles Michael, as he knows that she has never done anal.  However, Febby says that they pay more for anal, as for her reasoning.  Even still, Michael believes that a site such as DRILLED is far too hardcore for a beginner.  Michael says that he doesn't believe that she is ready.  This, however, is when Febby says that she wants Michael to help, seeing as he is used to participating in anal sex with girls.  After some begging and teasing from Febby, it doesn't take long before he gives in.

Michael then gets his cock out for Febby to suck, as she works it over good.  It's during this that he spanks her ass, as he removes a buttplug from it.  Febby is then bent over, against the back of the couch, as we see him finger bang her ass with his thumb, prior to going on to replace it with his cock, as things go to doggy anally.  It is here, that Michael goes on to fuck straightaway, prior to fully straddling the ass to pound deeply. The next position is then spoon, as Febby's legs open wide, as her ass takes a pounding. Also continuing with her legs closed over, and as Michael applies a choke. Following this the next anal position is cowgirl as we see Febby bounce on the dick. This, as she mostly lean back to take it, prior to sitting upright. After this the action then moves to side fuck. Here, Febby, is on her back with her legs closed tightly.  This, as Michael once again pounds deep, before he must pull out to cum. The scene then comes to an end with Michal squirting his load across Febby's mouth and face for the finish.

The Review //
Today, I review a scene for DRILLED, a site which is part of the PIMP.XXX porn network.  It is a scene based on reality, which features starlet, Febby Twigs as a pornstar, who happens to be new to the act of anal sex.  However nonetheless, she has just booked her first anal scene for DRILLED.  When showing off the Schoolgirl outfit, that she has just bought for the scene, as well as breaking the news to her friend, Michael DelRay, he who is experienced in anal, Michael, just doesn't believe that she is quite ready.  Especially, for a site such as DRILLED.  So, in the end, of course, she asks Michael for a little help, when it comes to opening up her virgin asshole.

So, there you have setup for this scene.  it's simple and to the point, while at the same time, does a little self-advertisement for DRILLED. All in all, I personally felt that it was a fun lead in, which in this case, served as an introduction to Miss Febby Twigs for me. Whom, up until this point, I had yet to have the chance to see perform, and subsequently review.

Though the storyline told here sees Febby as an anal virgin, going in, I knew better.  Also by the looks of things here, it is obvious that her ass knows, and enjoys a good pounding. This is a very good thing.  Because the action that followed here with scene partner Michael DelRay is solid, given the time.  As in the case with the PIMP.XXX network of sites, this is a scene that has been edited to move along at a breezy pace, in which the action never lets up.  So with that said, here it is from one position to the next, essentially.  However, the action itself is thankfully thorough.  This being as Michael does exactly what he said he was going to do, as he bangs Febby's back door hard.  The chemistry between these two is enthusiastic, as we get several moments during which, Febby vocally encourages Michael to go harder.  I really liked this.  As it appears that Febby is a performer that knows exactly what she likes.

This is a scene that runs just over 20 minutes in length, beginning with Febby nicely working over Michael's cock with her mouth. It's during this, that Michael goes on to discover that Febby has inserted a small, pink butt plug into her ass, as he spank her.  Michael laughs at the small size of said toy, as Febby says that she was trying to open her ass. This, is what Michael says that she is going to need something much bigger than that to open her ass.  And it is from there that the two commence the hard banging in a succession of positions. These include: doggy, spoon, cowgirl, and lastly, side fuck. As I said things move rather quickly in the scene, but I still took appreciation in what I saw, and I enjoyed it.  Febby is super cute, and I loved her eagerness to take a dick in her ass.  Likewise, Michael also does his part by putting in a very nice performance, as he delivers the dick nicely.

So with that said, though it's quick and to the point, this has been yet another scene that I enjoyed from DRILLED. As always the storylines are lighthearted and fun. I also wanted to point out that the sex begins and ends with some music accompanying the action, as it plays in the background. This in itself, reminded me of the golden age of porno, with the cheesy soundtracks which were often a staple.  As I said in the beginning of the review, this was my very first time seeing Febby Twigs perform in a scene, and I have to say that I am delighted.  She does indeed have a very nice presence on screen.  What a beautiful girl. I can't wait to see even more of her in the near future! With this in mind, when it comes to my recommendation, I would say that, if you are looking for a quick and fun scene to enjoy, this would indeed be a good one to check out.  Febby Twigs looks great here, and I loved her schoolgirl outfit for sure!

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