Disciplined Stepdaughter Dick Down (2020)

by - January 27, 2020

Starring: Lily Glee // Tommy Pistol
Directed by:
Runtime: 35 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Lily Glee being walked home by her classmate Juan "El Caballo" Loco. They come up the driveway, and when they reach the doorway, Juan politely asks Lily if he may come inside with her. However it is then that Lily is quick to say that it wouldn't be possible, as her dad is really strict about she hanging out with boys . Juan then follows up his question, by shyly retrieving a letter which he wrote to give to Lily. Lily then goes on to read the letter, and it is one that obviously makes her happy, as she bashfully says that Juan makes her smile as well. It's then that Lily looks to thank Juan with a kiss. However unfortunately, it is at that time, that the two of them are cut off by Lily's father Tommy Pistol, who has been listening to their conversation from the other side of the front door. An angry Tommy is quick to then introduce Juan to the street, as he tells him to leave. Tommy then asks Lily about the note that Juan had given her. This, as she attempts to hide it behind her back, saying that it is simply her homework, and that what Juan had come over to give it to her. Upon reading the note for himself, Tommy finds himself even more angry, as he goes on to drag Lily into the house by one of her pigtails. He takes her into a room where he continues to lecture her about his rules concerning boys. He says that following another incident involving a boy, that Lily said that she understood that she was not to invite any boys to her father's house. It is with this current incident, that she obviously disobeyed those set rules, as Tommy so believes that she should be punished for her actions.  Tommy then proceeds to bend Lily over a table and spank her, as he hikes up Lily's shorts.  However, when Lily disrespects Tommy by saying that he is just her stepfather, he then Goes on to punish Lily in a way that he is never punished her before.

After Tommy bends Lily over and spanks her, he has her pull her panties down, to her ankles.  After which Tommy goes on to finger her pussy.  After this, Tommy has Lily position herself in a chair, and spread her legs.  This as he finger her deep, before having her get his cock out to suck.  This is then followed by Tommy going on to fuck Lily in doggy.  As this continues, Tommy has Lily prop her right leg up on the desk, as he forces her to watch him fuck her. He also has her suck her thumb during the act.  Following some more cocksucking, Lily then sits on the cock. It's from here that we see Lily slam on the cock, as well as bounce on it. Following a moment of cleaning the cock with her mouth, the action then takes to reverse cowgirl before taking to doggy on the floor. It's from this position that Tommy goes on to fully straddle Lily's ass to pound it deep for a time, prior to another moment of sucking leads to side fuck on the desk. From here we see Tommy maintain a steady pace of plugging Lily's pussy, before reaching his time of climax. The scene finally comes to an end with Tommy shooting his load, aimed at Lily's face for the finish.

The Review //
Today I review a scene, from FAMILY STROKES, the website which of course, specializes in scenes dealing with relations, having relations of the sexual kind. In the case of this scene which is titled, things began innocently enough, as Lily Glee is walked home from school by a nice young man, in Juan "El Caballo" Loco. It really is innocent enough.  An innocent school crush. However unfortunately, Lily just so happens to have an ultra-strict stepfather in one Tommy Pistol. And he just so happens to a rule with an iron fist when it comes to the attention that boys give to his young and impressionable daughter, Lily.

Yes, this is a storyline which begins things by being all warm and fuzzy by displaying a demonstration of puppy love, complete with a thoughtful love note. However, soon enough it is one that delves into a dark perversion that just might be happening anywhere behind closed doors. These days there are a number of websites which focus on materials that have to deal with the idea of taboo relations between family members. Unfortunately however, most of them do so with somewhat of a comedic tone, rather than something that more mirrors the more true life horrors of such real situations. However, with this scene in particular, I have to say that, that is quite the opposite.  As this scene itself somewhat genuinely disturbed me in a way. This is due to the scene being nicely staged, but more importantly, convincingly acted by both Glee and Pistol.

When it comes to the acting by these two in the scene, it is completely believable. Not only do we feel the innocence brought forth by Glee in her character, we also in turn, feel the fear, and what makes Lily fear him in Tommy's portrayal of the stepfather. Yes he is that creepy, as he rules with a dominating hand. Pistol's performance here is calculated and precise.  It's as if he got even more creepier once the doors were closed behind them. As the sex scene progressed with both of the characters still intact, Tommy's portrayal of the stepfather just became more and more vile and disgusting as things went along in a very surprising delivery. Tommy's attitude went from being disappointed by Lily inviting boys over, to he saying that she will only do this for him, as she is being forced to suck his cock. And if this wasn't enough, he goes on to force her to suck her thumb, while he is fucking her, as well as to have her say that she is "daddy's little girl". It comes across as extremely vile and disturbing. This even more so by the fact that Lily plays it straight the entire time, with a look of sadness and pain, etched across her face. Again both she and Tommy deserve much praise here for their joint performance.

When it comes to the sexual performance side of the scene. Storyline-wise it is what it is. But at the same time it is oddly erotic.  Especially when it comes to the moment in the scene which we see Tommy the stepfather, spank his daughter, and happen to enjoy it a little bit too much. There is just something sexy about it, I will say. The sex scene itself is effective in the way that Lily and Tommy react to each other while in character. Of course Tommy runs down his daughter for disobeying him, this as he takes control of her. While on the other hand Lily is this poor, innocent victim pushed into humiliation, as she must do what she is told against her will. The sex scene all works out.  However, for the most part due to the effectiveness of the overall story at hand.

When it comes to this scene from FAMILY STROKES, I really enjoyed it as a whole. With that said, though the year 2020 is still young, I will go on to say that this scene may already be one of the best scenes that I will see this year. The acting and presentation of the scene is just that good. Here, we do not just have two performers that just simply showed up to perform in a sex scene together. We have two performers who showed up to fully commit themselves to the characters that they were given. This, as they both deliver fantastic performances. It is a situation that I believed from beginning to end. This is especially true, after Tommy drags Lily inside to deal out some punishment. As I said, I was actually disturbed a little by what I saw here, and that is fully credited to Glee and Pistol, who play off each other well acting-wise. I enjoyed it for the realism, and it is for that reason that I could not recommend this scene more. It truly is a great scene!

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