Bicycle Brat (2019)

by - January 06, 2020

Starring: Leah Lee // Peter Green
Directed by:
Runtime: 27 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with 19 year old Leah Lee, strolling along nicely on a vintage beach cruiser bike.  However, meanwhile we see an obviously frustrated Peter Green, who is posting up fliers concerning that very bike, which declare it stolen.  When Peter spots Leah riding the bike, he catches up with her in a nearby garage, where she has taken the bike to clean it.  With fliers in hand, Peter confronts the situation, as he says that it is his bike that she is attending to.  To which Leah is quick to say that it her bike, seeing as she found it.  Peter continues to plead his case, as Leah counters to say that if he give it to her, then he would able to see her ride it everyday.  This, as Leah hikes up her sun dress, while straddling the seat, and rubbing her crotch on it, from over her pair of white lace panties.  This, while saying that people say that she has the finest pussy in town.  From there, Leah is determined to keep the bike, this is obvious, as she licks her fingers, prior to rubbing her pussy from over her panties.  Peter tries to argue his case, but of course, the temptation is too much, as he gives in.  This, as Leah then drop down to her knees to suck his cock. 

Here, we see Leah work Peter's cock from POV overhead, and from a view from the side as well.  During overhead, Leah's big beautiful eyes make nice eye contact.  Following this, Leah is fucked from behind, as Peter bends her over the bike.  This, before Leah is on one leg, as she is then fucked in standing side fuck.  It's after this that Leah straddles the bike seat, and Peter the tire, as we again go to doggy.  Only this time, we see Peter pound the pussy harder and faster than before.  Following this, they then take to the garage floor for more, as we then see reverse cowgirl, and standard cowgirl in that order. Leah then briefly cleaning the cock with her mouth.  This then leading to spoon next.  It's here that Peter is initially slow, as he toys with the pussy, pulling his cock in and out. This before continuing to go hard, building himself up to cum.  Things then come to an end, with Leah briefly again sucking before Peter goes on to jerk his cock to unload into Leah's mouth for the finish.

The Review //
With this scene, REALITY KINGS presents the scene titled "Bicycle Brat".  A scene centered around a very nice, "robin egg blue" vintage bicycle.  The scene, starring Leah Lee, and Peter Green.  It is a bike, which Green, it's owner, affectionately calls, "Baby Blue.  The setup for the story is simple, yet fun. Here, we find Peter on a quest to find his stolen bike, as he  is busy posting up fliers in hopes of finding it. However, luckily for him he would soon find it on his own, when he spots Leah riding it. There is then a confrontation between the two of them, but getting the bike back wouldn't be as easy as Peter thought, as this seductive, and sexy teen, would be bound and determined to keep what she has found. This, as in turn we would find, that she would be willing to use her body in order to do so, as things of course lead into a sexual encounter.

First, to talk about the storyline. As I said, it is a really fun one.  One that definitely gives off summer vibes, as we see the attractive Lee wearing a summer dress, a floppy hat, and a pair of white cotton panties underneath, as she looks delicious riding along on the baby blue bike.  I have to say that I just loved this.  Lee looks so hot, doing something as simple as riding a bike.  Especially with the way she hikes up her dark blue dress, to show her firm, panty-clad ass, on the seat of the bike.  She fuels this fire, even more so before the sex, when she straddles, and grinds on said seat.  And did I mention that this was BEFORE the sex??!.  The end result, leading up to the sex, albeit predictable, it is still enjoyable, as I liked the interaction between Lee and Green leading up to it.  There was just no way that Leah was not getting her way.  I loved that.  Not to mention that the scene ends on another humorous note, as we see Leah also get Peter for his wallet.  Of course, before he realizes, she's already closing the garage door on him.  What a good girl, that Leah Lee!

To speak on the sexual encounter of the scene, overall, it is one that is mostly fast paced.  The thing that really gets things started here, is the inclusion of the bike itself into the action.  First, seeing Leah bent over the bike and fucked, prior to both performers straddling the prop, as Peter goes on to really give her the dick from behind.  I have to say that Leah's ass looked great as it took a pounding.  On this, Peter Green puts in great work, as we see him maintain this brand of heavy pounding throughout the scene, as his pacing is one that is increasing.  Following the stuff on the bike, the two take to the bare floor of the garage, as it begins to rain just outside the confines, for the remainder.  Positions including; reverse and standard cowgirl, along with spoon, before we see Peter pop into Leah's open mouth.  Aside from Peter's hard banging of Leah's pussy from both variations of cowgirl, I enjoyed seeing Leah ride that dick as well.  She has a great body.  Especially those sleek legs.  Also, in the spoon position, I also liked how Peter simply toyed with Leah's pink hole, punching his cock into it, as he pull it in and out for a time, prior to going on to eventually hammer it hard, which would ultimately lead to is climax.  Also on that, I will say though that, as much as I enjoyed everything here, the cumshot in question is admittedly weak.  It is badly captured from overhead POV, making it difficult to see.  It's in my opinion, not a big deal, but it's worth noting here.

To sum things up, overall I enjoyed this scene.  I had fun with it.  Both with the story and then it's subsequent sex.  The storyline, and how it presents Leah Lee is such a turn on.  I loved seeing her in the dress, and those sexy panties underneath.  Leah is such a babe, and the story, and scene does a great job of showcasing her.  The sex also further contributes to this appeal, as the positions themselves make Lee especially look good.  And again, I have to give Peter Green credit for delivering the wood nicely.  He went looking for his bike, and not only did he find it, he found some choice young pussy as well.  The ideal outcome!  With that said, be sure to check out this fun scene.  I recommend!

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