Spizoo.com: Exotic Beauty Paige Owens Wants Big Black Cock (2019)

by - January 06, 2020

Starring: Paige Owens // Rob Piper
Directed by: Mark White
Runtime: 27 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with an elegant tease segment, as Paige Owens is presented to us.  The camera here is in extreme closeup, as it surveys Paige's curves.  This, as Paige, who is wearing very nice pink lingerie, caresses her body.  She eventually removes her bra, as she rubs her erect nipples, as we remain at close range.  This continuing as her panties are also removed, as she also go on to rub her pussy.  The tease continues for sometime, until we depart, as Paige leaves us with a kiss.

Next up, we find Paige on the couch, as the camera view is overhead.  This as Paige says that today, she is both happy and excited, because today, she finally gets to fuck Rob Piper.  Paige says that her pussy is getting wet just thinking about it.  This prompting Paige to remove her panties, and touch herself.  She says that her pussy is dripping.  This being shortly before she calls Rob over to her.  Rob then wastes no time at all, diving between Paige's legs to lick her pussy.  After Rob works Paige's clit over well, she returns the favor sucking and throating the cock as she spit on it.  This followed by she going on to straddle the cock.  Here, we see her bounce on the dick, before half straddling.  However after, she sucks Rob clean, before spanking her clit with it, and prior to the action taking to reverse cowgirl.  From here, Paige slams down on the cock, while also grinding.  Things then briefly go back to Paige fucked in cowgirl, as her feet are planted on Rob's legs.  It's to doggy next, as Rob takes Paige from behind.  It's as things progress, that Rob props Paige's right leg over the couch, leaving her wide open for deep pounding.  Rob briefly returns to tonguing at Paige's pussy.  Both as she's on her back, and then as she is on her knees on the couch.  This then takes things to spoon, as Rob fucks the pussy at an increasing pace.  This as Paige encourages him to cum inside of her.  Rob continues before doing just that, as he soon shoots a big load deep inside.  This effectively bringing the scene to a close with a nice creampie.

The Review //
From SPIZOO and Director Mark White comes this scene, which matches the sexy starlet, Paige Owens, with well-hung stud, Rob Piper for the very first time.  It's a meeting that, from the opening introduction segment, that we learn that Paige has been anticipating for quite some time.

The scene opens up with a tease segment as we are first introduced, to Paige's sexiness, and overall sex appeal. Yes truth be told, that such tease segments are commonplace in scene such as this. However, in the case of this scene in particular, I must admit that this is truly one of the best teases that I have seen in awhile.  It's elegant for sure.  I really liked the presentation, as Paige here, is accurately depicted as the sexual being that she is.  The camera work during this segment was unmatched.  From the sexy gazes from Paige, to the camera remaining extra close, as it hugged every curve that Paige's tight body possesses, it just simply set the stage properly for what was to come.

It is after Paige lets us know how happy, and excited she is for the day that we quickly move into the sexual content.  This as Rob quickly goes down on Paige to eat her pussy.  Now, if you have never seen this man eat pussy.  It is something to witness.  I have been reviewing porn for some time now, and I do have to say that Rob Piper is one of the best in the business when it comes to the act.  I enjoy just watching him do it.  From his approach, to the reaction to the scene partner who's on the receiving end, it's just a spectacle to be scene.  Rob is obviously someone who enjoys eating pussy, and it shows on screen, each and every time.  However, just as Rob pleasured Paige with her mouth and tongue, we next see she do the same for he.  This as her plump lips hug around his big cock.  It's during this as she sucks, slurps, and throats, that spit piles on.  After this, Paige goes on to ride the hard BBC in cowgirl.  What I enjoyed here, was not only Paige's nice tight ass bouncing on the cock, but also the fact that Rob's dark black shaft was still covered in spit, and as Paige would bounce, all that could be heard was lots of sloshing.  I don't know what, but something about it was hot.  ASMR for sure.  One of the qualities here, was indeed the pacing, as this energetic scene never seems to let up.  This as Paige is quick to suck her pussy juice from the cock after this, just prior to things continuing next in reverse cowgirl.  It's during this position that Paige truly gets to show off her riding skills.  Oh my God it's so hot.  Here, not only do we see Paige bounce on the cock.  But also grind on it.  Slowly and steadily.  Boy, can this girl move those hips.  It's such a turn on watching her grind!  Her pussy continues to take the extra large cock in side saddle, and doggy, before the final position for the two, spoon, makes way for Rob to fill up Paige's pussy with a nice warm cream pie.

As said, this was the very first pairing between Paige Owens and Rob Piper.  However, here the two of them do display some very nice chemistry together.  It's undeniable.  It's apparent just how much Paige wanted it, and of course, Rob was more than willing to oblige.  The action here is fast paced, to the point, but most of all, it's sexy indeed.  Technically, it's a scene which is very nicely captured by the talented lens of White, who makes sure the viewer is always in the center of the action at hand.  I enjoyed what I saw here, and believe that you will as well.  I do definitely recommend seeing this hot first time pairing!

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