ExCoGi.com: Nikole Nash (2020)

by - February 14, 2020

Starring: Nikole Nash // Jake Adams
Directed by: Steve (ExCoGi)
Runtime: 1 hr. 6 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We open things up with an interview segment, as featured newcomer Nikole Nash is questioned, as she sits peacefully on a bed. The interview comes a day after Nikole, just so happened to participate in her very first on-screen sex scene for the EXCOGI sister website BLACK AMBUSH. Jake asks her if it was indeed her first black cock, and Nikole says that it was. He then asks her how she felt about the scene.  Her only response is that it was a lot of cock. She says that, what she enjoyed about it most was that she did good during the scene, she thought. They then switch gears and ask her about the scene that is to occur today. Nikole says that she is nervous, because it will involve her "bootyhole", as this scene will be her first on-screen anal encounter. Nikole says that she has indeed done anal her private life before. This as she details one of the experiences by saying that the guy also wanted her to reciprocate, and indeed, she did by sticking things into his ass as well. Nikole says that she will more than likely watch the scene back once it is done, and that when it comes to her friends knowing about what she is doing today, she says that they believe that she is doing something else right now. This, as she is told to waive hi to them, in case they happen to see this.   When asked, Nikole says that she lost her virginity at the age of 15. She says that it happened on the living room floor at her boyfriend's house, on Halloween. She says that it was a good experience, and that it was also her first experience in sucking cock. They go on to say that on the previous day Nikole tried out an Hitachi vibrator for the first time.   As it turned out she liked it, and when asked she says that she will be purchasing one for herself in the future. This, as she pretends to do an ad for Hitachi in her cute demeanor. In furthering this question Nikole is then asked if she has ever put a toy in her ass?  She says yes, and that it was a suction cup dildo, and it was something that she enjoyed. This, as they move onto the next step in the scene. This is as Jake has Nikole remove a blanket off of a pile that happens to be sitting upon a nearby nightstand by the bed. This, as Nikole goes on to uncover a plethora of various sex toys, including an Hitachi.  Nikole's excitement is apparent.  She's like a kid on Christmas morning.

Jake then asks Nikole to undress.  She does, but insists that she keep her cute socks on, which have unicorns on them.  Jake then can't resist getting a feel of her big natural tits, once he sees them.  And it is during which, that he senses that Nikole is nervous.  He then has she get the Hitachi, as she removes her panties and spreads her legs.  However, she soon hands the toy over to Jake, who goes on to train it on her pussy.  This sends Nikole squirming, as Jake forces Nikole's legs to remain open.  The toy play then continuing, as Jake utilizes both the Hitachi, and a curved purple dildo.  With which he steadily plugs her young pink hole, before he also get his cock out for Nikole to suck.  Here, we see her suck cock, while Jake simultaneously continues to fuck Nikole's pussy with the dildo.  Following this we next see Jake on his back, as Nikole gets to work, as he has her deepthroat his cock several times. It's during this that Steve's camera gives us a nice view from behind, of Nikole's ass and pussy, while a split screen details the act of cocksucking. During this time, Nikole is able to take Jake's long cock all the way down to the base, something that Nikole is actually surprised by, because she has never been able to get it down her throat this far. The action then moves on with Jake once again fingering Nikole deeply, after eating her pussy. This switch brings her to orgasm shortly. It is then that Nikole's clit is ultra sensitive, as Jake asks her if she wants him to put his cock in. He has her ask him for it, prior to doing so. Jake eventually does just that as he begins with a steady, slow pace, before working himself up to fuck Nikole hard at a quick pace. It is quickly that he again brings her to climax. As her body convulses.  From here, Jake continues to fuck, while he has Nikole use the Hitachi on her pussy. This is followed up by Jake then again fingering the pussy deep and hard, this time continuing, until he makes Nikole squirt for the very first time.  After this, Jake also introduces into play, a couple of buttplug toys, which he uses to truly ready Nikole's ass. First he eases in a narrow, black toy for a time, before introducing a bigger, pink-colored plug. However, not before well-lubricating it. It's also during this that Jake resumes fucking the pussy, as he successfully plugs both of Nikole's lower holes. This lasting until Nikole is ready to take dick in the ass. It is at that time that Jake goes on to fuck the ass steadily. The next position sees anal continuing from reverse cowgirl.  This, as the guys have Nikole lean back to take the cock deep into her ass. This is the position in which, Jake, sort of puts Nikole in a full nelson hold, as he slam it in. He would continue, taking the action next to standard cowgirl as Jake switch to the pussy, fucking it hard, as the two look each other in the eyes. This, leading up to the time which Jake prepares Nikole for his cum. Shortly after this, is when Jake goes on to jerk is cock over Nikole, who is underneath him, as he drop a nice, hot load onto her face.

The Review //
Today, I take a look at another scene from EXPLOITED COLLEGE GIRLS(EXCOGI), as director, ExCoGi Steve, brings us another first time happening.  In this case, a first time anal, involving an eager newcomer, named Nikole Nash.  I do have to begin things, by making a confession. That confession is that recently, I have become enchanted by this fiery newcomer on social media. In fact, I couldn't wait until I would have the opportunity to review this cute little redhead. However, little did I know, that I would not have to wait very long.  As I just so happened to spot this scene - her first on-screen anal experience, already available, as I logged in to ExCoGi, to get another scene that I had planned to review.  All that I can say is that my focus quickly changed.  So, here we are. And with that said, I have to say that I'm glad that I took the chance to see this one beforehand!

What we have here is 19-year-old Nikole Nash participating in her very first on-screen anal sex scene. Her second porn scene ever, after previously participating in a scene for BLACK AMBUSH, the day before. This we learn via an interview with the brand new starlet in the opening segment. It is also then that we learn that she had a great time filming the previous scene, and so she has come back for more. It's also with this interview, that we get to know her a little  better, as we get a hint of a infectious personality. This is someone who enjoys having fun. This including sex.  However, at this point, she had not yet experience the best of it. She says that she had previously experienced anal in her personal life, but we get the sense that, for she, it was not all that it was cracked up to be. Which is why she has come to this point, and is willing to put it all in front of a camera. It is all for her pleasure.

And speaking of which. Nikole's pleasure just so happens to be the main goal here, which  was really refreshing to see. Here she is paired with one of my favorite male performers, that being one Jake Adams.  Let me tell you, this guy is a total professional, through and through. It was obvious that his main objective here, was to make sure that Nikole had the best time possible. This, as he handled her with the utmost care throughout the entire scene. The more experienced Jake, took the time to pace himself, as well as the action, as he first guided her along. This, as he began things slowly with some deep fingering, along with toy play. Personally I found this to be really erotic, and a real turn on for sure. The way that Jake went on to finger-bang Nikole deep and hard, along with Nikole, whose big blue eyes stare up at Jake's - it just pulls you in. The scene would also see Jake continue to proceed with care, as he first goes on to later fuck Nikole's pussy. Initially, we see Jake fuck Nikole nice and hard. But when it begins to be too much for her, we hear Nikole tell Jake not to go so deep. This, as he respectfully yields. This would continue, as he then go on to plunge deep into her asshole, after utilizing two different butplug toys. Again, Jake is respectful as he respects Nikole's wants and desires, before she is finally comfortable with him picking up the pace, while he goes faster and harder than before. It's actually a real joy to witness Nikole eventually open up, and practically beg him to fuck her ass. It's literally a thing of beauty to watch unfold. After Nikole initially takes it in the ass, first in missionary, and then closed-legged side fuck, we see her climb on, as she takes it in her butt for the first time from reverse cowgirl. It is again from this position, that Nikole has very nice guidance from both Jake and Steve.   And speaking of firsts, anal isn't the only first seen here, as we not only see Nikole, deepthroat a cock for the first time, all the way down to the base, we also see her experience a squirting orgasm, and an anal orgasm, for the first time as well. I just loved seeing the big beautiful smile on her face, as she realized both of these firsts on camera. The deepthroating is one thing. But the squirting is on a whole other level. You could just tell just how happy it made Nikole. Not only did she squirt one time here, she squirted 3 times. With the last of them being the most visual. It really warms my heart to see such an experience happen for such an obviously sweet girl. Aside from the reverse cowgirl in which Nikole took things anally, the scene ends things on a note which includes standard cowgirl, during which we see Jake slam the pussy hard. This continuing, until he works himself up to cum. This of course leading up to the infamous ExCoGi 10 second cumshot countdown. As we saw many times during the scene, this is a moment in particular which we are treated to the  stylings of the split screen. Three of them to be exact, as Jake goes on to jerk his cock over Nikole's face, with the end result being he showering it with a nice big load. During this, we get the 10 second countdown, along with several slow-motion replays from different angles to follow. This is an aspect that I have always enjoyed from ExCoGi scenes.

Overall, I have to say that I really enjoyed this scene. As I said above, this was my very first time ever seeing Nikole Nash perform, who is still very young in her career.  I have to admit that she is all that I hoped she would be; young, vibrant, full of energy and enthusiasm, along with a nice personality. And most of all, a curiosity for sex! Technically, this was a great scene altogether, both from approach to overall execution. Though Steve himself is credited as the sole director here, I feel as though Jake himself should also be credited as co-director. This, as he showed supreme professionalism during this scene, as he made a nervous newcomer, as comfortable as she could be.  It really made me feel good to see such. I really loved seeing how Jake and Steve made the scene about Nikole, and her first time experience, rather than about themselves. If only everyone could be this professional in the industry. Because of this - because of this authenticity, the end result for the viewer, is a truly beautiful scene. The reaction to, and the joy written on Nikole's face is all real, you can feel it, and it is indeed a beautiful thing. It's with this said, that I do not hesitate at all to recommend this scene to you. Though, she is new to the business, my instincts tell me that Nikole Nash will go far, should she desire to. Not only does she have a beautiful face, and enchanting eyes, her pussy and ass are also a sight to see as well!  Luckily, Steve also has us covered there, as he gives us an excellent view from behind during the moment of deepthroating, utilizing great use of split screen. Please check her out.  You will be more than glad that you did!

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