Late Night Stepsister Masturbation (2020)

by - February 13, 2020

Starring: Natalie Porkman // Alex Jett
Directed by: Alex Jett
Runtime: 1 hr. 2 mins.


Scene Breakdown //

Late Night Delight
This story begins with Natalie Porkman returning home late at night after a night of partying at the club. Upon returning home she goes into her stepbrother Alex Jett's room. Alex, both confused and startled questions his sister's actions. This, as Natalie says that she has come home from the club, and she's horny. It is with this revelation that Alex finds himself surprised, and although Natalie is simply his stepsister, he is still hesitant and a little bit put off by his sister's desire to fuck him. This is when Alex says that he is going to take a piss, saying that the trip to the bathroom should give her enough time to leave his room. Alex does just that, however upon his return, he finds himself in for another surprise this as he happens to catch a horny Natalie in the act of humping his pillow to be exact. Alex is amazed. So much so, that he cannot help but to record the entire of event on his phone. Alex then watches on as Natalie continues to hump the pillow vigorously. She goes on to rub her clit with her fingers, before once again returning to the pillow giving it full thrusts.  This lasting until we see Natalie finally passing out after she cums.

Curse for Amnesia
In this story, it is the next afternoon as Alex is in the living room where he soon joined by his sister Natalie, who comes in to the room from his bedroom. Natalie is then quick to say that it was a crazy night last night to which Alex agrees. This of course prompts Alex to talk about the night's occurrences involving Natalie.  However, the strange thing is that Natalie seems to have no recollection of what she had done in her stepbrother's bedroom. She says that she cannot remember any of it. That is when Alex takes it upon himself to refresh her memory, by pulling out the video that he had recorded on his phone. As it turns out, Natalie does not remember it. In fact she is quite surprised at what she does see, as she begs Alex to delete the video evidence. However, Alex ever the opportunist seizes the opportunity to make the best out of it when he makes a deal with his sister. That deal being that if she sucks his cock, seeing as what she had done last night has him all worked up, then he will delete the incriminating video from his phone. Of course Natalie is hesitant, which at this point Alex ups the ante, also threatening to show the video to their mom and dad. It is only then that Natalie finally caves, giving into Alex's demands of fellatio.

Things begin with Alex unzipping, and getting his cock out for Natalie to suck. This as she gets to work quickly sucking, and slurping on the cock, as she goes deep. This soon however, leads to Alex getting a little bit more comfortable, as he get to his feet, and has Natalie get on her knees to continue. She continues to steadily suck on the cock from here, as we see Alex additionally, lightly fuck her throat. But following this, Alex once again wants to change things up, as he has Natalie take to the couch, and hang upside down off the edge of it. This as he goes on to straddle her face, and fuck her mouth quickly like a pussy. During this lots of spit piles, as it drains down. This action lasting until Alex, ends things by cumming down Natalie's throat, after which she swallows the remains.

What Do We Have Here?
This story, sees Alex Jett finding his stepsister Natalie in a rather compromising position in their parents bedroom, as she searches for her cat named "Gracie". In the bedroom, Natalie is on her knees as she look under the bed for the cat. This giving Alex a prime view of Natalie's plump backside, as he come up behind her with his cock already out. With this sight fully in front of him, Alex cannot help but to get himself a full grip of his sister's ass, as she wears nothing but a pair of sexy thong panties.  Natalie is surprised, and confused initially, but this does not stop Alex at all.  In fact, he continues to get a feel, and a squeeze.  This, as he even pulls Natalie's panties aside, to get a peek of her desirable holes.  It is during this that Natalie comes to try to resist. However, Alex still has something to hold over her head, the photographic evidence of she sucking his cock prior. It is then with blackmail again in play that Natalie, yet again reluctantly gives in, as she and Alex then go all the way.

Things begin here with Alex slipping his cock into Natalie's pussy from behind, as he steadily begin to fuck it, as he is on his knees. This eventually scene Natalie also go on to rock back on the hard cock ready time. This is soon followed up by Alex taking things to full on doggy, as he goes on to improve his pacing, as he cock slams the proceed to deep. After doggy comes missionary as Natalie finds herself on her back, spread while she lies on a small side bed. It is here that Alex eventually works up to an increasing pace, until he finally must cum. It is an encounter that comes to an end with Alex jerking his cock and unloading onto Natalie's face with a huge load.

The Review //
For today's review, I take a look at another scene from the website, SIS LOVES ME. Here we find director/performer Alex Jett, again behind the camera as he directs another series of three short tales of taboo. This time involving himself, along with starlet Natalie Porkman as his horny stepsister. With these three storylines, we are told the progressive story of two stepsiblings, who eventually take their initially, innocent urges and cravings to the next level.  As they go all the way with each other in a place, none other than their parent's bedroom.

In the first story, titled "Late Night Delight", it is the start of things as the set up is relatively simple. Alex Jett is in the bed when he finds himself approached by his sister who comes in after a late night at the club. It is according to her that she is really horny, and looking to fuck. In no, she does not mind that Alex just so happens to be her stepbrother. Alex then does the noble thing, by blowing off her invitation.  Regardless of the fact that she is just his stepsister. However, when he comes back from using the bathroom, Alex is shocked when he finds his sister masturbating on his very bed. This as she steadfastly humps his pillow, and fingers her pussy. It is then that Alex takes the opportunity to record a secret video without his sister's knowledge, and it is a video that was set the stage for the two remaining tales. The second of the three tales, which is aptly titled, "Cure For Amnesia", takes place directly after the events occurring in the opening story. This, as Natalie wakes up the next afternoon having no memory of what occurred in Alex's bedroom. However, Alex surely does remember what happened, and as he explains, it has him all worked up sexually. Alex of course uses the situation to his advantage, as he has Natalie eventually agreeing to suck his cock. Because, if she should not, then he refuses to delete the video, and better yet, he will tell their parents. It's this story which leads to the third and final tale, which sees Alex once again getting exactly what he wants from his stepsister. This as he once again utilizes blackmailing tactics, When he finds Natalie bent over, as she looks for her cat under mom and dad's bed.  He is quick to take full advantage, as a feel of her ass turns to much more. In fact, it isn't long before Alex is seen penetrating her deep.

When it comes to my thoughts on these three stories which are presented in this episode, I will say that I did enjoy the way which they sort of aligned with one another, rather than seeming like scattered moments. This being mostly true for the first two stories here. This being as Natalie wakes up the next afternoon with no recollection of what she had done before. And speaking of the first tale, though it is a simple one, and consisting of just female masturbation, I have to say that it is a segment that I found to be well captured. It's one during which we see Natalie both hump a pillow, trade it for her fingers, as she rub herself, before returning to it. I must admit that during this, I really enjoyed watching Natalie's hips move, as she thrust into the pillow. The view from behind as she does so is great, giving us a spectacular view of her nice round ass. It is indeed amazing. It is also very apparent that Alex himself enjoyed this view, as we get a nice long look. And really there is nothing wrong with that. At least in this case. As I said the second story which follow soon after sees Alex threatening to blackmail his sister if she does not do as he pleases. This, also known as the blowjob scene, soon sees Natalie sucking cock. Things begin with Alex on the couch, sitting back to enjoy it, before he gets to his feet, and positioning Natalie on her knees. It's during the segment that we see Natalie go on to slobber on Alex's shaft, as he also proceeds to lightly fuck her face  However, for me the most interesting aspect of this segment, comes as Alex has Natalie lie on her back, and hang off the edge of the couch in an upside down position, while he goes on to full on straddle her face to fuck it. I loved this.  I didn't quite expect Alex to take things here, but I am glad that he did it because it added a rougher aspect to things.  Here, Alex fucks Natalie's face well. I thought that it was excellent, the way that the slobber just ran down in reverse from this position. There's a lot of spit seen here, and aesthetically it is a nice visual. And not only this the segment comes to an end with Alex draining his cock directly into Natalie's throat as she swallows it right out. Just great stuff, indeed. The set up for the final story of the collection is one that comes across as a bit random.  However, in the end, it lends itself overall to the full-blown sexual encounter. As I said above, this story begins as Natalie is determined as she looks for her missing cat. This, as Alex, finds his stepsister bent over with her ass in the air, as she wears nothing but a pair of sexy panties and a skimpy little top. For Alex Natalie is just looking too good for him to pass up. And pass up, he does not, as though he deleted the video footage from the late night, he was smart enough to also snap a photo after his sister had just sucked his dick. Again, using this to his advantage, he once more threatens to blackmail Natalie if he doesn't get his way. Giving in to the pressure, Natalie once again gives in, as the two go on to fuck right there in their parent's bedroom. As I said, the set up for this story is a bit random, but then again, I would say that it is fun. I definitely did like the way that Natalie's ass was looking, as she was bent over in her thong.(Boy, does she have a nice ass!). I also enjoyed how the encounter progressed.  From Alex being on his knees, and Natalie rocking back, on the cock, to then full-fledged doggy, and then after that missionary. It is during the latter that we see Alex also put in very nice work, as he plug away at her pussy, while letting us know, just how tight Natalie is. This, lasting until Alex finally needs to relieve himself, as he reaches a climax.  And relieve himself hr does in a big way. That's because the scene finally comes to an end with Alex unleashing a massive load onto Natalie's face. I was quite impressed with the size of it!  He even overshot Natalie face, hitting the small bed on which they were fucking, behind her.

To sum things up here, this was a nice offering of three stories, all of them fun to an extent. Altogether, I felt that they did a decent job of presenting Natalie Porkman to us.  A performer who until now, I had yet to see perform. This performer, who is all natural has a great looking body.  This is especially true when speaking about her booty, which is put on very nice display here especially during the first and third segments. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed seeing her hump that pillow! Another one of Miss Porkman's most prominent features are indeed her big, brown eyes.  Which we happen to see a few times throughout, as she makes engaging eye contact with the camera, while she is busy sucking cock. Both she and Alex do well together as they work, both in storyline and in sex. I happened to find their dynamic believable as a pair of curious stepsiblings. If you happen to enjoy What SIS LOVES ME HAS to offer, or if you are yet to be familiar, I would say that this is a rather enjoyable episode to take in. Personally, I am really liking what Alex Jett is doing for TEAM SKEET.

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