Val Steele Squirts All Over From A Cock Stuffing (2020)

by - February 25, 2020

Starring: Val Steele // Milan
Directed by: Johnny Robins
Runtime: 50 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with director Johnny Robbins welcoming porn newcomer, Val Steele, who is here to participate in her very first professional porno scene.  Something that she says has been a long time coming. Val says that what she is looking forward to the most is definitely the sex, although the money is of course an incentive. Val says that she is a nympho. The type of girl that Johnny says that every guy wants. However, both of them agree that most guys cannot handle a true nympho. The newcomer from Maryland who comes by way of Minnesota says that she is the type of nympho who can go rounds. When asked about masturbation, Val says that she takes a little bit of both when it comes to stimulation by penetration, and stimulation by clit.  Johnny then goes on to ask Val what it is that she does in Minnesota. Johnny is of course prompted to ask this due to the cold weather, Val says that besides stripping, she is known to do some hiking outside of the winter season. They then go on to talk about Val's stripping career, as Johnny goes on to ask her if she would ever want to try her hand at stripping in Florida. This is as Val goes on to mention that the club in which she dances, does not allow full nudity. Something that Johnny says would not fly in the state of Florida. They then go on to talk a little bit about Val's unique look. She says that most people call her "Goth", although no one there, including Val herself agrees that, that is what she is. Brian O'Mally who can be heard off camera, says that he believes that she is more punk rock. The guys say that Val is just too happy to be considered "Goth".  When she is asked about her musical taste Val says that she likes all kinds of music. But happens to lean more towards rap, and indie pop. Val says that she does not really date, although she does have a "regular guy" in her life. However, it is clear that she enjoys sex. This as Johnny tells her to just have fun today. It is after this as he has her stand.  From here, Johnny pans the camera up as he takes a look at Val's outfit.  An outfit including 7 inch-heeled stripper boots, a leather skirt as well as a purple tubetop. It is then that he has her strip out of all of it, except for her pink panties, as he goes on to take a look at Val's tattoos, and plump booty. He is pretty impressed with it, and so he goes on to ask Val about her heritage. To which she answers that she is a Greek, Russian and Brazilian, which would explain her ample backside. Things then continue as male performer and Val's scene partner, Milan comes into frame. This as Johnny has him oil up Val's ass nicely, prior to he having she strip out of her panties. After which, he makes a discovery down there.  Even more piercings.  Two clitoral hood piercings, to be exact. Some twerking on the couch then follows before, Johnny asks Val to lie on her back, and spread her legs, so that he cute get a better look at her pussy piercings, which happen to be adorned with pink balls. A fitting color says Johnny, as he says that it matches, of course Val's pink pussy. However, Val's piercings do not end there, as not only does she have her nipples, her nose pierced, ears gaged, and the pussy piercings, Val also has her tongue pierced twice. Piercings in particular that she agrees come in handy during blowjobs. And it is on that note, that things begin with a little demonstration of such. This, as Val goes on to drop to her knees, and get to work on Milan's cock.  Val goes right in, sucking deep, this as Johnny instructs Val to suck with no hands, as he gives us  an overhead POV view.  The blowjob then continue on the couch, prior to Val administering a footjob,  It's then momentarily, she also rubs her clit.  This is then followed up by Milan going down on Val to tend to her pussy, as he tongue and suck for a time. And it is then that the rubbing of the clit would cause her to come to squirting orgasm. Spoon, and side fuck follows, as Milan maintains a steady pace, as Val once again squirts. The next position sees Milan seated, as Val goes onto climb on top of cowgirl. So begin things here by grinding on the cock nice and slow. She also bounces as well as get fucked deep by Milan as she sit upright. Doggy is the next position, as we see Milan half-straddle Val's ass. It is here that he continues to go deep at an even pace, as he jab it in. He maintains the pacing in missionary, which comes next, this lasting until he himself must come. The scene then comes to an end with Milan jerking his cock, as he eventually cover Val's face with a nice load. The scene finishes up with Val in the shower as she washes off the evidence of her very first porn scene. It is here that we basically, Find out about herself exactly what she thought of the scene before we say our goodbyes.

The Review //
With this scene the guys at HUSSIE PASS, welcome another porn hopeful. in a uniquely purple haired vixen in Val Steele.  Val is a girl originally from Maryland, who now resides in Minnesota, whose experience in sex work up until that point came from working as a stripper and also independently producing content. However, now she has signed with Hussie in order to make the full leap into porn. And by the looks of it, it is something that she had been more than ready for, for quite some time now. The scene which begins with an interview segment which is provided as a way for us to get further familiar with this new talent, clues us in on the how and why this performer who goes by the stagename, "Val Steele", arrived at this point. From this interview it seems as though, this young woman, whose appearance, unique beyond just her purple hair(a look including multiple tattoos as well as piercings), has joined the porn ranks, for just one reason. That she has a sexual appetite that is just insatiable beyond measure.

It is with this in mind, that director Johnny Robins and scene partner Milan, look to test it out. and that they do, in a scene that results in Val soaking nearly everything. It is a scene that has she squirting more than she ever has, as admitted after the fact by Val herself.

The scene begins with Val going straight into demonstrating her nice cocksucking skills. I have to admit that I was really impressed with the way that she just went for it. It is clear that she has done it before! She just got right in there, and despite a little bit of direction from Johnny Robins, she pretty much handled herself in the right way. She definitely looked good doing it.  The cocksucking soon go into a foot job afterward. And again, I must admit that this also looked good on camera.  Milan's cock just looked good in between Val's feet, whose toes sport dark paint, here. Following a job well done, Milan goes on to pay it forward as he rewards Val by going down on her, to tongue and suck on her pussy and clit. It is during this that they make a different kind of discovery. This, as they discover that Val, just so happens to be a squirter. In fact, this rubbing of the clit, would only be the first of many instances of squirting seen throughout.  Yes, as we see Val fucked in a number of positions, such as; spoon, cowgirl, doggy, and missionary, Val can be seen having her pussy squirt a number of times. It's great as we see the Hussie couch essentially drenched in Val's wetness, before it is all over and done with. Now I want to go on to talk about a couple of the positions for a time. Namely the cowgirl and doggy positions. It is in my opinion that the standout position here for  the entire scene is indeed the moment in the scene during which Val climbs on and rides Milan's thick European cock. It is during this position in particular that Val goes on to show us the area which she truly has undeniable skill, and that is when it comes to riding dick. I have to say that I am really impressed with the way that Val commands a cock as she ride it. It's just beautiful to watch. With she it is a combination of riding and grinding hard on the dick.  There is some very nice motion in those hips going on, as that pussy is impaled. And not only this, it is such an extra turn on to hear the wetness of Val's young love hole audibly be heard, as Milan's cock stabs her deep at a quick pace. And speaking of "stabbing", this brings me to the doggy position. And it is here that I must turn and give some much-deserved credit to the male performer of the scene Milan, who I am also seen here for the first time. I am equally impressed with he as well. I really enjoyed how he kept his composure throughout essentially guiding things along as he thoroughly fuck this newbie. I also really enjoyed his technique as well. In this particular position especially. As he was fucking Val from behind, Milan grabbed his hard cock, as he go on to shove it in basically. It pretty much looked as though he was stabbing Val's pussy with his 8 inch cock-knife. What a nice technique to have. It works, and as a bonus it looks nice on camera. So there you go. The final position is missionary, this as Milan maintains a steady pace, until he finally reaches climax. And that too is a nice one.  This, as Val Steele's first porn scene ends in a heavy facial.

Overall, I felt that this was a really nice scene showcasing a newcomer, who surely will have more than a few porn fan boys on their toes.  She has a unique look that is definitely bound to attract some attention, and if it is not her looks that gets it, then it will definitely be her hunger for sex that does so. But in speaking about this sex in this scene in particular, it was good.  First-timer or not. As I said in the beginning of the review, Val just went for it, showing that she was more than ready to do so. I feel that she handled herself well here. As we see here, she is one who clearly sucks good dick, and again when it came to the riding, I was really impressed.  It basically blew my mind. All in all, with the addition of all the squirting seen in the scene, it is one that truly offers a lot to be enjoyed.  I recommend it.

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