Suspended Sis Gets Cum'd In To Keep Secret (2020)

by - February 24, 2020

Starring: Taylor Blake // Tony Rubino
Directed by:
Runtime: 26 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Tony Rubino, excitedly confronting his stepsister, Taylor Blake with some rather incriminating evidence that he finds when searching her room for something. What he has found, is a notice of suspension from Taylor's school. Yes, despite their parents believing that Taylor is doing well in school, she has instead been suspended. When confronted with the notice by Tony, it is clear that Taylor is prepared to do just about anything to get out of trouble, as she says that both the prom as well as graduation are coming up.  Two events, that she of course cannot miss. In the heat of the argument, the two stepsiblings are then approached by their father, who talks about school with them, as they both manage to keep a straight face. Dad believes that both of them are doing well in school, despite the two knowing otherwise. After some time, dad goes on to say that with tax season coming up, he and mom have a financial meeting to go to. and then afterwards, they are to go to dinner. He says that he has left some money for pizza, while the two of them are away. This, shortly before leaving out. After dad then leaves, Taylor is quick to again plead with her stepbrother not to tell their parents of her suspension. it is then that Tony gets the idea of Taylor doing something for him in order for him to keep a lid on it. That is when he comes up with the idea that Taylor will fuck him, if she indeed wants such silence from him. Taylor is at first appalled by Tony's idea, she of course says that they are stepsiblings, as she says that it is gross. However Tony is adamant in his choice of compromise. After all he says that their parents have been married for nine years, and he's always saw his stepsister as being hot. Taylor still will not have it regardless. That is until a short time later. This being when Taylor comes to talk to Tony up in his room. It is at that time that it appears that she has had a change of heart.  However, this as she attempts to have Tony settle for a simple handjob. Tony is at first put off by the idea brought forth by his stepsister. However soon he agrees only if she is able to make him cum. It is then that Tony proceeds to get his cock out, as Taylor immediately gets to work, tugging on Tony's cock.

As Taylor jerks Tony's dick, she initially refuses to make eye contact with him.  This continues for some minutes, but Tony is left unsatisfied with his sister's lackluster performance  Even after she adding spit for some lubrication.  It's then that he goes onto suck his cock, next.Taylor goes on slurp on the head of Tony's cock, before eventually making her way down on it, as she adds spit to the activities. However, like before, the action does very little to excite Tony to the point of climax, and so he thinks of an alternative method, this as he tries to convince his sister to let him fuck her. Tony is again met with hesitation from his sister.  However, thinking about getting in trouble regarding school, Taylor soon gives in. Pulling both of her black overalls, as well as black panties off. Taylor is then on her back with her legs spread. As Tony goes on to pull her to the edge of the bed before slipping his cock inside of her warm hole. It's from this position that Tony then works up a steady pace of fucking, and it is during this that Taylor begins to like what she is receiving from her brother. It is following this that Taylor readily agrees to climb on top of him, as the action next goes to cowgirl. It is here that Taylor first sits upright to bounce on Tony's dick, prior to leaning back to take it better. It is following this up, that Taylor goes on to briefly again suck cock, before once more climbing on top, this time reversing herself, for reverse cowgirl, as her ass faces us, as she bounces from this position. After this, it is once again to missionary work things soon finish up as Tony goes on to steadily fuck the pussy, this lasting until Tony quickly unloads into Taylor's pussy for a creampie finish.

The Review //
This scene for MY PERVY FAMILY, has a setup that is a rather simple one. A stepbrother portrayed by Tony Rubino, just so happens to stumble upon a notice of suspension from his stepsister's school when going through her room, looking for something of his own. Of course the antagonizing brother, wastes no time to go and torment his sister with his findings. It is in the kitchen where he finds his sister Taylor Blake, and it is there that he confronts her with his discovery. This soon puts Taylor in a panic, as she begs her stepbrother not to tell their parents that she is in fact been suspended from school. Taylor does not want to put in jeopardy, both the prom and graduation, which happen to be coming up soon. Things take a rather interesting turn when the parents leave out. to a financial planning meeting, as well as dinner for two. The alone time with his sister, soon gives Tony the idea, of she doing something for him. This is when he makes a wise decision that he wants his sister to fuck him, in order for him to remain quiet on the subject. Taylor of course, initially hesitates, but soon we will see her and give in as the to engage in a sexual romp in Tony's bedroom upstairs.  It is a sexual encounter that first sees Tony agreeing to settle for a simple handjob from his sis. However, when she fails to get the job done as there is no real passion behind her efforts to get her own stepbrother off. Tony is a little upset, when he next get Taylor to agree to put her mouth on his dick to suck it. However, even still, Taylor is a bit hesitant, and she is appalled to be doing what she is doing to get out of trouble. However, that is the case, as she soon takes the cock deeply down her throat.  It does not end there, as Tony unable to climax, wants more.  He wants to fuck his stepsister. Taylor again initially tries to resist. But again, the good outweighs the bad, as Taylor soon agrees.

I have to be honest with you, when it comes to the beginning of the sexual encounter between these two, I was a bit put off by the performers remaining in character a little bit too strictly. It seems as though Taylor's character opposed just about everything that Tony asked her to do. As for me this got a little bit annoying,  Tony says to jerk his dick. She doesn't want to. Tony says to suck his dick. She doesn't want to. It all just got a little bit annoying. Just let these two talents go at it, the best that they can on their own merits. Luckily for us, just after the two began to fuck in the missionary position, Taylor's attitude finally makes a change, as Taylor's character, finally seems to be enjoying what she is getting from Tony. This, as he goes on to continue at  an increasing pace, as he is in and out of Taylor's young, pink pussy. As I said, here things began to pick up especially seeing as the two performers begin to exchange a juicy round of dialogue between each other, involving the topic of stepsiblings fuckng. Yes, Tony saying that he loves his stepsister's pussy, sounds wrong in the real world, but I must admit sounds really entertaining within the boundary of adult entertainment. Other positions in the scene see Taylor go on to ride the cock in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Both position seen here in POV. I really enjoyed this position.  First, standard cowgirl, as Taylor leaned back, thus putting her tight pussy right in our face, as she rides the cock good. Reverse cowgirl has the same effect, as we see Taylor's ass bounce while it faces the camera. It is this position which sees Taylor's plump round ass bounce at a quick pace and it definitely is a sight to behold.  The scene then ends up with another round of missionary, this as Tony knows that he is soon to reach climax.  However, before he could even pull out, he had already deposited a hot load deep inside of his sister's snatch. As the storyline is concerned, it is something that comes as a surprise to an unsuspecting Taylor.  A creampie, obviously something that Taylor did not agree to doing with her brother as per story. However, it happens. I rather enjoyed this particular addition to the scene. I liked how Taylor reacted to it in character with a wide-eyed face and lots of concern as she should have. However, with that said I will say that I am entirely not sure that the cream pie itself was authentic. Meaning that it could have been staged using some kind of substitute. Although I am entirely not sure as to its authenticity the cream pie seen here, just appears to be too thick of a consistency to me. But who knows? I could be wrong.

With all this said this scene from MY PERVY FAMILY, is one that is just okay overall. The opening setup of the scene is decent enough, in that it is silly and high-spirited and somewhat well-played by the performers in terms of acting. However, the scene as a whole is far too simple, to be really all that solid. I mean the opening part of the sex, is taken up by Taylor's character being annoyingly hesitant. I mean it makes sense, but after the first time, or maybe even the second time refusing to do something, just drop the act, and let the performers do as they wish.  Let the two perform on their stage, if you will. With that said, I feel that Taylor and Tony were a bit held back and limited.  Fortunately though, it did get better as the "I'm your sister, And I don't want to do it" phase was over. I especially loved watching Taylor's nice ass bounce on the cock while being treated to a first-hand POV view.

This happened to be my first time ever reviewing Taylor Blake, and I must admit that this scene just did not give me enough of her. I definitely wanted more of her, after this scene was finished, as I do find her to be really cute. I will say that I am definitely looking forward to reviewing more of her in the future, and hopefully that day will come soon.  However for now I am leaving off from this review saying again that this scene was just an okay scene, I have for sure scene better scenes of this type before. The scene could have been better however it is what it is. And okay scene that unfortunately held the talent to their limits.

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