Submissive Teen Calls Me Daddy (2020)

by - February 07, 2020

Starring: Megan Marx // Tyler D
Directed by: Tyler D
Runtime: 30 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with the beautiful, sexy, and a little bit naughty,(as Tyler says) Megan Marx, who is seen in a ball pit, full of colorful plastic balls.  This, as Megan counters him saying that she is in fact, very naughty.  Tyler then asks Megan what it is that makes her a naughty girl. Megan answers that she likes to do naughty things - yes like doing porn. She says that from a very young age she up thoughts about porn.  However, she never really imagined that she would ever be doing it. But at 19 here she is, doing that very thing. Tyler then goes on to have Megan turn around and show off her plump backside, which she wiggles for the camera. It is after this, when asked by Tyler what it is sexually that she enjoys, Megan says that she enjoys being submissive, and that she has an extreme daddy fetish. She loves older men, and their cocks, and says that they know how to use them better.  With the idea that Megan likes being told what to do, Tyler goes on to take the initiative to bring out a chain leash, which he proceeds to attach to Megan's pink choker. This is Megan has a look of excitement upon her face. With the leash now attached, Megan is now at Tyler's command, as she calls him "daddy". As Megan plays with her nipples, Tyler goes on to ask her the question, if she can do anything right now what was she be doing? To this Megan answers that she would probably have a cock in her mouth - an older man's cock, to be exact.  Megan says that up until this point, she believes that she has blown around 50 men.  Tyler then has Megan rub her pussy, while asking her if she is going to have something in there today, to which she answers yes.  But Tyler says that first it will be her mouth, as he tells her to bring her slutty mouth over to him.  It's then that Megan obeys, as she crawl over and proceed to suck his cock.

It is here that we see Megan get to work on the cock. She slurps and sucks on the head, and licks the shaft with skill, as she slobbers on it. Tyler tells her to not swallow it, as Megan answers, "yes, daddy". Megan then goes on ask Tyler if she may sit on his lap, to which he grants her permission to do so. This is followed up by Megan also going on to ask him if she may ride his cock. Things from here begin as Megan sits up to bounce on it. This before Tyler has Megan lie on her back as things eventually go to missionary. And it is from this position, that Tyler goes on to fuck the pussy at a steady pace, as Megan looks up at the camera, as things proceed. Megan is then on all fours, as Tyler has her put her knees together, and then back her ass up on the hard dick. From doggy we see a combination of Megan bouncing her ass on the dick, as well as Tyler reciprocating, to fuck at a fast pace. This is Megan looks back at it, with a smile on her face. Tyler then demands that she next crawl from the bed, and over to her his sex swing nearby. Megan is excited that she will be up in the swing next. This as she then goes on to resume the cocksucking from an upside down position. It is action that Tyler then follows up by fucking Megan in missionary. Tyler keeps a steady pace from this position, however pulling out as he nearly comes to climax.  But he is able to compose himself, and then continue. After this, Tyler again goes around to the other side of the swing and going on to once again fuck Megan's face. However, this is prior to he having her go back over to the ball pit, where he asks Megan if she wants his cum, and where she wants it. Megan says that she wants it in her mouth. Tyler then gives Megan her wish, as she goes on to suck him until he puts a load into her mouth. It's after this that Tyler has her spit out the remains into her hands and then smear it onto her face. It is something that Megan does like the good girl that she is.

The Review //
In this scene from Mr. Lucky POV, Tyler D finds himself lucky once again, as he welcomes wonderful teen starlet, Megan Marx into his realm for the very first time. Things begin with a bit of a question and answer featuring Megan, as her icy blue eyes innocently gaze into the camera, as we come to be better acquainted with her. It is during this chat that we come to know that Megan is both naughty and submissive. Thus while noting that she has an extreme fetish for "daddies". She enjoys the company of older men, and during sex she likes to be controlled by them. For this scene with Megan, Tyler takes this particular idea and runs with it. This as the vibe becomes one of submission, this being as the scene initially begins with Tyler attaching a chain leash to the leather choker which she is wearing around her neck. It is from that moment that Megan is a good little girl, as she is obedient and does just as daddy tells her.  This, as he first tells her to crawl over to him and service his cock. Tyler also tells her not to swallow any of the spit. To just let it out. The daddy idea continues on throughout the scene. I really enjoyed just how Megan kept up with this, asking permission from daddy, for her each and every move. This such as sitting on his lap, and riding his cock.  She even apologizing to him at times.  It's really hot. Megan just looks so innocent while doing so. This as she has a puppy dog stare upon her face. How could you say no to that face?  I wouldn't!

The action which follows, is pretty much quick paced. This is as we see Megan ride the dick, and get fucked both, in missionary and doggy. I wouldn't exactly call the action that we see here "energetic", so to speak. But I would call it "magnetic". These two just hit it off in a natural way as they fuck. So much so, that here we see Megan cum on Tyler's dick a total of 3 times. While Tyler on the other hand, is nearly brought the climax a number of times himself.  First, via Megan's mouth, and a few times by her juicy young pussy. When you are almost made to cum by mouth AND by pussy, then you know it's good!  Tyler was literally trembling as he pull out of the pussy during those close calls. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I wasn't envious. Again, Tyler is indeed a "lucky" man!

During this action, not only do we see Tyler hammer Megan's pussy in the bed, he also takes her over to his sex swing. And while in the swing we see Megan not only suck his cock while on her back and hanging upside down, but also have her pussy again fuck good in missionary. It's after this that Megan also once again finds herself back in the colorful ball pit, where everything started. It would also be where everything ended as well. This, as we see Megan go on to suck on Tyler's cock, thus leading him to eventually deposit his load directly into her mouth, just as Megan asked daddy to. And on this ending, I will say that I did enjoy how it ended, with Megan spitting out the jizz into her hand and them smearing it all over her face, giving herself a facial, as daddy demanded. This ending things on a high-spirited note, as Megan leaves us with a smile on her face and with Tyler saying that maybe next time they could bring one of her girlfriends over for a sleepover. This is an idea that just so happened to occur, as Tyler has since released an additional scene involving Megan along with Arietta Adams on his clip site. Maybe in the future, I will get around to reviewing that scene as well? We shall see.

But for now, I will say that I enjoyed this scene pretty much. As I said, while it may not be as energetic as the previous scene that I reviewed from MR. LUCKY POV, I have to say that I still enjoyed the chemistry brought forth by these two.  It's just laid back, and chill, with a hint of dominance. I enjoyed the fact that the two of them seemed to be really into one another, it was almost like a sexual tug-of-war if you will. Especially from Tyler's point of view, as he struggled to keep his composure as he fuck Megan's tight young pussy. And speaking of Megan, I just adore her. I have now reviewed her several times, as she has quickly become one of my favorites to focus my writing on. Just know that there will be many more reviews featuring her to come here, as I do absolutely enjoy seeing her. As for recommending this scene, I do recommend. It's not an elaborate scene at all but it is fun, nonetheless.  Tyler's setup just makes the overall scene a joy to take in. Megan Marx herself could not look any better, than she does here in front of Tyler's camera lens.

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