Naughty Schoolgirl Anal Training for Leda Lotharia (2020)

by - February 06, 2020

Starring: Leda Lotharia // John Strong
Directed by: Maestro Claudio
Runtime: 50 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Things begin with Suzanne welcoming Leda Lotharia to PERV CITY.  The young starlet, who says that she turned 18 in March, is happy to be here. Having just participated in only 12 scenes to date Suzanne says that Leda is fresh to the industry.  Leda says that today she is visiting PERV CITY, as she is to be fucked in the ass.  Leda admits that it is a new sensation, but she promises that she loves it. This prompts Suzanne to ask Leda the question, "At age 18, what makes someone like her want to join the industry?"  Leda says that the sex that she can have in the industry is incomparable, as in the industry she can be fucked like the whore that she is. It is then that Suzanne has Leda stand up to show off in front of the camera.  Leda is wearing an off the shoulder white top, along with a short, striped while skirt, high stockings, as well as black boots. And it is after she lifts said skirt, that we see that the youngster is wearing heart decorated, pink panties. They are undergarments which are fairly see-through. This is Suzanne has Leda pull the panties aside to show, and subsequently spread her ripe pussy. Suzanne cannot believe that Leda is actually the whore that she claims to be, citing that she looks so innocent in appearance. It is then that Lita fuels the fire as she goes on to talk dirty to the camera, thus noting her doll-like appearance.  Suzanne then goes on to have Leda list the things that she likes. She says that she likes dirty things, such as choking, and throat-fucking, that she basically likes to be covered in fluids, especially her own spit. After this, she goes on to show off her tits by unzipping her top, and pulling down her bra. This is then followed up by the skirt coming down, as Suzanne has her bend over and spread with the panties still on. Leda then goes on to sit on the couch as she removes her boots to show off the bottom of her soles, which are still covered by her white stockings. However, soon Leda's pink panties come off, as she goes on to spread her ass as the camera gets and even closer view of her asshole. Suzanne believes that Leda is ready for anal indeed. This as she welcomes Leda scene partner into the frame, John Strong.

John is quick to spank the 18-year-old's perky bare tits, as Leda herself strokes his cock. It isn't long after that she goes down on him, taking the cock into her mouth to suck it.  It's during this that we see Leda slobber on the cock, while he also fuck her face while grabbing her pigtails. Following this we see John straddle her face as he has her eat his ass, prior to again shoving his cock down her throat.  The blowjob continues as John lie back on the couch. From here Leda throats every inch, eventually throwing up on the dick. This leading to her again eating John's ass. Next up John goes on to trade off on Leda's holes in missionary, side fuck, and then  doggy.  Spoon is then next, as John continues to plow the ass hard for a time.  As to mouth sees more as eating, before we see Leda assume the position as John fully straddles the ass to pound it in doggy.  John then straddles her face to briefly fuck it, prior to he having her climb on for reverse cowgirl.  Leda sucks cock, and eats ass before it'd to standard.  More sucking eating follows after, before Leda is the fucked in missionary from the arm of the couch.  This seeing John switch off, before ending in Leda's ass with an anal creampie.

The Review //
Today, we once again visit PERV CITY, to check out another scene from director Maestro Claudio. This one, involving relative newcomer Leda Lotharia, who comes to the city of pervs, looking to get her ass pummeled.  Leda who has just recently become acquainted with the joys of anal sex, for this, has surely come to the right place. This is as Claudio throws the teenager to the well experienced John Strong. A talent always reliable for the director.

The scene begins with an introduction segment as we come to know Leda Lotharia, including what she likes about sex, and how she herself ended up in porn valley. Especially at such a young age. And going back to what she enjoys about sex, Leda was quick to answer, quite enthusiastically I might add, that she enjoys all the dirty things about it. She mentioned that she liked to be throat fucked, and covered in her own spit. The latter is something very telling. This is because a lot of the time talents say, but they don't do, and they especially don't indulge. Well, during the scene that was to come, Leda would go on to prove that she means exactly what she says. This as the scene ends up being an extra messy affair in front of Claudio's skilled camera.

It all quickly gets underway with Leda going down on John's cock. Again doing so enthusiastically, she eventually goes on to throat every inch of him.  Balls deep. As things continue the spit then piles on the shaft.  During this action Leda herself is very vocal, as she makes lots of noise.  I mean a lot of noise.  I can only compare it to sort of like a demon manifesting itself during an exorcism.  And this was as an 18 year old choked on a dick! She then goes on to follow that up by proceeding to tongue, and eat away at John's asshole. This with as much energy as she sucked the cock. This being only one of many instances of Leda eating ass. I believe that I counted a total of nine different times during the scene that Leda does such. Every time doing it with enthusiasm. I mean, she really got into John's asshole.  Licking, slurping, and even tongue-punching. During one moment like this, she looked like the winking emoji with its tongue sticking out. Another saw her holding her nose in gesture, as she talks about just how much of a filthy pig she is. Her energy is absolutely great, and honestly it kind of blows your mind. She's only 18 and she has the type of mind to entertain us like this? She completely goes beyond to sell the sex. Many performers do not gasp this aspect until a little later in their careers. When it comes to sex Leda is as nasty as she says that she is. Not only does she here spit, drool, and even puke on the cock, as she otherwise relishes in the fact of having both holes plowed, she is extremely loud.  Leda basically screams bloody murder as she's fucked and it's kind of hot. This is definitely John Strong opening up Leda's tight "shit hole", as she calls it more than ever before. The scene which sees John's use Leda's young butthole as he pleases, soon come to an end as John puncture both the ass and pussy, as he quickly trade off, ending the scene in a nice anal creampie as him cums deep to her ass. And not to be outdone, Leda just keeps on going, as she goes on to retrieve the remnants of John's cum as she eats it.

When it comes to this scene, this is one of high energy, and a word that I have used many times here; "enthusiasm". I use enthusiasm, because that is exactly what is on display here, especially from Leda who is more than eager to get a fat cock planted deep into her asshole. This scene itself is scuzzy, and definitely one of the more dirtier PERV CITY scenes. This, as Leda dives right into the spit, and the filth.  There is quite a bit of both, especially spit.  Leda absolutely bathes John's dick in slobber, and it doesn't stop anything it only continues!  This including several stops by Leda downstairs as she licks a lot of man ass.  There are a lot of stops as John requests many a time to have his ass eaten. Overall this is a dirty bun scene, however when it comes to complaints this aspect would probably be my only true complaint. Don't get me wrong I am all for the male getting his ass eaten, as I believe in equal pleasure. But honestly speaking nine different instances of rimming in a porn scene, is simply just far too much. It's overkill.  I would say the very same thing if we were talking about male to female rimming just the same. With porn, the viewer is supposed to be entertained and aroused. But I have to say that after a while, I got bored of seeing it. Initially, I was all for it as it showed that Leda is a very dirty girl. But after some time, I was ready to move on. This particular aspect of the scene just got carried away. It became more about John's entertainment, and less about ours. With that said. this is just about the only aspect that I would've done differently. Less is more as they say. As far as the remainder of the scene goes I was pleased, and entertained by it.  Leda Lotharia's outward appearance screams innocence, however her sexual appetite and performance is like a beast in disguise. I was actually pretty impressed. This is for sure a scene with a more dirtier edge and it is for that alone that I would recommend it to you. This is definitely the case of a performer walking the walk after talking the talk, if you will.

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