EvilAngel.com: Paige Owens: Anal & A2M Blasphemy (2020)

by - March 17, 2020

Starring: Paige Owens // Alex Jett
Directed by: Dana Vespoli
Runtime: 30 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
This scene tells the story of a young and nerdy Mormon Missionary, in Alex Jett.  Alex is doing the Lord's work, as he is on mission in the town of Clearwater.  Alex is surprised to find that the townspeople are so nice.  Especially his host family, the Flowers'.  Not only are the Flowers Family renting a room to him during the duration of his stay, they have also afforded him a bike to use.  Everything seems to be going swell for Alex, as we find via a phone call with mom back home. That is until Alex finds himself in quite the predicament, when the Flowers' promiscuous daughter, Paige(Paige Owens) happens to sneak in through his window after a night out. She has seemingly had a wild night, when she comes in not wanting to go downstairs for fear that she may be caught by her parents. This is when she puts Alex, the good and pure missionary on the spot.  She wants him to go to the parents, and thus fabricate a story about seeing Paige leave earlier in the day.  However, there's a problem, for Alex is conflicted - His Mormon ways prevent him from lying.  Another thing that his faith prevents him from partaking in is drinking coffee, as says Paige, who says she enjoys it. Alex is disappointed as he says that they do not pollute their bodies.  However, Paige counters, by saying that her body is a pleasure dome, and she just wants to experience pleasure.  Alex is of course beside himself, as he says that they must pray.  But, Paige pulls away, as she goes on to seduce Alex. Alex of course, does his best to try to resist the urges, as Paige kisses him, but it is apparent by the bulge that Paige finds in his pants, as she feels him up, that he can't. Paige says that he is supposed to be a good Mormon boy. Alex says that he cannot control his body's functions. Paige then continues to seduce the young missionary, as she goes on to threaten him by saying that she will tell her parents that he is the one who, is in fact, corrupting her. Alex is visibly frightened, as Paige then proceeds to shove him back on the bed, and get his cock out. It is at that time that she quickly gets to work, as she goes down on him from here.

It begins with Paige stroking and sucking the cock, adding spit, as she slurp and deepthroat. This is then followed up by the action, which is anal, beginning in standard cowgirl. It is from here that we see Paige lean forward, as she bounces on the dick nice and steady for a time. However, it's not long before she reverses her position, as we then go to reverse cowgirl next. After this, Paige says that she wants Alex to fuck her. This being as the anal continues in doggy. It's here that Alex puts his cock into Paige's ass, to keep a steady pace. This, before he goes on to fully straddle her from behind, and fuck her deeply. He would then go back to straight away in and out soon, as Paige eventually stretches her ass open with her hands for Alex to go on to fuck the ass a little more. This is followed up by Paige saying that every good missionary needs to fuck in the position of the same name. This being as things continue. From here Alex maintains his composure, prior to really picking up speed once Paige is flat on her back. It's then that Alex keeps it up, as he soon builds himself up to climax. The scene finally comes to an end, with Alex pulling out in order to jerk his cock. This with the result being that he shower her with a nice load to signal the end of the sex. It is shortly after this the story itself comes to an end as well, as Paige's mom unexpectedly walks in on them.

The Review //
For today's review, I take a scene from the EVIL ANGEL FILMS release, "Evil Girls With Mormon Boys" the release, which is directed by Dana Vespoli features a series of four scenes, all revolving around one particular theme.  That theme being the corruption of good little Mormon boys. The scene which I have chosen here to view, the third scene in the collection, features both Paige Owens and Alex Jett.

This story-driven scene features Alex as a young Mormon missionary, on a mission stay in a town called Clearwater. Alex is staying with a very nice family called the Flowers, and for him, all is going well. That is until the rebellious daughter of the family, portrayed by Paige Owens, steps into his holy path, and leads him astray. In other words - she completely fucks his world up in an instant, when she soon has Alex experiencing things that he never would've imagined. 

When it comes to the storyline plot of the scene, I was really pleasantly surprised that the whole vibe of the 30 minute outing is very cinematic, aptly having its place along the EVIL ANGEL FILMS brand. Not only is this scene one that is self-aware, the two performers via their acting performances, do a very nice job in remaining in character throughout the remainder of the scene itself. When it comes to Alex Jett, here he is not Alex Jett the performer, but "Alex", the nerdy and timid Mormon. Opposite this character, likewise Paige Owens is the wild and rebellious daughter, who likes to use her body for her pleasure. It is in character, that Paige goes on to completely corrupt Alex, as she break him in. However, going back to the scene being completely aware, following the opening blowjob, the scene becomes one that is anally exclusive. But it is for a reason, as per the storyline. I did like the fact that scene came equipped with a reason for the scene being anal only. And the explanation is simple but clever.  Alex is a virgin, and likewise, Paige isn't all bad, as it turns out, because she says that she is saving her pussy for her future husband. It's just great.  That is not the only instance where character traits are embedded into the progress of the sexual encounter. It's actually quite hilarious in my opinion. As you do not expect them, but they are so funny once you realize just how clever the details are. Now, I do not know if these moments were planned or if they were simply made up on the fly by Alex and Paige respectively. But if they were made up,then that is even better. For instance, there is a moment which Paige notices that the steamy action has fogged up Alex's glasses. Another great one comes during doggy, when Alex is steadily fucking Paige from behind. There comes a time that Paige wishes for him to spank her ass. But, of course Alex is the good Mormon. He would never hit a woman. Just the hesitation on Alex's part as he attempts to spank Paige is hilarious. He almost cannot bring himself to do it. It's almost as if the good Lord is restraining his hand! However, that is not all. as the comedy does not end there. As Alex fucks Paige's ass for a time, he opens her ass. And so Paige wants Alex to finger her gaping asshole. But again, Alex wouldn't dare stick a finger in Paige's "bottom", as he calls it.  Yes, he calls it a "bottom". This stuff is just great.  I did not even mention Alex's initial reaction to ass to mouth.  what a riot.  Alex Jett is fucking funny!

When it comes to the sexual content in general for the scene, though it is strongly influenced by its storyline, the good thing is that even still, we have a very good sex scene here with some very nice action. This as both Paige and Alex appear to have been very dedicated to the execution of the overall scene at hand. This all anal spectacle, moves through a series of positions, beginning first with standard cowgirl as Paige climbs on, and as Alex's cock plunges deep into her asshole. The position sees things soon reverse to reverse cowgirl, here as we see Paige's legs spread wide, as her tight space takes every inch of Alex. It is here that the camera gives us a nice angle, which is low and underneath. Following this, is doggy. Not only do we here, see Alex fuck the ass straightaway, he also goes on to fully straddle Paige's ass to pound it deep, at a quick and steady pace. This moment happens to be my favorite instance of sodomy displayed during the scene. It is from this particular variation of the position, that Alex is able to get in there balls deep - and Paige loves it, of course. I also liked seeing Alex finger the hole, as well, as later Paige opens her asshole wide, as she pries it open with both hands. The scene officially comes to a close, with what else, but the missionary position. Again, it is another clever tie-in to the storyline. From the position Paige begins things by being positioned somewhat on her side, before being square on her back with her legs held high and pinned back. Alex, the Mormon goes on to express his surprise when it comes to Paige's flexibility. This as he goes on to fuck the ass again steadily prior to cumming. Altogether, this is a very solid performance by both Paige and Alex. Not only in the sex but also in the acting department as well.

Overall, it is a very solid scene from Dana Vespoli, one which presents us with an equal balance of storyline and sex. One does not upstage the other, as both of the components happen to benefit each other to the fullest extent. Truth be told, I had a really good time with this one. Not only did I find the sex to be really hot, there where also many occasions where I just could not help but to smile and laugh. I recommend.

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