Personal Touch (2020)

by - March 03, 2020

Starring: Bella Rolland // Owen Gray
Directed by: Owen Gray
Runtime: 38 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with passionate kisses between Bella Rolland and Owen Gray. This then leading Owen to go down on Bella with his tongue, as he lick from her ass to her pussy. The action then begins with missionary as his cock goes in, and soon continuing with Owen half-straddling to pound the pussy deep.  It's side fuck next, and then doggy, as Bella goes on to endure a heavy pounding. It's back to missionary as Bella is on her back, as things continue, Owen goes on to use the Hitachi on Bella's pussy. Bella then goes on to suck cock showing nice skill, as she concentrate on the head of the dick, while she makes eye contact with the camera while doing so.  After this, she goes on to bounce on the dick with her ass facing the camera, as things go to reverse cowgirl. It is then back to missionary as Owen once again goes on to use the Hitachi on Bella, soon bringing her to hard orgasm, before it's back to cowgirl, as Bella once again climbs on.  This time with her back facing the camera, as she goes on to show great skill in riding as well. Missionary eventually brings Bella over to the edge of the bed as Owen pins her legs back to further plow her pussy. This continuing with Owen partially releasing his load into Bella. This is a scene ends with somewhat of a creampie finish.

The Review //
For today's review, I take a look at a scene from DEEP LUSH, the website brought to us by male performer, Owen Gray. If you have read my reviews of, or if you are familiar with the website itself, then you know that DEEP LUSH, as a website, is one that caters to scenes which are intimate above all else. Meaning that, there are no elaborate setups.  Just pure and passionate sexual encounters. For this scene in particular, Owen meets up with the six foot stunner, Bella Rolland, in what appears to be a hotel room, for a high energy afternoon romp.

This sexual encounter kicks off with the two of them exchanging passionate kisses, before we see Owen eventually go down on Bella with his tongue. This prior to he slipping his cock in for the first round of missionary, which there would be multiple showings of the position throughout the scene. However, we see that no matter the position here. there is one great constant, and that is the fact that Owen can be seen fucking Bella's pussy hard throughout this 38 minute outing.  I have to say that I really liked the way that Owen really got in her deep. I'm talking balls deep, as skin smacked skin.  And the good thing is that, here Bella never truly lost eye contact with her scene partner Owen, no matter how hard he was fucking her. She was truly engaged. The only time she ever left eye contact, was when the dick was just so good' that her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. We also see Owen take the action it to doggy after this, and then side fuck following that.  This as both putting emphasis on Bella's big jiggly butt. Bella truly is an anomaly, with a wealth of exciting features. Not only does she stand 6 foot tall, she has a beautiful face, nice tits, a big butt, and a pair of enchanting eyes. It's just incredible how gorgeous she is. She would also go on to show us just how sexual she is, as the scene would continue with her going on to not only  worship Owen's cock, but also ride it, not once, but twice in the position of cowgirl. Once with Owen's back to the camera, in reverse cowgirl, and another with her own. I must admit that during the latter turn, I almost lost it. Because, it was during this that Bella goes on to show tremendous riding skill, as she twerk and grind on the dick with abandon. It was absolutely crazy, the way that she moved on that dick. Oh my Lord! This was surely further proof that the latter half of the 38  minute scene was indeed the better half. I feel that towards the end of the scene, is when the energy was at its peak. Not only did we have Bella screaming out of pure pleasure as, as she put it, her "cervix were being slammed", we also see Bella come to one of several hard orgasms as Owen goes on to use the Hitachi simultaneously, while he also fuck her in missionary. It was quite the sight to see how Bella spasmed on Owen's cock, while she was climaxing. It was just so sexy to witness. Just so natural. And speaking of missionary, that is exactly how the scene comes to an end as Owen eventually pulls Bella back to the edge of the bed as he again fucks her deep and hard. This as it last until Owen comes to a climax of his own, this while Bella declares that she wants Owen to come inside of her. Owen continues until he begins to spew, we get a little of the remains inside before pulling out, shooting the rest onto her pussy. It is here that Bella makes a really hot mention that Owen is essentially "painting" her with his cum.  I have to be honest with you know I wasn't too much of a fan of this creampie finish. That's because it wasn't much one, truthfully speaking. The full load didn't go into the recipient. Only some of it did. Honestly it was kind of lame.

Overall, this was a scene that for the most part, I enjoyed. As I said above it was really passionate between these two as they seem to have somewhat of a chemistry together. Also previously mentioned, the sex seen here, is pretty much a hard-hitting affair with Owen fucking Bella as deep as he can for the majority of the scene's length. I like the fact that Bella took it all with no complaints, in fact, she basically encouraged it all the way through. Speaking of this that brings me to think about the priceless dirty talk brought forth by Bella here. A lot of it having to do with the encouragement of Owen's, as she influence him to fuck her harder. And deeper. The line about he banging the back of her cervix, is just great. This as well as Bella surrounds vocalization during the sex, really added to the scene. With that said I would go ahead and recommend this scene. It's not the best that I have seen, especially from DEEP LUSH, but it is one that gets better as it goes along. As I said, it is enjoyable, nonetheless. With this in mind I cannot wait to review the work of Bella Rolland much further for sure.

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