Unloading in Natalie (2019)

by - March 04, 2020

Starring: Natalie Knight // Logan Long
Directed by: Robby D
Runtime: 24 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Logan Long being tasked by his mother with getting his stepsister Natalie Knight to school. However, she is just not having it on this day. When Logan finds himself on the verge of being late to class himself, he goes upstairs to her room to find out just why it is that she is not up in about. He enters her bedroom to find her being lazy on her bed, with her head covered by a pillow. She says that she isn't going to school. Logan then asks her if Natalie's problem may be homework or boy related. Natalie says that she hates homework, the boys have no interest in her, and most of all she hates school. Natalie says that she is going to drop out, and when it comes to that, she has the ultimate plan. Her plan? To get pregnant. Logan is confused as to how Natalie will manage that. But for her, it will be fairly easy, as she need to look no further than Logan himself. She says that their parents will be so upset by the fact that she dropped out of school,  that they will have no time to worry about other details, such as who exactly the father of the baby is. Logan would be essentially just a sperm donor in their eyes. Logan is hesitant of course, however Natalie gives him no time to think, as she quickly comes on to him, which immediately sets the stage for a sexual encounter between the two of them.

Things begin first with Logan going down on Natalie.  It is here that Logan slowly but surely tongue at Natalie's clit for a time. Natalie goes on to then do the honors by sucking Logan's cock and balls after. This which soon leads into missionary, as Natalie is then on her back. From here, Logan is in and out of her pussy with nice and even strokes, prior to picking up his pace, and Natalie also spreading her pussy lips with her hands. Following this, Natalie goes on to assume the position for doggy, as Logan takes her from behind. However, first it is Natalie fucking Logan, as she steadily pushes back on the cock. Things would then include Logan doing some fucking, before Natalie is back at it again. The next position is cowgirl, as Natalie is seen facing the camera as she ride. This being a position that includes both Natalie bouncing on the dick, as well as Logan fucking her quick and hard. This action lasting until Logan deposits a load deep inside of Natalie is a scene effectively comes to an end with a creampie finish.

The Review //
For this review, I review a scene from the DVD release titled, "Creampie Adventures" from REALITY JUNKIES, and director Robby D. The scene titled, "Unloading in Natalie", features young Natalie Knight, as an unmotivated teen, who hates school. So much so, that she comes up with a surefire plan to drop out altogether. She will simply get pregnant! However. Natalie does not plan on going astray to achieve this. As she need to look no further than her own stepbrother. Starring opposite Natalie as her stepbrother and would be sperm supplier, is male talent Logan Long.

When it comes to the storyline here, as with basically all of Robby D's content, the storyline itself is a fun one, as it moves at a relatively fast pace. Natalie Knight shows much enthusiasm in her acting performance as the stepsister looking for an easy way out when it comes to school, which she just so happens to find a drag. Of course in the story however, Logan Long is your typical stepbrother in the scenario, who is initially hesitant in doing so. However, in this case particular, this hesitation does not last for very long, as he soon has his game face on as someone who is more than capable of giving Natalie what she wants. And what she wants is a great big old creampie! Talk about brotherly love!

This of course. brings me to the sexual encounter itself between these two. Just as I mentioned that the storyline itself is breezy, the sexual content here moves at a quick pace as well. This beginning has Logan Long going down on Natalie with the quickness, as he tongue and suck on her clit, prior to Natalie going on to return the favor by sucking on Logan's cock. It is here that Natalie takes it into her mouth, as she slurp and suck. This including both Natalie simultaneously sucking the dick, as well as using a no handed method. This action also features Natalie giving some work to Logan's balls as well. During this act we have three camera angles. One from the side, a lower view, which happens to detail as Natalie plays with her pussy, and also one of overhead POV.  Following this is Logan finally putting his cock in. It is a position that sees Logan fuck Natalie at a steady pace, prior to increasing his speed of in and out. I really like how things progressed here, especially as Logan has Natalie spread her pussy wide with her hands. as he proceed to fuck it. This in general was so hot to say the least!  Following this position, we saw Natalie spread out on all fours.  This, as Logan goes on to proceed with doggy next. Things begin really nicely here with Natalie fucking Logan back, as she pushes her ass nice and steadily back on his dick. However, Logan soon reciprocates by then fucking her at a quick pace, the position soon finishes out though, with Natalie going on to once again fuck the dick at an even quicker pace than before. Having already fucked the dick hard, after this Natalie is on a mission to get Logan's cum out of him, and inside of her.  This, as she next climb on to ride the dick in cowgirl, as she faces the camera. It's from this position that we see Natalie bounce on the cock at first. But soon, Logan goes on to improve his pace going faster and harder.  This being until he finally finishes the job by unloading deep into Natalie's wet young pussy.

When speaking of this scene, it is one that is truly fast paced. However, at the same time when it comes to keeping the viewer's attention it doesn't miss a beat. I would have to credit most of this being due to the allure of young miss Natalie Knight. Natalie is a performer that is super energetic, not to mention that she is really sexy. Natalie is one performer who in particular, I have been waiting a while to review. This being my very first time, I have to say that it was well worth the wait. She is really hot, I must admit. Here, she really keeps our head in the action, with not only her sexual energy, but the way in that she commands the cock. In addition to this, she is also good at dirty talking as well. Here she does a good job of remaining in character throughout the scene, as she encourages Logan to fuck her good.  This as she makes many references to she being his stepsister in the story. We hear her mention many times that Logan is fucking his sister's pussy, and so on. I especially enjoyed hearing her telling Logan to "beat her pussy up", while he is drilling her.  So fucking sexy! Running at 24 minutes in length, with about five of those minutes being dedicated to the storyline setup, this scene from "Creampie Adventures", is relatively short. But as they say "short and sweet". That definitely applies here. Robby D has always been able to create scenes that are able to manage time. while at the same time still being well worthwhile.

With that said, just as Logan Long in the storyline did not hesitate to fuck and creampie his stepsister, likewise I do not hesitate to recommend this scene. If you happen to be familiar with director Robby D's work, then you know just how fun that most of it is. The scene in question here is no exception. Not only is the storyline enjoyable, but so is the sex which follows. I really enjoyed the amount of energy put on display here by both, Natalie Knight and Logan Long, who here deliver a very nice creampie scene. I recommend.

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