Nailing Nikole From The Back (2020)

by - March 02, 2020

Starring: Nikole Nash // Mike Adriano
Directed by: Mike Adriano
Runtime: 57 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We open things with Mike Adriano introducing us to the Nikole Nash, a 20 year old California native.  Nikole says that she has been in porn, just 3 months, a career that began when someone hit her up on Twitter, after she had posted a pic of her tits to the social media site. She says that it was after that, that she hopped on a plane, and then soon shot her first porn scene.  Nikole says with a laugh that she originally got into porn, to be able to afford to buy her family Christmas presents. However, she says that since joining porn she has been able to realize a lot more things that she enjoys about sex.  Such as anal.  Nikole says that she loves anal, despite never having done it in her personal life prior to porn. She says that since joining porn, she has now performed anally a total of 4 times.  This will be the fifth. Mike then has Nikole stand up, and then pose with her ass stuck out, as she bend over. From this pose, she goes on to peel down her lace thong, which peeks out from underneath her short skirt.  It is when that he has her bend over and spread, to attempt to make her butthole wink for the camera.  Mike soon takes it upon himself to oil up Nikoles ass, before watching her pose, and walk for the camera.  After having Nikole pose and spread on the couch, it is then on to the action.

e go into the cocksucking, with Nikole showing tremendous skill as the camera capture her from POV and from the side as Mike stand. It is during this that Nikole suck Mike deep, as the spit piles on. Following this, after Nikole goes on to inject her ass with lube, it is soon on to missionary as Mike oils his dick put it in. It is during this act that Mike just cannot resist Nikole's beautiful pussy as he asked permission to fuck it. It's from here that Mike goes from her ass, to her pussy, as he fuck it steadily. This, before the action goes to cowgirl with the camera focused from behind Nikole, as her ass bounce is on the cock. She begins at a steady pace before increasing her pace almost making Mike cum. Things then continue with her riding hard after this. The next position is doggy as Mike continues his steady pace of fucking the ass from behind. Again, he cannot resist, except this time as he goes on to taste Nikole's beautiful pink gape. Next. we have reverse cowgirl but this time the camera is in POV, as Nikole bounce. It is this action that takes us into side, but next as Nikole is on her side with her at legs held tightly as Mike fucks. Another break brings Mike to taste her asshole once again, before resuming. This soon leads him to build himself up to climax. Eventually the scene comes to an end with my jerking his cock over Nikole, as he go on to shoot his load into her mouth. After which she follows up by swallowing, as them sucking Mike's cock deeply to ensure that she got every last drop.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at another scene from TRUE ANAL, as Mike Adriano welcomes Nikole Nash. Nikole is someone who, recently I reviewed in her very first anal scene. Well it would so appear that, Nikole has found something that she quite enjoys as she is still readily taking it in her cute butt. This, is she participates in her fifth anal scene ever. And for this one, she has come to the anal pro himself, Adriano.

Following a brief interview segment, which includes a few butt worshiping spots, including both Nikole posing, and walking as the camera follows behind her, we move into the sex scene. It is one beginning as Nikole goes on to demonstrate very nice cocksucking prowess.  Personally, I felt that this was a very good blowjob. Nikole here shows that she really enjoys sucking cock, as she does it masterfully. It is during this, that we get both views from POV, as well as a view from the side as Mike stand up, with his cock sticking out of his underwear. It is after this however, with Mike's dick covered in both lube, as well as Nikole's spit, that they are finally ready to move into the next step of the scene. This after we see Nikole inject her asshole with some lube using a pair of big syringes.  Following this, Mike lubes up cock, and slips it into Nikole tight ass for the first time.  It is initially a tight squeeze, as Mike slowly pumps his meat in. I really enjoyed how during this, after getting warmed up, Nikole actually encouraged Mike to go faster.  What a trooper! It is a spirit that Nikole would maintain for the entirety of the scene. During this missionary, as Mike fucks Nikole's ass, he cannot help but notice that Nikole's pussy is dripping wet. And so naturally although this scene is for TRUE ANAL, he asks if he can fuck it, and Nikole doesn't hesitate to allow. In fact, he lets him go from her ass to her pussy. This was a truly great moment in the scene, because not only do we have Mike going from hole to hole, it put specific emphasis on Nikole's beautiful pink pussy, as it creams on the cock.  Nikole has a fantastic pussy, and that is no exaggeration. Her extended labia look delicious. But okay enough of my gushing.  This was a great moment for sure, especially seeing as we also get to hear Nikole talk dirty as her pussy is fucked. She is a great dirty talker, in addition to her looking cute. In my opinion one of the aspects that made this scene stand out to me, was that on a number of occasions, we see Mike nearly brought to climax prematurely. This being a clear sign of just how good a performer is. We see this occur especially whenever Nikole climb on to ride the dick in cowgirl. It is from this view that we see Nikole's ass plowed of course things begin slowly, before Nikole finally settle into a pace that sees her bouncing faster on the dick, as her well-lubed asshole is impaled. Well when Nikole increases her pace, it is so good that Mike can barely hold it in, forcing her to stop, and talk to the camera for a bit as a distraction. However, soon we pick up once again, as Nikole go on to ride hard, as she is fucked deeply. We also see Mike go on to suck on Nikole's tits, which he seemed to take a liking to. Next up, though he goes on to lube up Nikole's ass as she is bent over for doggy. And from here her ass looks amazing. Mike pumps away as Nikole wants it deeper. All of which soon leads to Nikole having a anal orgasm. I love the way that we see Nikole tremble with the dick in her ass after this, it was hot, how she convulsed. It is after that Nikole tells Mike that that was her very first anal orgasm(though this is not true!). Following the orgasm, we go to yet another position that shows off Nikole's ass in a big way. Reverse cowgirl. This as we see Nikole squat onto the dick in straight on POV. It is again that Nikole keeps up a steady pace as she bounce on the lubed dick, as her ass take it well. After this, we are two one final position, as Nikole lies on her side with her legs held tightly, and her ass pushed out for Mike to take it.  That he does, as he re-inserts himself into Nikole tight space. It continues on for some time, and also features Mike once again going on to tongue Nikole's gape, prior to readying himself to cum. This leading to Mike to jerk his cock to shoot his load aiming at Nikole's mouth, after which she go on to swallow, and lick up the remains.

Nikole Nash has recently became a favorite performer of mine. Although she is still young in her career, there is just something about her that is pretty infectious I would say. Not only is she really cute, she turns her innocent demeanor into one of a dirty slut, once she is performing in front of the camera. And the remarkable thing is that she is young and still discovering what it is she likes about sex. She is one that is discovering new things, so who knows just how nasty she will become? What we do know about her currently is that she does love anal. Yes, as I said I reviewed her very first anal scene. And it was indeed her very first on-screen anal affair. It was this experience to open the floodgates, I suppose for her love of anal.  Because she now has been furthering her experience in the sex act, and proof is this gift of a scene from Mike Adriano and TRUE ANAL.

Yes, in this scene we have lots of spit, lube and buttfucking.  This, as Nikole continues to naturally be a charmer. First of all, I loved Nikole's willingness for anal at this point. Despite she being relatively new to it. It appears as though the back door will always be open from this point on!  And when speaking of Nikole Nash that is a wonderful thing. Because she is beautiful to look at, and even more so, when she has something up her butt! Nikole also does wonders by talking dirty to the camera, and as I said I really enjoyed this. There is just something about seeing someone so cute, say something so dirty, that is just a turn on. Wouldn't you agree? Well, with that said Nikole, is a great talker.  We also have the point for which Mike goes on to lick and tongue at Nikole's gaping butthole. The occasion that she says is the very first time that someone has done so. And you could really tell.  That's because from the moment that Mike has his tongue planted deep into Nikole's asshole, she cannot help but giggle because it tickles. It is really one of the cutest things ever. Which brings me to another supposed first, as stated in this scene. It takes us back to the doggy position when Mike is fucking Nikole's ass. It is something that soon causes Nikole to orgasm from her ass, and it is intense, to say the least. Here, we witness Nikole squirm on the cock. It is surely a sight, and it is after which that Nikole says that it is the very first time that she has orgasmed from her ass. However, something that I  remember from my review of her very first anal scene, is that she also had an anal orgasm in that scene as well, and again she said that this occasion with her very first time to do so. The cell to state that this was her very first time in doing so would not be accurate. Perhaps Nikole was just far too dick drunk to remember?   But this was clearly something that Mike wanted to secure. Because he kept Nikole numerous times if it was her first anal orgasm. Mike clearly wanted to be the man that had this first on camera. But the footage of her very first anal scene would prove otherwise, if I remember correctly. However, that is beside the point, because this is a scene that was, and is great all around.  I enjoyed it as it featured some very nice anal action from someone who is clearly into the act, and cannot get enough of it. I for one cannot wait to see more of Nikole Nash. Whether she is getting her ass plowed or her pussy punctured, I will be there!

So, it is with this said, that I do not hesitate at all to recommend this nearly anally exclusive scene to you. Nikole Nash is a young porn starlet that you do not want to miss.  I feel that she is definitely destined to become a fan favorite in the very near future. She is continuously experimenting, adding things to her sexual repertoire that make her extremely fun to watch. Not only that, but she is so cute!

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