Natalie Gets Porked By Brickzilla (2020)

by - March 25, 2020

Starring: Natalie Porkman // BrickZilla
Directed by: Johnny Robins
Runtime: 43 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Director, Johnny Robins opens the scene by welcoming back Natalie Porkman.  The now 8 month pro says that she has been keeping busy by doing what else, by sucking dick.  This, as she has been traveling back and forth from Florida to LA for work.  Natalie seems to have a one track mind, as she says that her favorite pasttime is having sex, and not much else.  Johnny does however get her to admit, that she has been to the beach also.  This is soon followed by Johnny having Natalie stand up to show off her wardrobe for the day, a sexy pink and white sailor's outfit. Natalie does admit that this is not something that she would normally wear, as it was picked for her. But she does in fact feel extra girly today, it is from here that Johnny goes on to get a look at Natalie's tits, and ass.  The latter eventually seeing Natalie's scene partner BrickZilla coming in to oil it up.  He applies and rubs the oil on Natalie's plump ass. Following this, Johnny has Natalie go on to shake her ass for the camera which has a low angle. However this does not last long because soon enough, Johnny has BrickZilla get his cock out.  It's then that Natalie is face to face with the big cock, to which she compares her face with as she poses beside it. After this however, fun and games are over, as Natalie enthusiastically goes to work sucking dick.

It's initially that Natalie goes to work, sucking and stroking. However soon, Johnny Robins has her take a no handed approach, as we have a POV view.  BrickZilla then returns the favor by going down on Natalie for a time, as he suck and tongue at her clit.  Things then take to missionary, per BrickZilla's choice.  Here, things begin slowly, but after some time he picks up the pace, as he pulls Natalia in to go deep. It's after this, that we see Natalie give a footjob, prior to returning to suck cock briefly.  Following this next, Natalie climbs on for first, standard cowgirl.  Natalie bounces on the cock from here, before BrickZilla takes over to fuck.  Next, the same occurs in reverse cowgirl, before spoon takes place.  In spoon, BrickZilla fucks at a steady pace, plugging deep.  The next position is doggy as BrickZilla takes Natalie from behind. His pacing is the same: steady, and consistent. This is followed by a brief moment in which he fully straddles Natalie's ass to go deep. It is back to the original formation however, as he soon builds himself up to climax. The scene comes to an end, shortly thereafter as BrickZilla comes to unload onto Natalie's face for the finish. With the action then concluded, we then cut to the two talents enjoying a post-scene shower together, as they talk about the scene that has just unfolded, as well as continues to be flirty with one another.

The Review //
Today I review a scene for HUSSIE PASS,It is a scene which they welcome back Hussie starlet Natalie Porkman, for her biggest challenge yet.  That challenge being the monster cock of male talent, BrickZilla.  Prior to the scene Natalie admits to having has a 12 inch cock before. Though we do not know the exact measurements of BrickZilla himself, just by appearance alone it appears to be slightly bigger.  It definitely has some girth to it.

As is the norm with most scenes, this one begins with a chat to welcome us to the female talent. We catch up with Natalie who here wears a cute sailor outfit, complete with a short skirt, stockings and heels.  All pink. In fact, Natalie says it is the most pink that she is ever worn in her life. While we do have Johnny Robins the director, ask Natalie a few questions beforehand, there is truly not much that we gather from the conversation.  As all answers seem to point towards one thing - sex.  And lots of it. In the eight months that Natalie has been in the business she has fucked and sucked a lot of dick, and she has quite enjoyed herself. Her sex drive the seemingly insatiable, as Natalie says that she does not care who the man is, if they have a dick, then they are good to go.  Again, they have a new dick in line for Natalie here, as BrickZilla comes in to frame to lay it down as things get underway shortly after a little oil play. At the start of things we see Natalie go on to administer a blowjob, as she encounters the cock.  She enthusiastically slurps and sucks on the cock. The camera begins with a side angle before going to POV, as Natalie continues to make eye contact with the camera, as she work the cock in and out of her mouth. It is during this blowjob that we see Natalie get barely half of the cock down her throat, as Johnny soon urges her to go hands-free. It is during that we also see BrickZilla go on to fuck her face. During the pre-scene interview, Natalie mentioned that prior to porn, she didn't very much like her pussy eaten. However she says that she is beginning to like it more and more. And it is with this that following the blowjob, BrickZilla goes on to return the favor as he goes down on Natalie to thus try his hand. Natalie has her legs open wide as he goes on to concentrate his efforts as he suck and tongue at her clit. It is something that Natalie truly seems to enjoy. Following this, we are soon back to Natalie sucking cock, only this time BrickZilla is on his back at the opposite end of the camera. This giving us a POV view as Natalie again spit, and suck on the cock. However, it is brief because after this, Natalie is asked if she can give him a footjob. Natalie obliges as she quickly goes into it, slipping the big cock between her stocking-clad feet. As things progress we see Natalie rub the dick as it lie flat, while essentially massaging it. After this, Johnny Robins asks the talent which position they would like to begin with. It is then that Natalie gives BrickZilla the honors, with which he quickly chooses missionary. It is from this position that, Natalie's pink pussy endures BrickZilla's big cock for the first time. And by the look on Natalie's face, she is truly amazed by the size, as it opens her up.  It is from this position that BrickZilla is at first cautious and careful, as he ease it in.  But as things go on to progress, he goes on to improve his pacing while being encouraged by Natalie, who tells him things such as to "stretch out her little pussy". He does just that as he fucks hard as he plug the pussy. The fucking would soon continue with Natalie next going on to ride the cock. This being first in the standard cowgirl position. I have to say that things looked great from this particular position. The low camera angle from here, detailing just how much the girth of BrickZilla's cock was stretching Natalie's tight pussy.  Here, she bounces steadily on the monster, prior to BrickZilla fucking her back, as he crams the pussy full of cock. Things would then continue with the positioning reversing as we have a round of reverse cowgirl immediately following. Here the camera keeps a low angle once again, giving us great detail of in and out of the big cock.  BrickZilla fucks steadily for most, as for a moment, he pops out. The next position following this, is spoon. A position which sees BrickZilla be at his most consistent yet. It is also another position which Natalie encourages the fucking. Following this things reconvene as the action finally go to doggy. And it is during doggy that the camera gives us a nice view, from behind, as well as over BrickZilla's shoulder as he fucks deep. The latter view in particular is great as we see the full impressive width of the cock from that view point.  As things continue here, BrickZilla even, for a moment, fully straddles Natalie's ass to pound deep. This of course soon leads things to the scene's end as there is a little more up the straightaway, before BrickZilla must cum. The scene comes to an end with Natalie quickly getting to her knees, and Brickzilla over her.  This as he slaps his cock onto her face, before draining it of it's load, as Natalie receives a light facial.

When it comes to this scene, I must admit that I was not really a big fan of the opening segment. Why you ask? Because, there was just not much insight added. Usually during such segments, we come to learn something about the talent which we are about to see. What are their likes and dislikes, and so on. Well, with this particular segment, though we do come to know what miss Natalie Porkman happens to enjoy, it is not at all exciting. Not in the least bit. That is because her only answer is that she enjoys the pleasure of sex.  But yeah, we already knew that. 95% of the people that are in the industry, join the porn ranks because they enjoy sex. For most who will look to view the scene, this will be no big deal for them.  However, since I am in fact critiquing the scene, I am making mention of the fact that I just didn't see much value in it. But luckily there was still the sex to come.

When it comes to the sex scene in question, it is one that begins rather slowly, this as Natalie goes on to work the cock with her mouth. It is during this, that we get the gist of BrickZilla's size and girth. Though it is met with lots of enthusiasm from Natalie, she is only able to get down a little less than half of the cock.  Great camerawork by Robins keeps the sights on this action. The POV vantage point was especially nice. The first point of penetration comes by way of the missionary position. Now during his scene such as this one, as the viewer watches a small girl experience a new big cock for the first time, what you look for is of course her facial expression, once it goes in. And expressive Natalie Porkman is. She just cannot believe how big her scene partner actually is. Things continuing as she mentions such multiple times. This, along with she going on to encourage him to fuck her, leading he to do so at a quick and steady pace going on to settle in. It is at that moment that I realized that as a performer, that BrickZilla wasn't one of those big-dicked lethargic types.  He actually came to fuck. It is this type of attitude that would continue on through the series of position changes throughout. Positions including both variations of cowgirl, spoon and lastly doggy. All of the positions looking good on camera, with Natalie's hungry pussy swallowing as much of the cock as it could. I have to say that I was quite surprised, when during doggy, BrickZilla went as far as to full-on straddle and pound, as the camera catches a view of the penetration from behind. While this might have been a brief moment during the scene, I have to say that it looked really good on camera.

So with that said, I have to say that for the most part I enjoyed the scene and what it has to offer. Which of course is a young talent going into uncharted territory sexually. While I did find the opening segment to be merely filler, the sexual encounter itself was a fairly enjoyable time, once it got it's footing if you will.  Robins' camera does a very nice job in capturing the action, and accurately displaying the well-endowed size of the male talent, while Natalie Porkman does a nice job taking it. Yes, after the fact, Natalie even says that she cannot believe that her pussy was able to do so.  This, as she and BrickZilla share a post-scene shower. To close, as for my recommendation, I would recommend. it's a good scene. Sometimes the body is able to do extraordinary things.

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