Dani Blu Flashes For A Motorcycle Gang And Fucks In Public! (2020)

by - April 28, 2020

Starring: Dani Blu // Sean Lawless
Directed by:
Runtime: 25 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Our scene begins as Sean Lawless, who is armed with his camera, comes upon Dani Blu, with whom he is scheduled to shoot a scene with for the day. He catches up with her on a sunny day in Fort Lauderdale Florida, where the petite Dani, who is hanging out, as she sit in a giant chair, which displays the Fort Lauderdale name. The chair, really putting in perspective just how small Dani truly is. It is something that Sean is seemingly fascinated by. Sean is quick to strike up a conversation with her. Dani, a porn newbie of only a month and a half at the time, says that she is enjoying the sex with strangers on camera. She says that she finds it unfortunate that they are indeed strangers, as she would like to get to know the talent more. This, as Sean follows up, by introducing himself properly, saying that he was born and raised in the city in which they are now located. Fort Lauderdale Florida. Sean gets Dani to flash her tits, while asking her if she enjoys public stuff. She does. The conversation moves to that, as then she says that, if they can go off to the nearby alley, she will suck his dick. It is then that they go over to that location.  However, they soon find themselves distracted by a group of guys on motorcycles, who are performing tricks. It is then that Sean gets the idea to have Dani flash them, which is something that she is down for. They then go over to the location, as Dani does just that, as she lifts up her red bikini top to flash her tits.

We then pick up in a different location, It's from here, that Dani goes on to strip down and tease for the camera at Sean's instruction.  She first removes her bikini top, prior to unbuttoning, and unzipping her shorts.  Shorts, that she soon peel down from her ass,  She then sits down in a chair, as she moves her panties aside to spread, and spank her pussy.  This also including she fingering herself as well.  Soon enough however, Dani is fully nude, as Sean has her pose over by the banister.  It's there that he soon join her, asking Dani if she is ready to suck some dick.

Things get underway with Dani sucking Sean's cock.  It is here that, Dani grips the cock, as she go on to suck it deep. This, before she then goes on to alternate between stroking, and sucking with no hands. Following this, Sean takes the action into doggy, as he bends Dani over, as he takes her from behind. It is a position which sees Sean give Dani's pussy a nice plugging, before the two change their positioning, to standing side fuck, as Dani stand on one leg, as Sean continues to go deep into her. This then leading things to go back to doggy.  Only this time, Sean nails the pussy even harder. After this, the action then goes to first cowgirl, before being followed up by the reverse variation. It is from the latter position, that we see Dani bounce on the dick from an upright position, prior to leaning back, as Sean eventually take charge. This is followed up by the action making a seamless transition to spoon next. It's from here, that Sean continues to fuck the pussy deep.  This lasting until he must cum. Sean then goes on to stand over Dani as he jerk his cock, and as a result, soon shooting his load all over her glasses for the finish.

The Review //
Over the course of the five years that I have been reviewing adult entertainment, there have been many a time where a reader will thank me for introducing them to a starlet that they may not have otherwise heard of. Honestly, it makes me proud to unite with a fellow perv in such a way. Personally, I like to discover new talent, and if my reviews offer a way for fans to be introduced to them, well that is just icing on the cake, I'd say. It is with this scene from BANG!'s series, YNGR, that I am presented with such a situation, as I see, and hear of a petite young starlet by the name of Dani Blu for the first time.

Taking place outdoors, the scene begins with Sean Lawless catching up with Dani, somewhere in sunny Fort Lauderdale Florida. And it is via the opening chat with Dani, that we come to realize that she is quite the exhibitionist at heart. This, as she first offers to suck Sean's dick in the nearby alley, before instead ending up flashing a group of guys who happen to be performing tricks on their motorcycles. It's after this, that would see Dani and Shawn further risk the possibility of being caught, as they take to another location, to fuck on a balcony, not far from potential surrounding neighbors. The cameraman off camera, can even be heard expressing concern that there may be someone watching nearby, as the sex between the two of them begins with Dani sucking cock.

It is this action that continues without a hitch, as Dani goes right into working on Sean's cock. It's from here, that we see both a hands on, and hands-free approach from her. However, this is followed up by doggy. This is where the male talent Sean Lawless, takes charge to shine, as he enters a pace of fucking from this very first position, and basically never relinquishes it until the end of scene. From Sean, it is a steady, hard pace, as he hammers his cock into petite Dani's love hole. It's from doggy, to standing side fuck, and then back again.  In the latter stint in doggy, we see Sean pound even harder, as Dani takes it well. Following this, the action then moves to Dani riding the cock, as Sean takes to his back on the ground. Beginning with cowgirl, the action from here, for the majority sees Dani, planting her feet to slam down hard. I have to say that, from here Dani's ass looked great, as Sean's cock took the plunge into her pussy. This, before the position sees Dani lean forward, to take it even deeper. During this position, Sean made sure to have Dani look back at the camera, to make that eye contact. This is followed up by the position reversing to reverse cowgirl next. It is here that for the most part, that we see Dani sit upright, as she steadily bounce on the dick. During this, unlike the previous standard cowgirl position, from reverse, we see more of Dani's pretty face, as the cock slam into her.  That's what I liked about it. It is following reverse cowgirl, that the action then quickly go next to spoon. It's the scene's final position, as Sean maintains his consistent pace, until he reaches the point of climax. Now, for the viewer who might have a fetish for glasses, next comes the real treat.  That's because the scene soon comes to an end, when Dani who is wearing glasses, has them cummed on by Sean.  This, as he seizes the opportunity to drop a load on them.

When it comes to this scene, it is one that is very quick.  It only lasting 25 minutes total in length. However with that said, and with all things considered, I personally found it to be a fun scene. Not only does it have a fun introduction, during which we come to be acquainted with a brand new starlet, the sex which it leads into, is also, in my opinion worthwhile. Though it is a short sex scene of about 20 minutes, It flows nicely.  This, as things are edited in a way that gives the action an overall breezy pace. Not to mention that, the action seen is very hard-hitting. Dani Blu is a girl, who is very petite.  However, that is notwithstanding, as she is able to endure a heavy pouncing. This is a very nice showing from both of the performers. I am very pleased to have taken the chance to discover Dani Blu. Not only does she look amazing, she seems to possess a good amount of energy during sex. I come away from this scene wanting to see more of her, and should I have the opportunity to review more of her in the future, I will definitely be doing so. As for Sean Lawless, the male talent for the scene, I have to really give it to him, as he puts in very nice work here. I keep mentioning that here, he fucked Dani at a "hammering pace". Well, I could not use a better description for his delivery here, as it is essentially, a nice and heavy pounding from virtually every position seen within.

This is a scene that I would very much recommend. Here, not only do we make yet another very nice discovery in Dani Blu, we are also further rewarded with an energetic sexual encounter, which demonstrating just how much she can take.

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