For A Friend (2020)

by - April 28, 2020

Starring: Freddy Gong // Avery Cristy
Directed by: Julia Grandi
Runtime: 39 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Avery Cristy opens up the scene by confessing that vacations have never really been her thing. However she says, should she be asked by either her boyfriend, or her best friend Beth to get away for a few days, she Doesn't put up a fight.  But, as she goes on to explain, one such vacation, did something to change her mind about everything.  We then go back to the previous vacation that Avery shared with Beth.  The two friends, are two individuals who differ.  While Beth is more wild and outgoing, Avery on the other hand, would rather stay in, as she talks to her boyfriend back home, via text.  Avery expresses her frustration with her best friend's partygirl ways to him.  However, it still doesn't take much for Beth to convince Avery to go along with her on a double date.  This, on account of her trusting boyfriend's blessing.  That night, it's a double date, which finds Beth and her date, become hot and heavy at the bar.  While Avery, and her date, Freddy Gong, pretty much look on in boredom.  That is until Beth and her respective date, escape away to the hotel room.  It's then in their absence, that Avery and Freddy go on to strike up conversation, and before they know it, the two of them hit it off.  A surprise to Avery, who says that she hasn't bonded with someone in that manner, who is not her boyfriend.  We then join Avery and Freddy, as they go on a stroll along the beach, and it's where things soon escalate, as Avery unexpectedly kisses Freddy.  Avery hesitates, but only for a moment.  This, as things quickly progress between the two of them, right before the tide.

Avery begins by stroking Freddy's cock, before dropping down to suck him off.  This, in conjunction with she stoking him hard. It is after this that, things go to cowgirl with she straddling Freddy. This, as it is a combination of both riding on Avery's part, along with steady fucking from Freddy. For a moment, it is here that Avery goes on to plant her feet, in order to slam down hard on the cock. Following this, the position reverses to reverse cowgirl, as Avery squats on the cock. It is here that the camera shows a close up view, detailing the fact that Freddy's thick cock is filling her up. It's from here, that as things progress, that we see Avery grind on the cock for a time. It is after a pause for more cocksucking, that the action next goes to doggy. It is from here, that we see Freddy proceed to plug the pussy with his steady pace. Lastly, things go to missionary. It's from this position that we start with a close up view from the camera, until it zooms out, to show Avery's legs held high, while Freddy's cock plunges deep. It is enough to make her cum, and soon Freddy as well, as he builds himself up to climax. The scene comes to an end with Freddy jerking his cock over Avery, whose face soon catches a load, as the scene ends in a facial finish.

The Review //
When it comes to monogamous relationships, faithfulness and temptation are two things that often do not mix. This is proven in the story presented here by BLACKED.COM, and producer/director Julie Grandi. The set up here, finds Avery Cristy, as a young woman who tags along with her best friend on a tropical vacation. She does so to please her friend, although she herself identifies as a homebody. However even still, she maintains close contact with her boyfriend to whom she is loyal back home.  That is, until he himself gives her permission to go along with the best friend on a double date.  When the friend and her date for the evening leave Avery and her respective date high and dry, when things between them becomes extra frisky. It's at that time that the unimaginable happens for Avery, in that she begins to hit it off with another man aside from her boyfriend. It is quickly that small talk, soon lead into much more, when the two end up on the beach. It's an experience that Avery would love to write home about.... If only she could!

Yes, here we have a scene that begins very nicely, as it is essentially an emotional tug-of-war for young Avery, as she must choose between temptation and loyalty. The scene does a simple, yet suitable job of establishing this. Initially, we have Avery's faithfulness documented via both phone and text conversations between she and the boyfriend who is back home, while she is off on vacation with her best friend, Beth. We get a sense of the integrity of the relationship, when it is he who gives she permission to go on the double date.  Which in the end, would cause the infidelity. I really liked how this progressed, and of course, how it all ended up. It's Avery's emotional ties to her faithfulness, that would later make the sex scene between she and the date, Freddy Gong, that much more meaningful and effective.

When it comes to the sex, we have yet another scene that takes place outdoors among the water and sand. To be honest with you, these outdoor scenes aren't usually my type of thing. I mean I think I have only seen one other scene prior to this one from the brand, and I did not really dig it. I just don't like the idea of having a mattress out in the middle of the beach. Fortunately for me though, this is one scene in particular that forgoes the use of such a mattress, in favor of good 'ol clothes on the ground.  The old fashioned way!  Yes. Truth be told I actually kind of enjoyed the scenery this time out. Nice camerawork putting it all in perspective.  We have beautiful visuals here, yet even more beautiful, is Avery Cristy herself. What a beauty she is. Complete with fashion model looks, including a pair of long legs(I really enjoyed the brief segment at the beginning of the scene, during which, Avery simply looked pretty on the beach.)! However, at this point in the scene, it was time for she and Freddy to get down to business. The sexual encounter between them, begins with the two exchanging passionate kisses.  This then going to Avery simultaneously stroking Freddy's cock as they stand upright. However, it is soon enough that we see Avery go on to drop down to her knees to work over Freddy's cock. It's here that we could hear the two of them communicating with each other. This is something that I really liked.  We hear Freddy go on to tell Avery just how he likes it.  He wants her to stroke him hard, and that she does, with great pleasure. Not only does she work the cock with her hand. I also enjoyed the way which she toyed with the dick, especially the head of it, with her mouth and tongue. It's so hot. This is soon followed up with Freddy lying down, and Avery going on to straddle him, as it is first standard cowgirl. Both performers keep the pace of their chemistry going, as from here, we see a combination of both Avery riding steady, and then Freddy also keeping a consistent pace of his own. It was great watching the striking young beauty, just slowly grind on the big black cock. There is a lot of movement in those hips, and it is on very nice display in this scene. As Avery goes on to switch her position to the reverse variation, we also become aware of Avery's juicy dirty talk, as Freddy's cock plows her. From here, we hear her say that Freddy's cock gives her goosebumps, as it moves in and out of her.  It's also as she beg him to go harder, that she additionally urges he to "beat that pussy up". Other positions include doggy as well as missionary with Avery on her back. It is from the latter position that Freddy's consistent plugging, eventually makes her cum hard, and shortly after, he himself. The scene comes to an end with Avery taking a nice facial, as we hear the waves crashing in the background.

When it comes to this scene, as I have already elaborated at the beginning, I did quite enjoy the storyline set up. That of course led to the sexual encounter, one that I felt during which, that the two performers had a noticeable chemistry. They worked well together, and I definitely enjoyed what they created. It's a sex scene that flows very nicely. One with a nice level of energy from both. Especially that of Avery Cristy, who looks phenomenal. I did not mention this above, but again in mentioning her nice long legs - there was also a moment that she planted her feet on the ground, and then slam her ass down, as her pussy takes the cock. It is just another moment within this very good sex scene, that I feel stands out. But with that said, I must go into the technical side of things, because that is where I must take some points off from the scene overall. This is because, right in the middle of the action, there happens to be a very noticeable flaw in the audio. Seemingly having to do with one of the chosen camera angles. Every time that the camera took this particular angle, the audio would noticeably slip out of sync(such as when we hear Avery moaning without her mouth moving at the time) it is really odd.  Most of all, it's very unfortunate. as it kind of puts a damper on an otherwise very good scene.  When it comes to this, maybe some viewers won't care. But I believe that many will.  As for me, I just felt that it disrupted the overall flow of the sex scene slightly.

But with this said, I would still recommend this scene. It's got a good enough story, excellent scenery, and great work by the two performers. Not to mention that, one of those performers, Avery Cristy is such a beauty.  Not only does she look great, I have to say that I am a fan of her accent as well!

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