HobyBuchanon.com: Nella Jones 1st Rough Sex Scene (2020)

by - April 30, 2020

Starring: Nella Jones // Hoby Buchanon
Directed by: Hoby Buchanon
Runtime: 1 hr. 6 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Things open up with Hoby Buchanon welcoming Nella Jones, who is more than happy to be there. When asked why she is here today, Nella says that she is here to do her very first rough sex scene. Hoby then goes on to ask her how long she has been in the porn business. She says that other than performing in a couple of softcore scenes for X-ART some time ago, she has just now gotten back into performing in porn regularly, during the last month or so. It is then that the two waste no time in getting things started, as both of them are excited to do so.

Things begin with the two of them kissing passionately, as Nella rub down Hoby's crotch. The effort is to get him hard, and Nella does so, as she soon get his cock out. She is then instructed by Hoby to close her eyes, as she take the hard cock into her mouth, as Hoby then go on to fuck her face. It is here that Hoby puts it deeply into her throat, as tears begin to stream down Nella's face.  As things continue, Hoby makes sure that Nella knows exactly who's in charge.  Nella says that she is "Daddy's little slut".  Hoby throws Nella back onto the couch.  He then unsnaps her pink onesie, following up by fingering her.   It's then to 69 briefly, before things then go to missionary next.  Here, Hoby keeps a steady pace, before fucking hard.  The next position is cowgirl from the couch.  It's here that we alternate between views from behind, as well as a POV view from the front. After this, Nella goes back to sucking Hoby's cock deep. It is here that Nella begin showing tears, as Hoby goes on to wipe them away with his dick. Things continue from here as Nella goes on to suck on his balls, and eat his ass. We then see Hoby stand to fuck Nella's face, prior to picking her up for standing cowgirl. Following this, Hoby fucks her face again, as she lies on her back from an upside down position.  It's quick as  It is then next to doggy on the couch. With this position, we have views from both the side and from POV close up.  We then see a brief round of 69 after. Sometime later we see Hoby bring out a pair of handcuffs. He proceeds to handcuff Nella's hands as she position them behind her back. This, as Hoby goes on to fuck her face good. This would go on to include the use of a gagging toy to keep Nella's mouth open. Things would continue with Nella deep throating the cock with the gag still in place, as Hoby has a seat on the couch. Reverse cowgirl, and hard doggy follow after.  This, before we move on to a new location, as they take to a bedroom. Here, Hoby throws Nella on to the bed. Prior to she repositioning that the edge of it, where Hoby again fucks her face from an upside down position. This, prior to he reverse straddling her face. From here Nella tongue at his asshole. Hoby again wants to fuck her face, only this time he has Nella reach back and grab her heels. Things then go to missionary, where Hoby again fucks hard. It is also during this, that we are treated to a close up view from POV. It's after this, that Nella goes back to sucking cock, before she once again climbs on to ride in cowgirl. This leading things to missionary as well. It is in quick succession, as it is back to cowgirl once more, and then missionary. The latter is where Hoby continues until he finally unloads into Nella's pussy for the creampie, to finish the sex scene.

The Review //
Today, I am back with another review for HOBY BUCHANON. This time. Hoby welcomes Nella Jones. Nella Jones, who considers herself practically a newcomer to porn, having previously only shot a couple of softcore scenes. She comes to Hoby with a purpose, she wants to be fucked hard, and seeing as fucking hard is one of his specialties, she has come to Hoby to do the job, thus making this her very first rough sexual encounter.

It's a sexual encounter that gets right underway, as we see two very excited performers eager to get started. It's one that sees Nella put through several trials of face fucking, as well as having her pussy pounded. The first position is missionary on the couch, after Hoby plants fingers deep into her pussy. A pussy that Hoby declares to be very tight. I really enjoyed how the heavy pounding basically got started right away. Not only that, Nella is a girl who is very game.  She is one performer that has definitely caught my eye in recent times, and I just could not wait until I had the chance to review her. Here, she proves to be very sexy. Her screen presence is undeniable. Not only does she look good, she also brings a brand of dirty talking that is such a turn on for the viewer. In the position of missionary, she begins to be very verbal during, as she screams for daddy to fuck her, as she says that she has never been fucked this rough before. We even hear her tell Hoby to "destroy her tight little pussy". And this he does via a series of sexual positions. These including; both standard and reverse cowgirl, with even a brief round of standing cowgirl, as well.  This, in addition to doggy. Virtually all of these positions, beginning nice and slow, before Hoby goes on to take charge, fucking Nella deep and hard, at a fast pace. There are moments here that Hoby absolutely drills Nella's pussy, as she deals with a tug-of-war between pain and pleasure. My favorite instance is probably the second time of doggy from the couch, as we see Hoby administer a heavy pounding, going balls deep, as skin smacks skin. Though, It's after much action in the living room area, that the two take things into a bedroom. Things get off to a very good start, as Hoby manhandles Nella, picking her up, and throwing her onto the bed. In this setting, we see Hoby continue to work on Nella's pussy in missionary, as well as she riding in cowgirl. The thing about this part of the scene is that Nella's pussy is obviously so good, that Hoby understandably finds it difficult to give it up, in order to cum. It takes awhile but with that said, he finally does so, ending the scene in the most perfect way.  With a creampie of course.  I couldn't think of a better way to end things, than to have Hoby deposit a load deep into her pink pussy.  I love seeing creamy finishes like this, featuring girls who crave it. In this case, Nella actually had began begging for Daddy's cum, much earlier in the scene.  Well, she does indeed eventually get her wish.

In the way that I have written this review, it was necessary in this case, for me to go right into talking about the hard fucking. But with that, you better believe that Hoby put Nella's mouth and throat to good use, as well. He of course put her through his "deep throat training". This including him cramming all of his cock down her throat, as well as, bringing out a pair of handcuffs, and a gag toy. If you are unfamiliar with Hoby Buchanon, he is a man that does not exaggerate when he proclaims himself a master of throat fucking.  When fucking a face, he goes for broke, and here, Nella finds that out first-hand. It's here that, she has her face fucked so deep, that she produces tears almost immediately. However, that is not all because, eventually we see her gag so hard, that she pukes on Hoby's dick a couple of times. Things do go to that extreme.  But if you are wondering, and if puking is not necessarily your thing, the scene does not play up this particular aspect. Not as much as some of Hoby's other, more graphic scenes. It's not much of a spectacle here, but it does indeed occur on-screen.

Overall, this was a scene that is mostly enjoyable. Nella came to Hoby with one thing on her mind, and that was to be roughly fucked. Or have her "shit shook", as Nella so eloquently put it in the scene's opening introduction. The most enjoyable moments of the scene for me, was of course, the times which, Hoby put the hammer down so to speak, when he absolutely fucked the shit out of Nella.  Also enjoyed, were some of the various camera angles. In some cases, I really liked the close up POV footage.  For instance, when Nella was riding the cock in cowgirl. For a moment we would be right there with her, and up close, as she continue to talk sexy. However, on the same level, my complaints for the scene continue to be the same ones that I mention in all of my reviews for HOBY BUCHANON.  They are things that are just a part of the overall setup of the scenes. As for this one, the scene does unfortunately suffer from several inconsistent cuts in the editing, as well as bad lighting during some rather key moments of the action.  There are several times here that I wish that the action could have been more well lit.  Such as when Nella is riding in reverse cowgirl on the couch. It is an instance, that is dampened by dark light. I would've much rather sceeen this in a better view. And in speaking of this, again my major gripe from a previous scene returns. That is the fact that during some of the positions, the female performer's head is essentially cut off, as the camera is set up, and is in too close. They are moments that really need the camera to pan out, to show the performer in full. Again, it is just a problem with the set up. From what I hear from Hoby himself, this will soon be improved upon. So I look forward to that. Because here, not only are the moments of both variations of cowgirl somewhat spoiled, also is the standing cowgirl featured, as Hoby lifts Nella up to pound her hard. Luckily though, every position consists of multiple angles, so we don't always have, these what I will call, "bad angles". As is, there is still plenty to like, as Nella does get just the hard and heavy pounding that she was looking for.

So to sum things up, though the overall flow of the scene is somewhat hindered by a few bad camera angles, the majority of the scene is still very much enjoyable. As I said, Nella is one that is very game for anything, seemingly. I just love the way that she got right into the action, fully surrendering herself to Hoby. It was absolutely hot, the way that she talked to and begged Hoby to fuck her, by continuously calling him "Daddy", and talking about just how tight her pussy is. Not to mention, that she is unwaveringly aware of her surroundings while performing. Many times during the scene, she makes sharp eye contact with the camera. Nella's gaze is one that cuts like a knife.  When Motley Crue wrote "Looks that Kill", this is type of look that they were talking about! This girl is a star for sure. Here Nella got both a thorough lesson in deep throating, as well as a rough fucking too. I really enjoyed seeing this very beautiful girl, who was basically taken to her limit, in both activities and loving it. This, as she leave with a smile on her face.  But not before Hoby rewards her, by pissing in her mouth. Something that has become sort of a bookend for Hoby's scenes.  I recommend this scene for sure, despite the flaws mentioned. Nella is an absolutely gorgeous girl. You really should not pass her up, should you get the chance to see her!

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